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You fail me yet again Microsoft.

Nothing helps alleviate frustration like qouting Transformers, I feel better already. Well down to brass tacks. Yet again we have collectively placed trust in Microsoft and in an afront to classical conditioning have not learned a damn thing. Microsoft mass produced untold copies of the Fable 2 Limited Edition, the limited edition that was supposed to contain a special code the upon redeeming gets you a few extra weapons, spartan armor, and an extra dungeon. But someone must have been goofing off at the assembly plant and forgot to put the code card in about 3/4 of the cases. Sounds awesome doesn't it? Now not only does the drastically undercut Limited Edition no longer have the fancy swag as originally promised it has no special content. We paid $10 for a cardboard slip cover for the game.

A week after launch in timely fashion Microsoft quietly raises its hand and says it will fix the problem for you, that is put a fairly well hidden page in the support section of their website saying if you tell them your e-mail address associated with your GamerTag they will send you your 10 business days. Thats two weeks folks, added on top of the original week from launch till the application form for the code launched. Thats three weeks for a game that can be beaten in 2-3 days.

Well today Friday November 14th will be the 13th business day, and so far no code. Microsoft has done or said nothing outside of the initial page in the support section of, made no advertisement of the page so unless you frequent forums or stumble upon it you would never know it was their tack on the deadline date of 12/31/08. Now days late and nearing a month after release noone has gotten their measly content and what ever hope I had for Microsoft is gone. While my outrage is limited to losing patience combined with my moving on to other games some gamers on the forums have actually began sending complaints to the FTC (Federal Trade Commision) and BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding the false advertising and lack of customer support from Microsoft regarding this issue. 

After experiencing this and seeing my friend get jacked around by customer service for three days regarding his RROD experience (on a Halo 3 LE console mind you) any last glimmers of hope for Microsoft has been lost. I've heard varying stories about their service most actually positive but this takes the cake. After being swindled out of $10 and seeing them refuse to take someone's console for repairs when obviously under warranty I've lost quite a bit of respect for Microsoft.