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Keyblade_150 Blog

This is so weird.

I used to come on this site all of the time. I used to be utterly obsessed with gaming, yet that seems like it was almost a lifetime ago.

Still, I'm back now. 5 years after I originally joined. So, what's new with me?

I've finished my A Levels, I get the results next week. I'm hopefully going to Southampton Solent University to study Journalism in September. That's scary, but exciting stuff. I'm still best friends with Ed. I always will be.

I don't play games quite as much anymore, but I'm currently doing the Dark Brotherhood on Skyrim. Still, Oblivion was better.

2011 To Do List

- Be healthier, exercise more, eat healthier food.
- Try harder at school.
- Don't spend as much time on the internet/laptop.
- Worry less.
- Experience new things
- Be more confident.
- Don't care what people think of me.
- Go out more

- Go to Thorpe Park
- Go to 3 concerts
- Go to a festival (Hevy?)
- Get 10,000 words of my book done.
- Driving lessons
- Vlog
- Go to London
- Go to Camden Market
- Get a job
- Go to a première (Harry Potter?)
- Go to Paris
- Have a movie day/night with a friend(s) + alone
- Have a games day/night with a friend(s) + alone
- Go to numerous parties
- Stay roundfriends' house(GTA: San Andreas fun times)
- Go for late night walks
- Photography
- Nature Reserve photography
- Send a letter in a bottle
- Make a new friend
- Paint
- Yes Man challenge for a week
- Watch the sunset
- Watch the sunrise
- Go by the lake with my friend
- Scrapbook it all

Happy New year ^_^ May 2011 be good to you :)


So I don't get any comments anymore. Anybody want to comment to let me know I'm still loved? :(

Moderation Annoyance

I love it when you make a genuine mistake of posting something in the wrong forum, ask it to be moved and then you get a warning.
Stupid gamespot, and you wonder why people leave.


1. More confidence.

2. Relaaxxxxxxxxxxxx

3. Don't care about too much.

4. More scene/indie/odd

5. Be more independant.

6. Experience more things.

7. Be less paranoid/worried.

8. Live life for myself.

9. Don't chase/obsess as much.

10. New image.

My Gaming Life

I haven't been playing games much, due to my A Level work and such.
But lately, as the night begins to fall nearer and the weather begins to get colder and wetter, I find myself snuggled up on the sofa or on my bed playing video games.
I've been playing The Saboteur (which I platted, go me!), and Mafia 2, mainly. It's a great game and I would recommend you to play it.
I've been meaning to restart both Fable II (may do tonight) and Professor Layton: Pandora's Box, both games I LOVE and feel are 'wintery.'
With my friends I've also been thinking about old games I used to play, and how I miss them. The main ones which arise in conversation are GTA (especially San Andreas) and Kingdom Hearts (both of them), so I plan on replaying them soon too.

Question to you:
- What's your gaming life been like at the moment, and what do you want to replay in the near future? -

I'm back you fooolllssss

Miss me?
I missed you, dearly.

So I started sixth form. It's given me so much more confidence.. now I don't care what people think, and I'm living life for myself. It's great. I'm great.

The plot for my book.

Maginkis an incredibly powerful book of spells, for it contains every spell ever written/made. It needs seven keys to open it, which are spread out throughout the land of Farlock. This book was made by the Elders strictly for use in great peril. As the Keys are being gathered by the King for use to control or destory Farlock it's up to a small rebellion to gather the Keys for themselves and destroyMagink once and for all. (It can only be destroyed by reading a spell from the back of the book.)

I know that the plot line is in really simplistic terms, and I'm usually better with my vocabulary, but I'm really tired.

Anyway; what do you guys think of the plot line; that's what I'm asking about?

ANOTHER new blog.


I have yet another new blog:

I don't use the other blogspot account now.

But PLEASEPLEASE check it out. It's all shiny and cool. Promise. It's blue and everything.

And if you have a google/blogspot account please follow me. I'll love you forever.

Anyway, how is everyone? good,i hope.
Me? Yes, I'm okay thanks.


au reviour.