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Finally got me a PS3!

Well I've been away for a while and why not start out by saying after months of talking and no doing I finally picked up a PS3. I was a bit disapointed that my only option was the revamped PS2'less 80GB but the great price was only helped by the fact it made it easier to part with my meager PS2 collection that I had left and my near defunct PS2. I picked up MGS4, Uncharted, and Resistence along with it and I am having a blast. MGS4 very well may be the greatest game I've played in twoconsole generations.

In other news I've been sticking around Giant Bomb though I'm returning to GameSpot after a few week hiatus. After getting my PS3 I realized that GB's PS3 community is borderline dead and filled with some not so great peeps and I always had a good time with the PS3 folk here on GSpot so I've come back.