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My Linking Book is an Encyclopedia

It's been a good day as a writer: not only was my review of Anarchy Online: Alien Invasion featured on the front page of the main Anarchy Online website, but my review of The Chronicles of Riddick was quoted in an SFGate article on movie-based games - hand-in-hand with quotes from Greg Kasavin. Any exposure for small sites like IGO is good exposure, and I am pleased that the linked articles could potentially bring the site more hits. It also helps me out; I love IGO, and will continue to be a part of the growing site as long as they will have me, but I do hope that the exposure I get from such quotes will also result in some career growth of my own.

As a gamer, it has been more mixed. On one hand, I am thrilled that Myst 4 is as beautiful as I had hoped, and I am enjoying the games currently on my plate. On the other, I was highly disappointed that Evil Genius apparently possesses an audio bug that keeps me from hearing any dialogue, since I can't review a game in that state. The good news is that instead, I will be writing up evaluations of Dawn of War and Katamari Damacy. After a litany of clunkers (The Sims 2 and Doom 3 notwithstanding), it will be good to write reviews of games that I am really enjoying.

As for the coming weekend, I will be playing full-time stepdaddy, as Dustyn, Ryan and Gregory will be spending the weekend with me and Rich. They are good kids, and I have the feeling that Hot Shots Golf Fore! will keep them busy much of the weekend, and honestly, I have a good time with it too. This will be their first stay in our new apartment and in their own rooom, so I was very careful to get things ready for them. Their room is actually meant to be a den, but we chose the layout because this way, their room will be at the opposite end of the apartment from our bedroom, allowing all of us a little more privacy. Between me and Rich, we have 6 televisions, 3 PS2's, 2 GameCubes, 2 X-boxes, 2 GBA's, and 5 copies of Natalie Imbruglia's "Left of the Middle" album. I'm not sure how we got so many, but regardless, I am glad we will all be able to game without having to fight over systems and TV's. The only potential issue is if Ryan wants to play The Sims 2 while I am on the computer, and in this case, I will have to win out: I have a lot of gaming to do this weekend.

Since the kids are coming, I will be cooking spaghetti Friday night, and I am really looking forward to it, since I will be serving both sausages and meatballs. My trick to spaghetti sauce is one I actually stole from perennial favorite Fannie Farmer: add butter to the sauce about 30 minutes before you serve. It may sound fattening, but it sure does add a sweet richness to the sauce that really makes the whole day's simmering worthwhile. Got any food tricks? Let me know your secrets, and I promise I won't tell a soul!