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My Own Personal, Jointly Operational Killzone

I've arrived. I'm legit. And how do I know? It's all very simple, when you consider the sudden rash of emails I have received regarding my reviews at IGO this week. Let's start with this one:


I noticed you reviewed Novalogic's Joint Operations, you should be made aware that on nov 5 2004 Nova decided to almost completely change the game with no prioir warning to any of the players, through way of a mandatory update. A visit to their Novaworld forums will quickly display to you the mass migration away from the game. There are very many unhappy customers who are being ignored. We feel we have been conned and ripped off."

The email goes on to detail NovaLogic's response to the unhappy fans, and I can certainly understand their frustration, as it seems the sniper role has been significantly changed. The author asked me to reconsider my (8.0) Joint Operations review, which has been featured on NovaLogic's front page for quite some time. He is barking up the wrong tree regarding a re-review, which won't happen; however, I am considering reinstalling and playing Joint Ops again to see how these changes affect the gameplay, and if they are significant, it's worth a possible feature article. Any Joint Ops players that have feedback are welcome to reply to my journal, or email me at

However, my recent 6.8 score for Killzone has some fans quite riled up. You'd think I stabbed their puppy, the way they are moaning. Let's start with this one:

I'm going to flame your killzone review.

"Killzone’s run-and-gun gameplay. Weapons are run-of-the-mill assault
rifles, a shotgun, sniper rifle, grenades, and the such – with some bizarre
secondary fire modes and an excruciatingly frustrating wait while

- It is not a run and gun game, and doing so will easily get you killed. I
doubt you got very far with this kind of attitude. I've tried it, and upon
entering a room or running and gunning in an open area I am easily
slaughtered because of the realistic reload process. Also the weapons are
not run of the mill and the secondary fire modes are not bizarre. Compare
them to any other sci-fi shooter out there and they are easily much better
in many ways. Lastly, excruciatingly frustrating wait while reloading is
more realistic as you will have to take cover to do so.

"The meat of the gameplay itself is straightforward enough for an FPS: shoot
enemies, move onto the next area, and shoot more enemies. Your adversaries
are mostly standard Helghast infantry, and when you’ve seen one, you’ve seen
them all –"

-The helghast will have a machine gunner in a bunch of infantry quite often.
Plus, I'd much rather shoot a head of a human helghast.

"uncommon to see your comrades running in place, stuck on either the
environment (as your own avatar will have happen from time to time) or each

-I've yet to see anyone run in place or get stuck, but I do agree the AI can
lack at times, but not as bad as you make it out to be.

"(jumping is conspicuously absent, a gaping hole in an action game so
reliant on WWII shooters)."

-If you can put on the armor like outfits they have, then grab a few weapons
(especially a heavy machine gun; hence why Rico cant even climb) and extra
ammo, grenades, and then go jump around like a lunatic then you can complain
about the realism of this game.

I wasnt going to put Halo in my flame, but it seems your stuck on the fact
Halo lets you do everything you want, because its a fantasy. Killzone
confines you to a much more realistic and squad based feel that you fail to
mention anything about.

Someone apparently pissed in his cornflakes that morning, since I did nothing more than tell the truth about Killzone. Every game has its rabid fans, but Killzone's seem oddly temperamental. My review stands on its own quite well, so it needs little explanation. However, I scoff at the suggestion that it's is a thinking man's shooter, and I stand by my run-and-gun statement. Run, gun, and hide while your health replenishes. Lather, rinse, repeat. Besides, anyone that suggests that Killzone's AI is nothing but terrible - and anyone that suggests that I am a blind Halo fanboy, which is silly - immediately loses any credibility in my book. Or, there is this guy, who suggested an alternative reviewer to my editors:

This is the only way i can reach you....
What the hell where you thinking by posting the review of Killzone? This is the only review i trust, it is the best review on the net.....

I will refrain from commenting on another journalist's work in a negative fashion. However, if anyone feel that Inside Gamer Online should fire me in favor of the nlgaming writer, then by all means, I will retract my negative statements regarding Killzone, declare Daikatana to be the best game ever created, and join Derek Smart in the development of his next desktop simulator.

So pop the popcorn and lean back in your easy chair: I am sure the entertainment has only begun.