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New purchases and bad karma.

Well after much boasting karma has come back to bite me in the rear, though not in the way you may think. Today I confirmed the death of my Xbox 360, its been dead for at least a week, the last few days have just been accidental necrophilia. A few days ago I was having trouble playing Call of Duty 4, the game kept freezing. I figured it was the disc it was worn out having been about my only ill-taken care of game I expected it to be too scratched up to play eventually. So accepting my loss I move on and forget about it. Played SOCOM all week on PS3 not touching my 360. Last night I go to watch a DVD it freezes thats odd but still didn't think anything of it. Then today after failed attempts to play the ugly truth of the matter sunk in, my 360's disc drive died and wasn't able to read discs.

Though ironically after much boasting about never getting RROD my 360 dies, not overheating and melting itself the manly way. By having a random part break that isn't covered by warranty. Now to play the waiting game, with 360's current price at $199 for the Arcade I'm going to hold off my temptations for Fable 2 and Gears 2 untill the Jasper finally releases, which sucks even more since no word from Microsoft when its coming.

Ket's Xbox 360 Born 7/21/06 Died 10/21/08 (more irony Fable 2's launch day my most anticipated 360 game yet haha).

In other news I picked up SOCOM Confrontation and the new PS3 Official Bluetooth Headset. I'm loving it, such a nice change of pace from the other twitch shooters that dominate this generation but a true tactical shooter where strategy and teamwork are needed to win. Its a shame that the game is in bad need of a patch and should have waited another month or so before being released, it really is a great game when nothing goes wrong. I think GameSpot's 6.5 was unfair considering most the problems are easily patchable and the core game is as strong as ever.

The official headset is great too, it fits perfectly on my ear and I hardly notice its there, the sound quality is also fantastic. I can actually hear what people say now. The PS3 specific HQ mode is great as mic info such as volume, mute on/off and battery life are displayed in a pop up notification on the screen whenever you touch a button on the mic. Also the charging stand is a very cool accessory.