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You remember I said I wanted to change?
Well, I'm still going to, but not as drastically as I had first intended.
I'm going to get more confidence, be more positive,worry less, experience more thingsand not care as much about what people think of me. Also, I'm going to have a healthier way of life.
I'm not going to lie, part of the reason for me changing before was due to impressing other people. Now it's about making myself happier.

I just want to say to everyone to appreciate each day. Right now, if you have a loved one near you, or if you have their phone number,just go andtell them that you love them It will make them feel happy :)

OH and, here's a really good website if you're feeling down;

Bucket List.

Got bored of the whole 'doing them after the 5th of july thing'. if i've done it, it's off the list.

Orange = done.

- Go in a limo
- Go to Paris
- Go to New York
- Go to New Zealand
- Make a blog
- Be in a movie
- Publish a book
- Get married
- Read a c_l_a_s_s_i_c novel. (i had to write it like that, cos words that sound like glass but with a c are forbidden on gs for some reason..)
- Visit every continent
- Visit a Pokemon Centre
- Kiss a celebrity
- Meet a celebrity
- Be on a TV show
- Road trip!
- Go on Stealth
- Go to Thorpe Park

- Get a job
- Get a job at Waterstones
- Indoor-skydiving
- Go to Vegas
- Go to a concert
- Go UFO hunting
- Go ghost hunting
- See Toy Story 3
- Go to a movie premiere
- See a Westend show
- See a Broadway show
- Have a movie day
- Test a game
- Conquer a fear
- More confidence
- Produce an album
- Vlog
- Go on the London Eye

- Go to an open-audition
- Do the 'yes man' challenge, for a week
- Go paintballing
- Win the lottery

Feeling Happier.

I'm feeling much better about this whole situation.
I'm going to go into this more positively. So, she doesn't like me. Then I can do something about it. I've wanted to change myself for a while (please do not give me the whole don't change yourself for someone else thing, I am doing it for myself. I'm talking control of my life.) I'm going to be more manly. I'm going to be more confident. I'm not always going to talk to her first. I WILL end up going out with Hannah, you just wait and see. :)

fml. :/

So, I told my best friend that I liked her, but she said that she doesnt feel the same way blahblahblah.
I went round her house the other day with another friend of ours, rosie. It was a good day until we went on msn. She was tarting herself up to go on a guy on webcam :/ It really really annoyed and upset me, so I went home. She knows her I feel about her, but there she was, right infront of me, tarting herself up for him.
Then I got drunk and texted her, telling how I was annoyed at her. We had a long conversation (by text) about the whole situation, and now it's sorted...ish. One of her close friends said to her how it's bad that she flirts with me when she has no intention of going out with me (she sits on my lap and links arms with me and stuff) but apparantly it's because 'she feels so comfortable around me, cos we've been friends for so long.' So now I feel bad, and I feel like I've damaged our friendship, and I don't want her to stop being comfortable around me. I wish I just didn't say anything... ;/

Stuffz :D

I've deicded that it's time for change.

I need to live life to the fullest. I need to stop caring what other people think. I need to gain more confidence. I need to be less of a push-over. I need to laugh more.


Oh & there's this girl I like, she's like my best friend. I told her I like her and I got the whole 'lets be friends' speech. To help towards her liking me, should I back off for a bit? y'know, play hard to get?


Games, in order that I am going to complete (or get a platinum trophy for).

* Prince of Persia
* Dragon Age: Origins
* Final Fantasy 13
* Oblivion
* LittleBigPlanet

And games that, in order, I'm going to complete with Dad.
* The Saboteur
* Uncharted 2
* Heavy Rain
* Battlefield Bad Company 2

So I'm going to be busy this summer! :D

Finishing a game.

As I approach getting the platinum trophy on Dragon Age: Origins, I realise, I'm really gonna be sad to see it finish :(
So, I was thinking, do you guys feel sad (as well as a great sense of achievement) when you finish a game?

I don't even care anymore.

In a positive way, I've just decided that I don't care.

-I don't care about howthis group of people who used to be like my best friends don't really bother with me anymore.

-I don't really care that I have no idea where my life is heading.

-I don't care that people don't like me.

-I don't care that you don't like me in the same way that I like you.

I'm going to stop trying to please other people and I'm going to start doing what I want to do.

I know that the above come across as being sarcastic, but it's not.

Moving on,
I WANT ELDER SCROLLS 5 AT E3. SOSOSOSOOSOSOSOOSOSOOSOSOSOOSOSOSOOS BADLY. Oblivion is like, my favourite game ever but it's kinda getting old now D:

My Top 5 Video Game Characters.

5) Mario

Mario is in this list purely for his iconic value. Oh, and his moustache.

4) Cole

Cole is pretty awesome. I mean, he can shoot lightning... from his hands! Cole is a pretty disturbed character, what with all what happened to him, but he is pretty cool.

3) Link

Again, Link has high iconic value. But he is pretty darn awesome. I love how he is mute, I think it adds to the character. Also, the way that he can just cut through wave after wave of enemies is worthy of a mention.

2) Sora

Whilst playing both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 you really feel connected to Sora and you are dragged into the story. I mean, this guy travels worlds to save his friends. Also, he fights monsters with a giant key, with only a dog and a duck for help. That is pretty impressive.

1) Nathan Drake

Drake is a bit of a cringe-worthy character, but that's why he's so great. He's rather funny, and his wit really makes the Uncharted games.

Yes Man.

A while a go I posted a blog mentioning the film 'Yes Man'. Here is the synopsis for it:

"Carl Allen is at a standstill. No future... Until the day he enrolls into a personal development program based on a very simple idea: say yes to everything! Carl discovers with amazement the magical power of "Yes", and sees his professional and romantic life turned upside down overnight: an unexpected promotion and a new girlfriend. But he'll soon discover that better can be good's enemy, and that all opportunities shouldn't be taken."

When I first watched that film I really, really liked it. I wanted to take up the Yes Man challenge. (In a way I still do, but just say Yes to things more rather than all the time). Anyway, what I'm getting at is that I bought it on DVD and went completely obsessed with this film. I watched it like every other day for like two/three weeks. So, have any of you ever been obsessed with a film that you watched it over and over again?

PS: If you haven't seen this film- go buy it! It's great!