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Xbox 360 60GB Pro

Well today I was off from work and school so I was sitting around bored and wanted to play some 360 bad. I had been searching around asking on the forums about Jaspers and had come to learn that they are still a long way off and I might as well pick up a Falcon which is far more reliable than my ancient near launch console I previously owned anyways. Plus if I wait to long to replace I'm going to hit the holiday rush bad and may be faced with console shortages from Christmas shoppers. So I picked up a 60GB Pro today, was going to get an Arcade and just swap my HDD but I decided since I had the cash might as well upgrade my harddrive to take advantage of some of the new features coming November 19th like installing disc based games.

As of now its going great, migrated my account and have begun re-downloading all my DLC. Its great not having to worry about filling up that measly 13GBs your stuck with on the original Pro.