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Kidblazer06 Blog


Hey Its me Kidblazer06. I haven't been on since like the late 1960s lol. I have been Good and life is This summer I am going to jamaica well im going in 3 days and im very happy that i can get away from home. My wii has been taken away from me and i have no new consoles but i dont really care. Hopefully when i come back from jamaica i can get a PS3 but i doubt it but hopefully i can. TO replace my wii being taken from me i have gotten pokemon platinum and its a great game. I have just got my second badge and my party is pwnage. I have the best team in my opinion (all help from my pokemon pearl). Elekid, quilava, gyarados, bagon, nincada, and lucario. all lvl 20.

My fc is 3266 2590 7882

if you have any pokemon game leave your fc here and i will be sure to add u asap.

What Have I Been Doing Lately

There is a Bralw Torunament is Ney York October 18th and I am going with my friend Ippaimetaru hopefully. Yes I am still a brawlfanatic but i also have been playing lots of Resident evil 4 ande beginning to start playing Mario Kart Wii again.

October 1st was my birthday and i got 50$ from my grandma. I am trying to get a 360 but my mom is having a hardtime. Luckily I went to a summer program that will be giving me 300 dollars soon hopefully and i can use that to help my mom buy me a 360 and some games. Now that I am 16 I really want to look for a job. The problem is that program is also during the school year and my mo mwants me to attend. My mom has two jobs and my stepfather is no help (the bastard). So what ever money i get I have to learn how to save.

Well I am still a Brawl Fanatic and I still racce so i will give you my Friend codes

Brawl: 3523 3425 3284

MKWii: 4339 4848 6393

I am usually at these spots if you want to talk and or chill

Gamespot becoming lame?

Gamespot is becoming very lame and mostly to brawlers. When this summer started I had the pleasure of meeting some very talented brawlers and us becoming friends. The thing is I have found out that there is more to GS. SSBB is like the number 1 game for the wii being played all aound the world. There are clans and crews being made and compete against each other. You have, and there are many more.

IMO gamespot just doesnt have the spark it used to. Maybe if they made an instant chat where eveyone could just hangout and chill then GS would never be empty.

"You Feel Me?"

Havent made a blog in a while...So it is a brawl Blog D=

Well I am still hearing how brawl is boring to people but I reall dont understand why seriously. My mains are updated and I am accepting any challenges btw. IMO I am learning new techniques and new combos and trying new players everyday. I am always visting the TSR site everyday until school starts. My brawl friend code is 3523 3425 3284. My top five mains are:






I know that is a weird set of mains but hey I am a unique kind of guy. Peace, Love, and Tranqs CYA!

MKW License =D

Click here to level up my license!

Yeah Click that and I wont have MKW for a while because I let a friend borrow it. He wants to get better because i alwways beat him like a mile and his saying is "I never lose in a game I train in" He is overconfident. So I wanna see his face when I pwn him again =))))))))

My Top 10 mains LOL and Need More Friends in BRAWL =D


2)Solid Snake






8.Captain Falco



I only have 28 friends on brawl and I want and need more friends so I can have more fun brawling and I want to join a clan. TSR is a very good clan but I doubt I will get respected there and I can go back (wH) but you have to tryout for brawl and MKW and I'm to lazy to do that again. Before my little sister deleted my previous brawl file I had 64 friends and mostly all were active. I want that again so please if your an active brawler leave your code here.


I am looking for a gamebattles partner for brawl and I was wondering if you wanted to Join with me and dominate. We would need to think of a team name anyway its for brawl and I would liek to test you or you test me so we can team up and own. Thanks and Come AGian