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By the way, why is it called hard scoping anyways? It just sounds like regular sniping.

Console lingo. I don't understand it either. Kids at my school sometimes use "proscope" too, which is apparently where you bring the scope up to you but never look down it — half way between a quickscope and no-scope, I suppose...

I've played in clans where we've withdrawn because of a loss. Sniping is a ridiculous reason though and probably an attempt to cover up the fact they left because they lost their ability to aim some time in the match.

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I enjoy Civilization IV more especially with some off the excellent community-made overhauls that were released. And even if you do enjoy Civilization V that tiny amount more, you're saving yourself quite a bit of money going for Civilization IV. :)

Never tried multiplayer. Can't imagine playing a ten hour turn based strategy against other players; the bots are good enough.

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As an RPG it was well written but I found it so repetitive and boring towards the end — going through Ostagar and, afterwards, the crawl through the final boss was more of a battle between my will and I instead of the monsters

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Solitary confinement often psychologically ruins inmates. Alongside only being admitted insufficient portions, you might as well kill them. "Not a life sentence" is a ludicrously broad term, even people with minor offenses would be penalised amongst mass murderers and rapists. It's almost a generalisation of crimes (and their punishments): all crimes are of the same level and therefore all crimes should be treated exactly the same. With smaller crimes (stealing something, maybe?) all prison serves to do is correct and rehabilitate the person until they can leave the doors again and not steal things again. Putting them on the brink of death seems not only stupid but pointlessly vindictive.

And why do you think most sophisticated countries have not adopted the death sentence? Because 100% evidential certainty is damn near impossible. In very few cases can you pinpoint the blame on one person, because there's the possibility that the court's judgement will be wrong, in the same way leaning back on two legs of the chair might result in you falling backwards and breaking your skull. And if the decision is incorrect? An innocent is dead, they cannot testify their position as an innocent in the case and you've still got the culprit roaming the streets.

I think your idea of carceral reformation and the introduction of capital punishment is badly thought out and, honestly, quite sadistic.

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A lot when I was young. Mines a bit different and seems a bit weirder. I would dream of a insignificant experience. Then one day, what I dream, rather its picking up a basketball or beating a certain level in a game, that same experience would happen weeks, months, or even years later. It wouldn't be until after I've done the action that I realized it something I've seen before...tocool340

I get that quite frequently. I've also been able to edit it; I've been in that situations and it's turned out exactly the same, however I've also been in situations where I haven't aknowledged the fact that what I'm seeing is deja vu and it's turned out completely differently. It's very strange, sometimes I've dreamed of myself playing video games long before I ever actually take a look at them, or, in one case, before its release.

So yes, I have had deja vu. A question I sometimes mull over: "does deja vu prove predeterminism?"

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Only if they're of the same genre. I wouldn't compare Unreal Tournament 2004 to Just Cause or Microsoft Flight Sim, for example, but I would to something like Doom.

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Some days you just feel blue. You're probably perfectly fine.

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Don't get directly involved in the situation would be my advice. There are huge organisations for this type of abuse and/or person and they'll know how to resolve the issue. Giving him a punch in the face may work briefly or not at all—either way it wouldn't end the problem. If he starts abusing relatives again call the police. Whatever you do, starting a fight is not the best of options.

It's honestly pretty hard to say as I've never been in a scenario like this but I think your best option is to get professionals to sort him out. Be it law enforcement in retaliation to his reckless behaviour or some form of psychiatric help or further aid in the classroom (because even if he is damaging to the family, he does not deserve to be stuck in Grade 9 for the rest of his life). Telling someone about the issue shouldn't upset anyone in the family either, it's disappointing to have a close relation taken away, but they'll probably understand it was for the better.

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800 Microsoft Points, which is $10. It looked pretty interesting, does anything make it special or is it just another shoot 'em up?

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Hitler was excellent politician and he inspired millions of Germans but as a dictator the power affected his actions immensely. Genocide and the Second World War revealed that his actual intentions were immoral. He was uneducated and his flawed strategising accumulated until he fell; he started the Second World War and dictated his country by injecting fear into the German population, he was really asking to lose the battle.

He was a terrible painter.KG86

Actually, while he was in school, art was one of the few subjects he scored decently in.