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They Could Just Pay Me With Games

As I sit on the floor outside of my early western civilization history waiting to go inside I felt the need to update my blog. Weird right. So I made a couple of purchases recently. After getting a job at Target I now save 10% on everthing plus I got a Target debit card so now I actually save 15% on everything. Yay! On top of all of that this week was Target's buy 2 get 1 free sale on games between 15 and 60 bucks. So lemme run down the list of the six games I got this week:

007 Blood Stone (360): This is not the game it should be. Very generic, very average, but still a good game. Multiplayer is pretty lame though.

007 GoldenEye (Wii): This is by far the better Bond game. It finally after all these years allows me to experience what it would be like to play a GameCube FPS online. With support for nearly every controller on the Wii if you can't find a way to play this game that you like then you're way too picky.

Fallout New Vegas (360): I played about 10 minutes of this and just got past the tutorial. Looks interesting and yep, it is definitly Fallout.

Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii): This is the most gosh darn cutest game that you ever did done play. It's simple but fun and that is its greatest strength. The co-op mode (played with my sister who was unwilling to do so) is a blast and she won't admit it but she had fun.

Blur: Bizzare's better game. Played one race, lost, turned the game off. So it's fun but hard. Still fun.

Halo Reach (360): Yep. It is most definitly Halo.

I'd blog a wee bit more but it's time for class. Also got Rock Band 3 and Fable III and I'll go into more depth with tohse later. Cya.

Massing an Effect of Sorts...Wait What?

Couldn't think of a good title obviously but the point of it is: I got Mass Effect 2 earlier this week. It' addictive in fact I'm going against my plans to get Kirby's Epic Yarn on the day it comes out. Plus I expected to have about five times the money I have right now because my financial aid refund hasn't arrived yet. Which reminds me I should really get some school work done...nah.

So I heard that PlayStation Move wasn't doing too good. Who's surprised? Anyone? Two of you? That's about right. Really though did they actually think that would be profitable? Releasing an accessory as costly as that years after your system launched? Where did we see that before...oh yeah Sega. And we all know how that ended up. Of course the Kinect might have a better chance since it's pretty radically different but in the end it probably won't do as well as Microsoft hopes. Nintendo's MotionPlus is suffering a little bit too. I picked one up because I wanted Red Steel 2 (I need to finsih that btw) and now they're replacing it with the Wii Remote Plus. But still who's gonna buy it? Wii Sports Resort, Red Steel 2, and Zelda are the only games going for the thing (that I care about anyways) but the Motion Plus has one HUGE advantage over Kinect and Move (if they're even competing against each other.) Motion Plus is cheap. The other two not so much. But whatever Mass Effect 2 is fun.

Did I mention I am enjoying Mass Effect 2? And I got Tales of Monkey Island Series for only 5 bucks :)

The Birthday Blog

Today I leave behind the youthful teenage years I cherished so much and move on with my life. It is time to throw away childish things, to become more sophisticated, to...aww screw growing up let's play some video games. Started my birthday off right with a little Super Mario Galaxy. One disc read error later I was ready to go to sleep. So here I am twenty years old waiting for the clock to say it's time to go to work.

So basically I'm 20 years old now and spent some time thinking back on things I should have done. I've concluded that I may be a youthful twenty but have the memory function of an elderly seventy.

So enough about that. Let's talk about some video games. First off how about them zombies? No not those Dead Rising 2 zombies those Left 4 Dead zombies! Today's the day we get to play The Sacrifice for the Left 4 Dead games. Here's where my buying both versions of those games pay off. Because I got both of those games on sale awhile back I can enjoy the new DLC without having to pay for it and when I can afford it I'll pick up the DLC and be able to play with my friends over Xbox Live.

And with Halloween right around the corner comes another game from one of my favorite developers of all time. Double Fine, the masterminds behind Brutal Legend and that other amazing game you didn't play, bring us their first downloadable title Costume Quest. It combines the Halloween spirit with gameplay similair to the Penny Arcade Adventures games but with that Double Fine charm. Seeing as it comes out five days after I get my first paycheck there is no doubt I'll be getting this on day one.

The only thing that sucks about today is that I will have to wait until tomorrow to catch the new episode of Glee. Oh well. Have fun guys. That's an order. It's my birthday so you must obey.

Carlson and Peters!

So a few years ago I bought the cult classic Beyond Good and Evil and played it for a little while and then put it down and let it gather dust for four years. Then finally this past summer I made a commitment to finish the game from beginning to end. And that's exactly what I did. I was surprised that even for a seven year old game it held up pretty well. Aside from being stretched into 16:9 by my TV the visuals were colorful and showed an ok amount of detail. Despite some glitches near the end (and an incredibly difficult final boss) I managed to find a good amount of enjoyment out of the game. This is an amazingly creative and fantastic universe that Michel Ancel and his development team created and I eagerly await the sequel especially with the interesting little cliffhanger at the end. My only complaint is that it is a little difficult to track down and my to put this...wouldn't pick it up because they suck. Yeah that works. If any of them are reading this: you suck.

So I had no way to make them play this wonderful gem. But now I do. Because it's coming to XBLA and PSN (which version to get? decisions decisions...) and I will form a small army, march to each one of their house and threaten to invade if they do not buy this game. Then I will stay until one of them buys Portal...and beats it.

Which leads me to a question. Is there any game that you just can't understand why people don't play it? Like Portal. I can't understand why anyone wouldn't want to play Portal. It's one of the most fun and original titles ever released. Or Psychonauts. Seriously if you haven't played Psychonauts get to it!

Oh and the 3DS. That's gonna be sweet.

Cherries and Oranges

Everywhere I go cherries and oranges. No apples, pears, or peaches to be seen. Are there even pears? I'm not even sure anymore. If you can't tell I've been playing my fair share of Animal Crossing City Folk. The one thing I wanted to talk about...coconuts I also have how lame the city part is. The call it City Folk so your like "oh sweet a big bustling city I can't wait" but no it's like four shops, one of which is ridiculously expensive, a movie theater, and the Happy Room Academy, aka those dou...forgot can't say that on gamespot...those gents with the nerve to invade my home and rate my possessions for their own sick entertainment. Yeah those guys. Oh and the 3 people that live there. The big city has like 3 people living in it how stupid is that. The best part? They mock you. They give you an auction house as if to say: wouldn't it be great if you could come here and see what people all over the world had to sell? Yeah it would. If Animal Crossing was an MMO it could be amazing. But alas all I have is my broken dream in the form of City Folk. And it's still as addicting as ever.

Also I'm with Tim Schafer when it comes to about anything. If Tim Schafer said vote Republican I'd do it. If he said vot Democrat I'd do it. If he said jump off a bridge wearing a funny colored hat you best believe I'd do it. And I totally agree about his comments on good ol' Bobby Kottick. Don't know what I'm talking about? I'm still not sure if I can say here what Tim called him so I'll just say he called him a name. And based on everything I've ever heard about Kottick it seems about right. Just wanted to say that.

Let's see what else did I want to say? Got a job at Target. Orientation tomorrow. I will (while speaking like the TF2 Heavy) PUSH LITTLE CARTS! (Resume reading without awesome accent.) The best part is I will be making 7 and a half Taco Bell buritos more than I am with my current position as a professional unemployed guy. Can't wait to get started tomorrow.

What else? Oh I remember! I watched the season premiere of Glee today on Hulu. I think I like it. I didn't think a musical TV series could work out so well but it seems it is. Too bad I missed the entire first season. And I missed the new episode of Metalocalypse which I really wanted to see but I was just too tired to stay awake. Well that's all of the exciting things I wanted to talk about. What's new with you guys?

So Here's the Part Where I Catch Up

Looking at the last time I posted on here it seems a lot has happened since December...2008. So what happened...well I graduated high school that was fun. Did a year of college and am starting my second right now. Don't ask what I'm going for cause I don't know either. Got a PS3 a little over a year ago and a PSP sometime after that if I remember right. Ton of new games. Became addicted to One Piece. Moved from my bedroom upstairs to my basement which is nice cause it's got a bedroom bathroom living room and this extra room I can't do anything with right now. My mom got married which is why I got the basement. Got a laptop which is what I'm using to type this on. Got a nice 47 inch TV...I like big TV (/drool)...and that's about it. Can't find a job which is it's not it's terrible but got an interview Tuesday so here's hoping that all works out! And to top it all off I got a new baby brother a little while back :)

Well that's where I've been how's everyone else doing?

Is The PS3 Killing Developers?

In all seriousness I'm not giving any fanboyish hate to Sony's console but come on! Look at this past week. Two great developers shut down this week. First was Free Radical which was making Timesplitters 4 a game that I would build a time machine and travel to Austria and kill Hitler right as he was being born to get. And now it's been revealed that Factor 5 has shut down and I know a lot of Wii owners looking forward to their Kid Icarus game that was "rumored" to be in development. The only thing that these two guys had in common was the last game they made was a high profile disappointment. Free Radical put forth the disaster known as Haze, and Factor 5 made Lair which disappointed nearly everyone. Both games were PS3 exclusive for reasons I quite don't understand. Now given the current economy I can't blame it all on the PS3 but what if these titles were avalabile on the 360, as multiplatform titles. If that were the case could we still be looking forward to Timesplitters 4 and Kid Icarus or do you think it wouldn't of mattered? What do you guys think?

Also to insanewolfninja who was wondering what makes FireFox better than IE: It's faster, safer, more customizable, and provides a sense of responsibility similar to that of using a condom.

Maybe It's 2 Games Not 1?

I've been staring at that Next Metal Gear Image for probably hours I've come to several conslusions:

1. The next Metal Gear is NOT a new game
2. The next Metal Gear is coming to Xbox 360
3. There are actually 2 next Metal Gears
4. One is a Xbox Live Arcade Remake of Metal Gear Ac!d
5. One of the other Metal Gear Solids are being remade/ported for 360

It is possible that the Metal Gear Solid title is a Xbox Originals version of Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance but that would be a tad disappointing especially with the insane demand for MGS4 on 360. Anyways that's just my guesses and yeah nothing is official until Konami announce it but the five things I listed make the most sense to me. Of course they will probably go and announce a new Metal Gear for iPhone or some crap like that.