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Hm...Not going to be on so much anymore

Hm...I haven't made a blog in a while...yet again. Ever since got their design changed their has been a lot less people on, as well as a lot of my friends had been previously banned months ago so I hardly ever get any comments on my blogs compared to how many I use to get during the old design, the more "alive" days of, nowadays it seems kinda boring and dead here. No where near as much activity as their use to be. So, to be honest I am not really to be on here much anymore. It's not that I have too much to do, it's just gotten dull now and their use to be a lot more of my friends here before, so yeh I will still be on but just every now and then type deal. Meh, who knows maybe i'll just stop going here anymore eventually. But as of now I will be here still, just not 24/7 or anywhere near that. More like 01/7 or somethin'. :?
So, now that is out of the way I have been on other accounts more so then this. If you want to contect me or add me on any of my accounts them here...

MFG - my name is Kazukanmaster on's mainly an anime site, it's pretty cool too...

Youtube - My account name here is Undertakerlegend, I have videos uploaded if you want to check them out.

Here are some of my best vids so far...

Tribute to Soul Eater, Naruto, Y...

Teen Gohan (Cell Games) vs Dabura

Future Gohan vs Metal Cooler

So, thanks a lot if you comment and tell me what you think of any of my vids

Ah man! I also forgot to add, last Friday the 13th was my birthday but I forgot a birthday blog lol, ah well. You can wish me a happy belated birthday I guess if you want. So yeh, thanks for checking out my blog.

Also, thanks to the people who still comment. If no one comment on any blogs i'd probably just leave lol, so yeh thanks to the people who still comment.;)

Alright peace out! I'm going to bed soon so yeh, drop off a comment plz.

New blog + My Video + Friday the 13th new movie

Hey guys, I haven't made a blog in a while but meh what else is new. Anyways, I went and saw Friday The 13th in Theaters, the new movie on Sunday, Friday the 13th itself the day would have been too packed anyways and saw it with my friends, I thought it was pretty insane. Jason Voorhees was played out perfectly, I got to hand it to them they made it way better than the old one by FAR. Other than this I am just waitin' for the next Friday the 13th to get here for my birthday cuz that is the day of my birthday which is awesome lol. Anywayz, I also uploaded a video on my youtube account, it is my first vid of Top 10 Anime shows so check it out and you can tell me your top 10 in response to mine if you want. So, I am not going to write much more cuz I got to go to bed it's a bit past time to get ready for bed n' all so yeh thanks if you leave comments.

The link below if my first vid of Top 10 Anime, I will upload other vids different than this later but this is what I have uploaded so far as of now so check it out and leave comment on my blog I guess.

Meh that's about it, so yeh peace out homies, I'm goin' to bed :P.

New year + Other

A little late but Happy New Year. It's good ol' 2009 at last. Pretty awesome to say the least. I haven't been on much, rarely becuase it's just kinda boring around here and I usually go on MFG forums more so than here. Also, we happened to get a lot of snow around here now, even more so than before, like up to over 3 or more feet of snow I believe which has been a major pain to deal with including the ice which I have slipped on doin' fancy moves and twirles like an idiot to try to keep from fallin' on my head lol, Ice don't help any. Bah! I got my haircut too, which is always bad news for me cuz I like to grow it out long like down to my shoulder nearly. It's also about 1 day till School is back in session which is not so enlightening. Anywayz, aside from all that I saw the movie called "The Zohan" lol it was hilarious. It's was incredibly stupid but hilarious at the same time :P. I am working on next "Kazukan" chapter, I hadn't before becuz for some reason I just felt like not doin' it, I was tired of it and writing so much and just chilled and took a break basically, though all my breaks are are or close to 2 weeks or so which is not that wonderful. Also, on some of my new games I have got including ones from Christmas I have gotten stuck on, I got stuck on "Naruto Broken Bonds" lvl becuz I couldn't get towards an area I was supposed to be at I was basically stuck, on the prequal of "Broken Bonds" I got stuck on a lvl trying to defeat Zabuza and his giant meat cleaver while i'm Naruto who is about half his size and has a Kunai lol, also I am stuck on "DBZ Infinite World" becuz I can't defeat Frieza in the Frieza Saga as he has 2 more health bars than I do giving him an unfair advantage, I nearly killed him once but lost to my dissapointment as he only had a half a quarter of a health bar left, so i'm stuck on all three games lol. Anyways Happy New Year to all my great friends that are still here and havn't left, you are all awesome, and it is at last 2009 :D. Over 2 in a half months till my 17th birthday, on March Friday the 13th lol. Anyways, Happy New Year! how is everyone doin'?

Winter Break + Random stuff + Christmas

Yo! It's winter break at last wear I live. We have LOADS of snow, up to around 20" - 30" or so of snow I believe, it's a pain to deal with and shovel up. Loads of schools were closed including the school I go to becuase of the massive amount of snow which has its share of good and bad. Though their was a science test comin' up to do friday before break but becuase of snow it got canceled, so after break I may have to work on it :(. Putting that aside, I just bought two new games being "Naruto The Broken Bond" for Xbox360 and "Dragonballz Infinite World" which were both good. Though, Dragonballz infinite world I thought seemed a bit too much feeling like previous Budokai 3 game though so that was not all that great, but who's to know it will likely get better as i've just began the game, as well as Naruto Broken Bonds. Also, thanks for anyone whom as read my story "Kazukan" and enjoyed it, I will begin next chapter very shortly, I plan on creating it as an cartoon/anime or manga when I grow up and make it as a series, seems like a good fit since I enjoy anime/anime style shows, am good at drawing, and often make up stories and have done so ever since I was very, very young. Also, I just saw the movie "Hancock" a few days ago and it was a great movie;). Me and my Father hung up christmas lights around the outside of our house, some were covered in snow though from the snow shower we got a short while ago. What does everyone want for the upcoming Holiday Christmas?! Or Honica if you celebrate it instead. Personally some stuff I would like is Star Wars Force Unleashed, Smackdown vs. Raw 2009, and some Yu Yu Hakusho dvd box set of the Dark Tournament saga maybe, and a Saosin CD and some mangas. Also...

Also, if anyone wishes...check out my Deviantart profile and tell me what yah think of my drawings. Thanks!

around 3 months till Friday the 13th of March, which is my birthday i'll be turning 17 so yeh it rules ;).

random song

Kazukan Chapter 5 - Hizaku?! The battle heats up!

The three warriors calmly waited for another's movement. Max begins to charge forward but is immediately stopped and pulled back by Jaden. Max looks over in surprise, "hey man, what's up with you? Jaden finished pulling him back and replied, "you idiot...listen man, you can't just blindly charge at the enemy like will get you killed...we have to devise a plan". Max shrugs off Jaden's hand in annoyance and looks over to Jaden, "bah! Fine, what's up? Jaden began to talk to Max seemingly to devise a plan. Cyrus began to think, "hmph! What are they up to? Devising some sort of plan no doubt". Cyrus prepares for the next move as he clutches he sword tightly at his waist. "Whatever it is...I'm ready". Jaden and Max turn their attention back towards Cyrus as they act both as a unit. Max glares over at Jaden once more with a remark, "are you sure"? Jaden looks over with annoyance plastered all over his face, "yeh I'm sure now let's do it". Max and Jaden both charge at Cyrus and instantly unleash a flurry of tech-Kunai as they hurl through the air. Cyrus instantly leaps high through the air as the tech-Kunai rip through the air below Cyrus. Max tosses a Tech-Kunai through the air, which is easily swatted away only, to be caught by surprising as a large Windmill blade with multiple blades titled out each end flies towards Cyrus. Cyrus is caught completing by surprise and replies, "what?" The blade suddenly smashes onto his hand knocking his sword out of his hand as his sword cuts through the air from the large multi-bladed weapon. They both leap off the ground as a flurry of dust kicks up violently preparing to attack Cyrus. Cyrus instantly brings his attentions towards Jaden and Max ignoring the cut hand from the multi-bladed weapon before as he began to reach out towards them with a smirk. Immediately a flurry of crackling electricity shock out both of Cyrus palms both heading towards his enemies. Jaden and Max were stunned in surprise as they could not evade in time while in mid-air to get out of the way and were instantly struck by the electricity as it surrounded their whole body's on contact crackling with power as the two warriors let out a yell in pain as they fell several feet to the ground crashing into the rocky ground flinging debree everywhere with a hard landing as dust violently kicked up. Cyrus's electricity currently went back into his palm as it disappeared quickly as he landed on the ground a few feet away from his two pain inflicted enemies. Cyrus smirked as he said while spitting on the ground near them, "you fools. As usual you are not worth my time, none of you are...I was actually hoping for a good challenge...but I guess that went down the trash...get bent you pieces of trash." But suddenly Cyrus heard a voice calling out to him, "shut up". Cyrus looked back towards the too as he saw it to be revealed as Jaden. Jaden spat out a little blood as he clenched his teeth getting up with some difficulty as he replied with a smirk towards Cyrus, " want a challenge, right?" Jaden said as he whiped off some blood from his face. "C' takes more than power to defeat also takes heart...I...I won't lose...not against you". Cyrus glared in disappointed as he replied, "really"? Jaden then replied while clenching his fist, " thing my Parents thought me is to never back away, even when the odds are stacked against me...freaks like you killed my mother, I'm going to set things straight". Cyrus then remarked with a slight smirk, "well...I suppose I won't argue with that...if you want to continue then we will, but I won't hold back you know". Jaden looked over at his sword and tossed it aside, "I don't need that...this is all I would be dishonorable to attack someone without a unarmed like this". Jaden charged through the air at top speed, "bring it on". Quickly they engaged in a fistfight as punches and kicks roared through the air. Jaden went for a punch but missed as his fist ripped through the air beside Cyrus's head as Cyrus gripped Jaden's arm and tossed him through the air. Jaden landed and leaped off the ground as he hurled a kick only to be blocked by Cyrus as Cyrus went for a punch yet missed as Jaden dodged just in time and headbutted Cyrus catching him off guard and unleashed a flurry of punches in Cyrus's stomach nearly knocking the wind out of him for the moment. Cyrus became irritated and gripped Jaden by the hair and punched him hard in the gut knocking the wind out of Jaden as he flew through the air and landed on a boulder. Cyrus began to unleash a multitude of electricity through the air out of each palm repeatedly as they were dodged but with effort by Jaden as the electricity smashed into the ground and surrounding area as explosions of debree kicked up everywhere. Max awoke to find out what was in fact going on as he rubbed with head and leaped off through the air towards Cyrus, "hey that on you got?" Cyrus directed his attention towards Max and unleashed a violent stream of electricity towards Max as it electrocuted Max on contact once more as Max crashed to the ground again. Jaden began to use a few hand motions and signs, as a blue sphere of plasma energy was unleashed in his palm. Cyrus noticed the sound of the noise coming from behind him as he looked at Max and was caught by surprise and hit directly in the gut by the powerful sphere as it sent Cyrus reeling violently through the air halfway into a large boulder as Cyrus spat out a little bit of blood clutching his stomach replying with rage, " jackass". But instantly a sword point landed softly by Jaden's throat catching him by surprise. Jaden looked up as a large figure stood above him. "Cyrus. I think I'll take it from here". Cyrus staggers up, "a little late, Hizaku". Jaden could faintly see dark sharp teeth under the cloak as well as bloodthirsty orange eyes glaring at Jaden. Hizaku began replying, "Well...a little later is better than never...besides, maybe now I can go in for the kill".

Hizaku's design art

Cyrus's design art for people who haven't seen it

Kazukan Chapter 4 - The mysterious bandit! Cyrus is here!

I guess I am now naming the chapters...

sorry for the delay, too long of a delay seriously...anyway I finally have Chapter 4 n' other stuff. I decided to take a break before but waited a little long but i'm back on the story now though.

you should seriously check this chapter out, it gets good during this chapter n' up, I already know mostly what is going to happen after this chapter. lots of stuff, anyway.

Chapter 4

A few hours later, the Squad is allowed and assigned a new mission. To take care of a couple of alien gang members called the "deathstreak", to stop them front completely raiding a bank, a high security bank for that matter, until turned off somehow possibly with some kind of deceive. Max is quick to jump at this chance for a big mission and fills with excitement. "Hahaha...all right, finally a real more crackpot missions...Booyah", Max throws his hand into the air overcome with excitement. Jaden looks over strangely, "uh...Man, this kid is annoying. I am never going to get use to this kid...seriously". Master Cade lays his hands upon his hips with the words, "oh...boy, you better get use to him he's going to be with us for a long time". Soon, Max and Jaden rides off in his speeder while Max prefers his air boarder once more roaring through the air. Meanwhile, the alien gang member is loading bags of money onto the Vehicle attempting to grab every last bit of it. Jaden and Max are above in a tree waiting for their signal to close in on the members. Jaden begins saying, "alright man...this don't attack like an-. But as usual before Jaden has a chance to even attempt to finish his sentence he is cut short by Max's battle cry through the air as he lands onto the vehicle wear the packed bags are. Jaden replies with an obvious yet annoyed tone, "But of course he has to once again prove crown his stupidity by jumping right into gun point range blasting his mouth off at them. Max rises up to his feet upright and points, " idiots". "Bah. I might as well handle this before they ending up killing him". The gang members pull out their guns and started firing at him as Max dodges the blasts successfully but with little ease. Jaden pulls out a gas bomb and tosses it over to wear the gang members are. The bomb goes off and the shooting immediately stops. Max looks on in confusion and covers his face from the gas, "ah...what the. In the smoke the gang member where lying motionless on the ground apparently taking out by Jaden in due time. But suddenly, a mysterious cloaked person on a modified speeder shot overhead passed Jaden and Max, as they could here someone demanding their food back. Max then replied after hearing this, "heh...alright, I get to go after a thief". Jaden began to tell Max to wait up but was once again cut short by the roar of Max's speeder engine and the chase began. Jaden replied with an mildly annoyed, "always on the move", and immediately got in his speeder and blasted off leaving the Gang members behind for the Police to capture them, and take them away. The chase was on, as the cloaked person looked behind him noticing Max and Jaden on tail end of his vehicle, he instantly set it on Otto-pilot and stood up as the vehicle sped through the rocky area towards outside of the city, using his Zentran (chi) energy to keep full balance on the vehicle easily. The cloaked warrior seemed to smile under the shadow of the cloak as he held up his hand taunting them to bring it on. Max began to get up only to get smacked across the body and covered in the figures cloak as the person tossed it off completely knocking Max off course hitting a tall cliff and landing in a small pond. Jaden instantly took his Kunai out ready for attack only to get clotheslines clean off his vehicle by the figure kicking up dust all over the rocky area flinging rocks everywhere like small pebble as the vehicle sped it a stop crashing into a boulder. As soon as the dust settled Jaden regained his footing quickly brushing the dust off his clothing. He looks over to the figure, revealing the figure to be a tall mid teenage looking person with a thin muscular build, black spiky hair and wearing dark clothing on, covering his lower body entirely, his name was Cyrus. He took out his sword handle and ignited the steel blade. Jaden took out his sword as they both clashed blades ruthlessly as the cling of their blades echoed through the air. Cyrus shortly pushed over Jaden getting the upperhand fairly quickly and swung dozens of swings of his sword clashing onto Jaden blade as Jaden continued to block with some difficulty. Jaden shoved away Cyrus's blade and went for a swift swipe with his blade only for it to become blocked by Cyrus as Cyrus kicked Jaden in the hand knocking away his handle immediately sending it hurling violently through the air. Jaden looked back immediately to be caught by Cyrus's blade at the throat as Cyrus smirked with a calm delight. But suddenly Max flew through the air towards Cyrus and swiped at him barely missing catching Cyrus by surprise. Max landed on his feet as he directed his attention towards Cyrus and used his "Chi" powers causing the blade of Jaden's to fly into Max's hand as he slashed violently with both blades giving Cyrus some trouble until getting knocked away by Cyrus this time catching Max with the point of his sharp blade. Jaden used his "chi" powers causing the blade of his hurl into Jaden's grasp as he swiped at Cyrus this time giving him a small cut across the cheek as some blood splinted out through the air. Cyrus slid away from both and came to a halt, tightly grasping his blade handle as he waited for his enemies to make a move. Cyrus spat at the rocky ground glaring at his enemies, "I have to admit, you're better than the average batch of fools I've seen across this planet", he said as he led out a confident smirk, "all the more for me to enjoy this".

Happy Thanksgiving

Yo, stickin' round with a new blog to wish every one of my friends a happy Thanksgiving today for it iz that day. Along with happy Thanksgiving break for peep's who got a nice long break. I do, for 4 days then back to School which I ain't too fond about but meh, what can yah do. So anywayz, HAPPY THANKSGIVING MY HOMIES!!!8)

Naruto Thanksgiving

cool gifs...

shippuuden movie bonds sasukeSasukeChan Sasuke gifnaruto ninja storm gaaraGaara GifGaara moviedragon ball zcool animated pic of HieiHitsugaya Toushiro EngeryBleach

cool amv's... - yu yu hakusho fans friday the 13th fans


funny + Random Crap + Thanksgiving rambles

hey, what's up dogz?:D meh...It's getting boring around here. Hmm, this will be a mixed blog about random crap I guess. Ah, yeh. Almost Forgot. Happy Thanksgiving to people for the time to feast is near and give thanks to God if you are religous, otherwise just do whatevah else you do ;). I've been board lately as you can probably tell. Also, I can't upload all the music I want on it my MP3. It limits me to only 13-16 songs or so. I think I'll just switch to an Ipod basically. so, that's lame and doesn't really make a lot of sense --', considering I had all songs I wanted listed to download the wretched pains to my MP3 and it uploaded about a quarter of what I tried to upload, if even that --'. So, that made my day, I was about to go clint eastwood on it's cheap mechanical @$$:evil::twisted:. Got my haircut, don't really love it. I had my hair grown out to my shoulders nearly in the back of my head before, but got the hair cut and I think it looks a little stupid sometimes but meh well, that's parent's for yah, it grows back fast though so it shouldn't be too big of a deal. Also, i'm glad Obama won he is awesome, but before I was half in half with Obama and McCain but now that Obama's one, I am perfectly fine with the outcome.

Heres some funny stuff for the heck of it...

pics for the lolz

Avatars  Funny : Come to the Dark Side - We Have Cookies 2:twisted:muhahahahaJedi SquirrelsMatrix OrigamiAvatars  Funny : Penguin Wacko_OSpaceballs - You're looking at now sir.Spaceballs - I can't breathe in this thing! Spaceballs - The AvatarAvatars  Funny: Sarcasm, My Anti-DrugAvatars  Funny : Cat with headphones moving to the beat this catz pimpin':lol:

videos for the lolz MUST WATCH!!! lolz

If anyone has an account at Youtube or msn or places like this then please add me for anyone whom has not yet... - Youtube - MFG Forums - Deviantart

Also, I'm level 16 finally. It isn't much I know, but I don't go on here anywhere near as much as I use to so, yeh :/.

Peace out. "And don't let the bed bugs stick their foot in your @$$" - Red forman from that 70s show, great show lol.

Kazukan Chapter 3 - Training kicks up a notch! A young warriors determination!

Chapter 3

The two young warriors clutch their blades tightly circling their Master. Cade takes out two handles with ignite into a dagger type of knife as he prepares for movement. Jaden then begins to quietly say, "Alright Max, we have to think of some strategy...some way to get-. But Jaden's words are quickly cut short as Max begins charging towards Master Cade at incredible speed leaping through the air with his sword overhead. "Oh sure...just charge off without thought...he's going to seriously get himself killed one of these days...meh, the idiot", Jaden replies as the dust clears. Max's blade swiftly cuts through the air at high speed slamming hard into Cade's dagger-like Knife, sending a loud roar of sound radiating off the contact of the two blades. Cade pushing Max blades off as Max nearly loses his grip on it landing on his feet. Max charges multiple times again showering Cade with several blade slashes, every one of them being countered easily with Master Cade's Dagger. Master Dagger swiftly finds an opening motioning his Dagger towards Max's handle smacking it out of Max's hand as the Sword hurls violently cutting through the air. Max is just as soon, kicked away from Cade immediately as his body is sent hurling into the wall with a large thud from the impact. Cade turns his attention towards Jaden only to find several high tech Kunai's hurling through the air towards Cade, only to be countered and smacked away quickly by Master Cade. As soon as the Kunai lands on the floor, Jaden appears right in front of Master Cade suddenly as Cade shifts his attention to him. Jaden's blade cut through the air missing Cade barely, rendering in a few strands of hair sliced off floating through the air. "Darn, I nearly got him", Jaden thinks in his head. Cade thrusts up his blade smashing onto Jaden's sword handle instantly knocking the sword through the air. Cade goes for a swift punch but Jaden just barely reacts in time as the fist flies past Jaden's head as Jaden backs up swiftly and kicks himself off of Cade and lands onto the wall using Zentran (chi) energy to keep him well balanced on a nearby wall. "Impressive", Master Cade begins to think. "This boy is interesting...he may actually have some potential". But suddenly a strange sound is heard behind Master Cade as he shifts his attention backwards towards the sound to reveal Max holding a glowing bright yellow-orange sphere of energy crackling with power in the palm of his hand. Master Cade turns to reveal some interested and surprise, "What? He knows the "Cionic Sphere"? No person I've trained before has known this...hmm; all of these boys have great potential it seems". Master Cade's face turns to excitement, "well then...I may have found the right kettle of warriors after all". Then immediately he turns to his other side to see that Jaden was running towards him at high speed holding a Blue sphere of plasma energy, looking as if it had melting plasma floating off of it as he held it in his palm. Cade with his attention now directed into Jaden's direction began to think, "Hmmm...interesting...he knows a similar attack, the "plasmatic sphere". Cade stretches out his arms from both sides and begins chanting the word, "electric impulse". Instantly a flurry of electricity immediately shot out from both hands crackling with power and electrocuting Max and Jaden on contact as the two balls of energy hurl through the air their separate ways smashing into a electronic barrier igniting in a large explosion as many debree fly through the air. Jaden and Max land on the floor of the training room, electricity still crackling here and there as they groan in pain. Master Cade calmly looks over to both of the young warriors. "You both have lost this final training session". Max gets up with despair and looks over to Jaden's direction, " can't be serious...we lost"? This was our chance and we blew it". Jaden begins getting up silently with no emotion looking towards the ground. Max begins, "Are you even listening to me? We could have been totally blew it". Jaden glares over to Max, "Shut up". Max looks over to Jaden in displease, "what"? "Shut up, Jaden repeats. "Save your breath". Max then replies in mild anger, "why don't you, then"? Jaden continues to look over to Max in a mild sad expression. "I am not to blame. None of us are. I was really hoping to make it mother was killed by one of these goons that I am now joining to fight against". I...can't lose...I mustn't...I now have no mother, because of them...and I have to succeed in this...I need to not let this happen to anyone else". Jaden looked away in despair, " is my dream to join this place...I don't wish for anyone to the feel pain people like this have caused...the sadness and sorrow of lost loved ones". Jaden quietly begins to squeeze his fist, "I swear...I will give it my full potential and full effort to do what I can to help others...even...even if it kills me". Master Cade thinks in his head, "this really something else". He walks over to Jaden and begins to speak, " may have lost...but you people have impressed me...most people like you don't do as have impressed me in your physical ability to be able to actually catch me off guard twice, but also your determination and feeling towards Kazukan. It is truly something to be admired, you all have impressed me...for this, you all pass".

in the next chapter they will at last encounter Cyrus and his alien Partner Hikaru, two swordsman bandits wanted throughout many areas on earth. Cyrus is the leader bandit though, and also the most dangerious opponent out of all of them. opinions on this?