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Three weeks in, PS3 impressions.

Well its been three weeks and it feels like I've had the system forever already. I must say my doubts as too owning the machine are gone and in just this short time frame its quickly looking like my primary console. I'm pleasantly surprised at how smooth the interface is, I've used XMB with the PSP but I really wasn't using any of the features with it. The PS Store is also quite nice but I'm still quite put off by my experience with adding funds to the Wallet and now the apparant lack of my local Blockbuster getting PSN Cards to take advantage of DLC not too mention the puzzling choice of not giving them a universal wide release like Microsoft did with the point cards.

In terms of games its going great, I've already broke down and picked up 5 games (I've had my 360 a year and a half and only have 9 at the moment if that goes to show you something). So far I've picked up MGS4, Uncharted, Resistance, Warhawk, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma. I'm loving all of them. MGS4 is hands down GOTY , Resistance made me a fan and I'm eagerly awaiting R2, Warhawk is a blast online but it sucks not being able to get the 3 map packs to join more games, and Sigma I'm finding to be a much more enjoyable experience than NG2 and the definitive version of NG1.

As for picking up the new 80GB its great, I don't see myself needing the extra USB ports and memory stick readers. Its also very quiet, I can't even tell that its on most of the time which is a big difference from the jet engine that you hear with my pre-falcon 360. The lack of PS2 backwards compatibility sucks but its giving me a reason to revisit PS one games and giving me a good reason to build up PS3 collection. Also I sacrificed my PS2 collection and my near dead PS2 (its a miracle I was able to sell it in the first place) to cut the the cost of the system in half as well as allow me to pick up 5 games and only spending $55 for all of them. But even if I got the original 80 I doubt I would use it for PS2 games much anyways with all the great PS3 games and the detterant of random problems with software emulation.

Overall great system, I'm definitely satisfied with my purchase.