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My Katamari is Bigger than Your Katamari

OK, I suppose I have made no secret of my profound love for Katamari Damacy, but I am going to use this space to once again implore those who are missing out on this fine gaming experience to skip four fast food dinners this month and buy a copy. For more information and opinions, please see my review, but it's impossible to put into words the pure joy I get from this title; as Bethany put it, KD "scratches the happy spot." It is the gaming equivalent of a dog wiggling its legs while being scratched on the belly. Now, I am eagerly trying to get the biggest cow I can find in the Taurus mission, although I have since "finished" the game, and it is tough. In fact, I was pissed off the first time I played the mission, because I rolled out of the beginning area and over a milk carton - which qualified as a cow! So there was my puny little constellation, and while I am thrilled that my little block-headed girl could feel the cosmos afterwards, I was not so thrilled that a carton of milk qualified as a cow. It's actually rather difficult to avoid all those cows to find a bigger one, especially as the katamari grows, and this applies to the Ursa Major mission as well. I am also slightly disappointed that the VIrgo mission had me rolling over "maidens" instead of virgins. As the title of one of KD's brilliant tunes reminds me, "Que Sera, Sera."

In more personal news, I survived a busy kids' weekend, although Saturday was actually relaxing. We have a total of three PS2's hooked up, two GameCubes, an X-Box, a Nintendo 64, and a computer, and all of them got action on Saturday. I played Myst IV (frustratingly hard) and Dawn of War (a load of fun - Relic, you have never done me wrong!) much of the day, but when I had the urge to return to Katamari Damacy, Dustyn and Gregory fought over Far Cry. Ryan had a chance to destroy some lives in The Sims 2, but most of his time was spent on either Mario Golf or Hot Shots Golf Fore. In the meanwhile, Rich watched me play Katamari Damacy for a bit, called it stupid, and rushed out to the dining room to play Psi-Ops for most of the evening.

Sunday was a tad more dramatic, since Dustyn got sick on his way to his baseball game and barfed all over the backseat. Isn't it odd how strong a presence puke has had in my life the last few weeks? Anyway, Rich was already wound up, since Gregory had been riling things up anyway, so instead of making sure Dustyn was ok, he got pissed and told Dustyn he had to clean it all up. I was rather upset at that point myself, since Rich wasn't making sure his sick child was ok, but rather, concerned about the cleanliness of his beautiful truck. I never question him in front of the kids though, so I waited until he was cleaning the truck (Patty, the ex-wife, forced him to let Dustyn rest inside while he cleaned it up) to ask him about it. He copped to the fact that at that point, Dustyn's puke had plucked his last nerve and he could have been a little more understanding. He also told me that my empathy towards Dustyn simply proved that I was more like "the woman" of the relationship, and he was more like "the man."

OK, now hold up here. First of all, his two previous boyfriends were drag queens in their spare time, so I do not need to have my masculinity questioned! Second of all, since when does empathy and understanding qualify as simply a female attribute? I'll be the first to admit I lean on the sensitive side, but I do not want to be a woman, nor do I want to be with a woman. I do not suscribe to the traditional notion of gender roles in the manner Rich does, and I have made it clear before that I do not want to be anything except an equal partner. How we divide up chores is based purely on who has the time, and who has a preference for one thing or another, and frankly, I do not see myself as any less masculine than him. I knew he was being flip, but honestly, I am a little sensitive to the subject, because he was married to a woman, after all. It's hard enough worrying about losing your partner to another man, let alone, another woman too. He flipped to the other side once, so is there anything keeping him from flipping back? He reassures me we will spending our lives together, but still, it's a button, and he pushed it - nay, pounded it - with that comment.

So, after I infuriatingly proved his point by giving him the "womanly" silent treatment in my very own, special, passive-aggressive manner, I got over myself and realized that he was not questioning my masculinity, merely suggesting that in the traditional world, my empathetic reaction to things is normally the reaction assigned to the wife. Still, he may have meant it as an off-handed remark, but I worry that his old-fashioned views towards partnership could encourage him to push me into roles that I do not want. I don't want to cook all the time, or clean, or wash dishes, or comfort the kids, or read the bedtime stories, not all the time. I want us to share those things, like partners, not as a couple in which I take one role, and he takes another.

So, overreactions aside, the weekend was fine. We also ate at CiCi's pizza for the first time, which is an all-you-can-eat buffet, and at $3.99, it ain't half bad! If you have one in your area, give it a try. In the meantime, I would love to know what buttons your significant other knows so well how to push. How do you keep yourself from getting riled up when you know you shouldn't? Are you overly sensitive to something and wish you could get over it? Tell me I'm not alone!