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Im in like, mega good mood. I dont know why really... it's only Tuesday o; ANYWAYAYYA, I've stopped Vlogging, because it's too much effort and im crap at it anyway. Also, DONT YOU JUST LOVE MY PROFILE PICTURE And my internet on my Wii doesn't work, it worked when the Wii was downstairs but now i've moved it upstairs it doesnt work, any ideas? :S I have 120 trophies now (yayz). I've been playing Kill Zone 2 and Lost with my dad and they're awesommeee. I've done most of my GCSEs now, results come in August :O but meh, they're only GCSEs (LOL). Live is too short, so just enjoy it :)

*POKE we're doing Blood Brothers in english, i love it :)


Nintendo, Angels and Demons and Grand Theft Auto.

Hey :D
Im so pleased that Super Mario Galaxy 2 was annouced at E3! :D I think this is brilliant news, as I loved the first one. Im also really looking forward to New Super Mario Bros Wii, I think this looks brilliant. And the main thing about these games- Yoshi. I LOVE YOSHI! :D Although I was disappointed at the lack of Zelda, but meh. Anyway, I haven't been on the Wii in months and with all this talk of new releases on the Wii made me want to go on it, so I did and I'm loving it. I thought the graphics would be rubbish compared to the PS3, but the cartoon-y effect really suits it. And, im completely hooked on Twilight Princess. Im on that bit in the mansion in the snow with the Yeti xD its awesomee..

Also, I went to see Angels and Demons at the cinema with my Dad today. It gets slated in reviews but I thought it was really, really good! It's good entertainment, the storyline was brilliant, the action was brilliant, the photography was brilliant, the acting is brilliant- it's all just so brilliant! I'd recommend it :)

Lately I've been playing GTA 4 alot, im up to about 46% now, and I love it. But I was just wondering- what is your favourite GTA out of the whole series? Mine has to be San Andreas. I love the myths surrounding it like @big foot' etc, and the characters i feel aren't quite as likeable though, but the environment is cool and stuff. So yeah- what's your favourite GTA?

I've made a couple more Vlogs on my YouTube;

Metal Gear Solid 4

omg, i just completed MGS4 on the PS3 with my dad, and its amazing.
It is, by far, the best game I have ever played & it's also my favourite.
I won't mention anything at risk of spoilers, but the ending is amazing
The storyline is amazing, the characters are amazing, the plot twists are amazing, the gameplay is amazing the graphics are amazing.. ITS JUST SO AMAZING
if you dont have this game, GO BUY IT
if you dont have a PS3, BUY A PS3 FOR IT, ITS THAT GOOD.

Any bad points?
I want the game to last forever


Basically, I've started to Vlog on YouTube :)
I'd really appreciate it if you'd check them out and either leave me feedback on here or on Youtube itself. Ultimately I'd like a partnership on youtube, so your subscritions, views, ratings and FEEEEDBACKKK is realllyyy important. Thanks :)

I cant think of a better title so this will have to do ;)

My friend Will came round today and we spent 8 hours straight on the PS3. No, seriously. 10am-6pm hard-core PS3 fun! ;D
We played;Fall Out 3, Lord of the Rings- Conquest, LBP, Oblivion and MotorStorm- Pacific Rift.

We spent most of it on Oblivion ;D
This is some of the stuffz we did on Oblivion;

Our good friend Charlie, we had a friend called Jean too, but she got sucked under one of the gears (dont ask, just dont..)

WTF IS THIS? It was labelled as 'Missing Name' in someones inventory, so i stole it and dropped it and this came out :/ It was Delphine in the Mages Guild in Bravil, if you want to know.

the result of boredom in the Mages Guild xD

Me and him, me on the right him on the left :)

Yeahhh, it was pretty fun :) Found loads of items on LBP now too, so i have played/aced/found all the items in Gardens, Savannah, the wedding and a bit of whatever the next one is xD

And obivously, as the blog said earlier, i now have Fall Out 3! I LOVE IT. OHOHOH and i also have Metal Gear Solid 4, and that game is just frickkinnn AWESOMMEE.

Im a vampire on Oblivion now. I thought it'd be cool, but he's pale/wrinkly/ugly, which makes me sad.

Hey Hey ;D

Heey ^___^
The other day I set my PS2 up again, and ever since I have been hooked on Kingdom Hearts. I just love the story, the characters, and it has a certain... magic about it. ;D I think it may be my favourite game.. ever!

I also put San Andreas on there, and I love that too! Even though I have GTA4 i still do love San Andreas. Also, I may move my Wii into my bedroom so I use it more... plus I want to play Zelda; Twilight Princess in the middle of the night n__n;

Anyway, I hope you're all having a great half term (if you still go to school.. that is O.O). And have plenty of time for gaming xD

i dont want an iPod anymore :P Well.. I kinda do but only to play my own music on GTA4. XD
Ahh, listening to Boys Like Girls whilst running people over on GTA4... heaven. lol

Peace out!

I well want an iPod ;D

As the title says, I well want an iPod :P
In ootherr news, I've started my level on LittleBigPlanet. It's basically a weird level set at night in a forest with lights and a drugged up rabbit and stuff spins around ;D

My life is okay atm, i have GCSEs in like 2months soi really should be revising for them buttt.. mehh. ^__^
I looooveee Lord of the Rings. Best films ever. and im reading the book atm, pretty good. the games are great too! :)
I must get my PS2 on and play Kingdom Hearts and San Andreas like the good `ol days.. but... meh.. ^__^;
annd yeah

Byyeee ;)

My top 5.....

1. Lord of the rings trilogy.
2. Eragon
3. Pirates; Curse of the Black Pearl
4. Harry Potter; Prisoner of Azkaban
5. Matrix

1. Oblivion
3. Littlebigplanet
5. Assassins Creed

1. Harry Potter series
2. The Hobbit
3. Eragon
4. Ink Heart
5. Twilight

1. Paramore
2. Fall Out Boy
3. Panic at the Disco
4. Boys Like Girls
5. Hadouken!

TV Shows;
1. Top Gear
2. Doctor Who
3. The Gadget Show
4. Merlin
5. Demons

2009 to do list;

1. Go to Canterbury
2. Walk Sam with Dad.
3. Go to the beach.
4. Go to Westwood Cross.
5. Go to the park with Edward.
6. Watch at least 23 films.
7. Complete at least 10 games.
8. Play Wii Fit with people.
9. Go round Will's house.
10. Go to Minster Forest.
11. Go round Chris & Jess'
12. Go to a concert.
13. Go to Broadstairs.
14. Go to Planet Lazer.
15. Read 5+ books.
16. Take more photos.
17. Go to the cinema.
18. Meet up with different people.
19. Go ice-skating.
20. Dance in the rain.
21. Be different- e.g; more confident.
22. Go round Rosie's.
23. Have Rosie & Leanne round.
24. Have William round.

red = done.