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Sony doesn't want me shopping...

Well today I picked Warhawk come home play the game for a bit and decide to download the 3 pack map pack DLC and maybe get Sire Blood Curse while I was at it since they are both cheap. I never bought anything from Playstation Store yet so I hadn't tried to add my credit card to my account. First try invalid, so I did some fiddling maybe this needed to be that and so forth. Still saying my info is invalid. Hmm I was beginning to wonder what was wrond so I pull out an old statement and look at my billing info copy it word for word letter for letter. Still comes up invalid information. Though after this point so many attempts hve been done Sony has now deactivated the wallet portion of my account for 24hrs and tells me to contact customer service.

Now I'm off to check out the help page on the customer service page of their website and wouldn't ya know it the solution, well explanation to my problem was right there. Please do not use PO Boxes, my billing info is under a post office box. I can't put my street address or it will say invalid, and I can't put my billing address because its invalid. So essentially what Sony is saying is we don't want your money no DLC for you.

Not to mention the ever mythical Playstation Store Cards which were the answer to Microsoft Point and Wii Point Cards have yet to see a real wide release. Random areas throughout the country have them mostly in the west andmidwest and no where near me on the east coast. And for who knows how long for sure as I've heard the vaugeness of soon to the awfull sometime in early '09. So no downloadable content whatso ever for me now.