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You fail me yet again Microsoft.

Nothing helps alleviate frustration like qouting Transformers, I feel better already. Well down to brass tacks. Yet again we have collectively placed trust in Microsoft and in an afront to classical conditioning have not learned a damn thing. Microsoft mass produced untold copies of the Fable 2 Limited Edition, the limited edition that was supposed to contain a special code the upon redeeming gets you a few extra weapons, spartan armor, and an extra dungeon. But someone must have been goofing off at the assembly plant and forgot to put the code card in about 3/4 of the cases. Sounds awesome doesn't it? Now not only does the drastically undercut Limited Edition no longer have the fancy swag as originally promised it has no special content. We paid $10 for a cardboard slip cover for the game.

A week after launch in timely fashion Microsoft quietly raises its hand and says it will fix the problem for you, that is put a fairly well hidden page in the support section of their website saying if you tell them your e-mail address associated with your GamerTag they will send you your 10 business days. Thats two weeks folks, added on top of the original week from launch till the application form for the code launched. Thats three weeks for a game that can be beaten in 2-3 days.

Well today Friday November 14th will be the 13th business day, and so far no code. Microsoft has done or said nothing outside of the initial page in the support section of, made no advertisement of the page so unless you frequent forums or stumble upon it you would never know it was their tack on the deadline date of 12/31/08. Now days late and nearing a month after release noone has gotten their measly content and what ever hope I had for Microsoft is gone. While my outrage is limited to losing patience combined with my moving on to other games some gamers on the forums have actually began sending complaints to the FTC (Federal Trade Commision) and BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding the false advertising and lack of customer support from Microsoft regarding this issue. 

After experiencing this and seeing my friend get jacked around by customer service for three days regarding his RROD experience (on a Halo 3 LE console mind you) any last glimmers of hope for Microsoft has been lost. I've heard varying stories about their service most actually positive but this takes the cake. After being swindled out of $10 and seeing them refuse to take someone's console for repairs when obviously under warranty I've lost quite a bit of respect for Microsoft. 

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! Hope everyone had a fun time. I worked then went to the bar so that filled out my day pretty nice:D.

Just finished up Fable 2 a few days, a little short but quite an amazing game. And I picked up Fallout 3 today on a whim but only got to put about an hour into it, but so far its lookin great. I've been hearing a lot of good things and can't wait to see the rest of it.

Resistance 2 Beta closed and now after experiencing what may be one of the best online shooters yet on PS3 I have to wait, I decided to to put off two of my most anticipated releases this fall Gears 2 and Resistance 2 till Christmas. Thats all for now, till next time.

Beta Impressions

Well now that I've got to play the Resistance 2 and Call of Duty World at War Betas for a bit might as well port my impressions of the games so far.

Resistance 2

For the most part the game is great, the multiplayer gameplay is much more fun than the original and the 60 player online works surpisingly well and pretty devoid of lag. Only major problem is the occasional network error which halts the game and does not save your stats, and it either ends by taking you back to the menu or requiring you to reset yoru PS3. As for gameplay my only dislike is the controls, Insomniac mixed the outdated PS2 FPS style R1 controls and made a hybrid of it and CoD4 style controls. Its awkward to me and doesn't feel right and I wish there was more customization. Having crouch and sprint both on L2 is weird but moving crouch to L3 and leaving Sprint on L2 seems just as weird as an alternative considering most new FPSs adopted the L3 sprint which is much more natural. The gameplay itself is much smoother, players are bullet sponges anymore and the new weapons/retooled weapon balance is good.

Call of Duty WaW

This game really surprised me, mainly because its Treyarch. The Beta seems like it was ripped straight from Final Build its that solid. Theres only 1 glitch I've seen and no network issues either. The glitch is major though but its purely player exploited not game crashing, just an easily patchable exploit allowing players to get underneath one of the maps.

As for the game itself its only downfall is Treyarch tried to hard to copy CoD4, alot of the weapon attachments and and challenge structure is ripped from CoD4 completely. But the bad thing is its WW2, they didn't have silencers and the stand in for the red dot (even though the aperture sight in WaW is more like real life aperture red dot then the fake made up one in 4). It all seems out of place and unneccessary but the alternative to historically accurate weapons is few custimization options.

Also the weapon balance seems off and the rifle hit detection is questionable. All issues that are either patchable or so minor it becomes an afterthought. One year later CoD4's weapon balance issues are still glaringly present but its become second nature. Eventually the inconsistancies with WaW if it sticks will too.

The changes to the kill streak bonuses are my favorite addition, the air strike has become an artillary strike that is more accurate than the previous games while being over a smaller more easily escapable area if your on the receiving end. And the cheap as hell helicopter has been switched out for releasing a pack of attack dogs that behave similarly to the ones in the Campaign for CoD4, they are deadlybut killable in a few shots and reward XP for taking them down. And the reworked assist system which rewards assist XP based on damage done to the opponent by you before your team mate killed them, not a fixed 2 points that didn't change even if your did 90% of the work killing them.

Thats it for now, maybe once I put some more time in before their release here soon I'll post my final opinion on them, especially R2. I've been putting more time on WaW right now since I'm breaking in the new 360.

Resistance 2 Beta

Wow three blogs in three days this is down right strange I never have this much gaming related news haha. Just checked my email I got my Resistance 2 Beta code today finally, I applied right after they launched the application on their site and am just now getting it. Its downloading now and I leave for work in 30 minutes so I'm not going to be playing it for awhile. I get a new 360 and I am all hyped up to get back to my 360 games and Sony throws this on me why god why? Too much to do so little time, if Treyarch suddenly sends me Call of Duty World at War Beta code for 360 that I should have got a long time ago its going to get ridiculous.

Xbox 360 60GB Pro

Well today I was off from work and school so I was sitting around bored and wanted to play some 360 bad. I had been searching around asking on the forums about Jaspers and had come to learn that they are still a long way off and I might as well pick up a Falcon which is far more reliable than my ancient near launch console I previously owned anyways. Plus if I wait to long to replace I'm going to hit the holiday rush bad and may be faced with console shortages from Christmas shoppers. So I picked up a 60GB Pro today, was going to get an Arcade and just swap my HDD but I decided since I had the cash might as well upgrade my harddrive to take advantage of some of the new features coming November 19th like installing disc based games.

As of now its going great, migrated my account and have begun re-downloading all my DLC. Its great not having to worry about filling up that measly 13GBs your stuck with on the original Pro.

New purchases and bad karma.

Well after much boasting karma has come back to bite me in the rear, though not in the way you may think. Today I confirmed the death of my Xbox 360, its been dead for at least a week, the last few days have just been accidental necrophilia. A few days ago I was having trouble playing Call of Duty 4, the game kept freezing. I figured it was the disc it was worn out having been about my only ill-taken care of game I expected it to be too scratched up to play eventually. So accepting my loss I move on and forget about it. Played SOCOM all week on PS3 not touching my 360. Last night I go to watch a DVD it freezes thats odd but still didn't think anything of it. Then today after failed attempts to play the ugly truth of the matter sunk in, my 360's disc drive died and wasn't able to read discs.

Though ironically after much boasting about never getting RROD my 360 dies, not overheating and melting itself the manly way. By having a random part break that isn't covered by warranty. Now to play the waiting game, with 360's current price at $199 for the Arcade I'm going to hold off my temptations for Fable 2 and Gears 2 untill the Jasper finally releases, which sucks even more since no word from Microsoft when its coming.

Ket's Xbox 360 Born 7/21/06 Died 10/21/08 (more irony Fable 2's launch day my most anticipated 360 game yet haha).

In other news I picked up SOCOM Confrontation and the new PS3 Official Bluetooth Headset. I'm loving it, such a nice change of pace from the other twitch shooters that dominate this generation but a true tactical shooter where strategy and teamwork are needed to win. Its a shame that the game is in bad need of a patch and should have waited another month or so before being released, it really is a great game when nothing goes wrong. I think GameSpot's 6.5 was unfair considering most the problems are easily patchable and the core game is as strong as ever.

The official headset is great too, it fits perfectly on my ear and I hardly notice its there, the sound quality is also fantastic. I can actually hear what people say now. The PS3 specific HQ mode is great as mic info such as volume, mute on/off and battery life are displayed in a pop up notification on the screen whenever you touch a button on the mic. Also the charging stand is a very cool accessory.

Three weeks in, PS3 impressions.

Well its been three weeks and it feels like I've had the system forever already. I must say my doubts as too owning the machine are gone and in just this short time frame its quickly looking like my primary console. I'm pleasantly surprised at how smooth the interface is, I've used XMB with the PSP but I really wasn't using any of the features with it. The PS Store is also quite nice but I'm still quite put off by my experience with adding funds to the Wallet and now the apparant lack of my local Blockbuster getting PSN Cards to take advantage of DLC not too mention the puzzling choice of not giving them a universal wide release like Microsoft did with the point cards.

In terms of games its going great, I've already broke down and picked up 5 games (I've had my 360 a year and a half and only have 9 at the moment if that goes to show you something). So far I've picked up MGS4, Uncharted, Resistance, Warhawk, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma. I'm loving all of them. MGS4 is hands down GOTY , Resistance made me a fan and I'm eagerly awaiting R2, Warhawk is a blast online but it sucks not being able to get the 3 map packs to join more games, and Sigma I'm finding to be a much more enjoyable experience than NG2 and the definitive version of NG1.

As for picking up the new 80GB its great, I don't see myself needing the extra USB ports and memory stick readers. Its also very quiet, I can't even tell that its on most of the time which is a big difference from the jet engine that you hear with my pre-falcon 360. The lack of PS2 backwards compatibility sucks but its giving me a reason to revisit PS one games and giving me a good reason to build up PS3 collection. Also I sacrificed my PS2 collection and my near dead PS2 (its a miracle I was able to sell it in the first place) to cut the the cost of the system in half as well as allow me to pick up 5 games and only spending $55 for all of them. But even if I got the original 80 I doubt I would use it for PS2 games much anyways with all the great PS3 games and the detterant of random problems with software emulation.

Overall great system, I'm definitely satisfied with my purchase.

Sony doesn't want me shopping...

Well today I picked Warhawk come home play the game for a bit and decide to download the 3 pack map pack DLC and maybe get Sire Blood Curse while I was at it since they are both cheap. I never bought anything from Playstation Store yet so I hadn't tried to add my credit card to my account. First try invalid, so I did some fiddling maybe this needed to be that and so forth. Still saying my info is invalid. Hmm I was beginning to wonder what was wrond so I pull out an old statement and look at my billing info copy it word for word letter for letter. Still comes up invalid information. Though after this point so many attempts hve been done Sony has now deactivated the wallet portion of my account for 24hrs and tells me to contact customer service.

Now I'm off to check out the help page on the customer service page of their website and wouldn't ya know it the solution, well explanation to my problem was right there. Please do not use PO Boxes, my billing info is under a post office box. I can't put my street address or it will say invalid, and I can't put my billing address because its invalid. So essentially what Sony is saying is we don't want your money no DLC for you.

Not to mention the ever mythical Playstation Store Cards which were the answer to Microsoft Point and Wii Point Cards have yet to see a real wide release. Random areas throughout the country have them mostly in the west andmidwest and no where near me on the east coast. And for who knows how long for sure as I've heard the vaugeness of soon to the awfull sometime in early '09. So no downloadable content whatso ever for me now.

Finally got me a PS3!

Well I've been away for a while and why not start out by saying after months of talking and no doing I finally picked up a PS3. I was a bit disapointed that my only option was the revamped PS2'less 80GB but the great price was only helped by the fact it made it easier to part with my meager PS2 collection that I had left and my near defunct PS2. I picked up MGS4, Uncharted, and Resistence along with it and I am having a blast. MGS4 very well may be the greatest game I've played in twoconsole generations.

In other news I've been sticking around Giant Bomb though I'm returning to GameSpot after a few week hiatus. After getting my PS3 I realized that GB's PS3 community is borderline dead and filled with some not so great peeps and I always had a good time with the PS3 folk here on GSpot so I've come back.

Giant Bomb

Well now that GB is up and running finally I'm going to be hanging out around there now alot more. Plus it seemsA great deal of the GameSpot community has jumped ship too. If anyone else has made the switch too look me up my accounts the same.
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