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Happy New Year!

Wow I haven't blogged in ages, how is everyone? College has been taking up a lot of my time so I never had the chance to just sit down and blog about something. Anyway hope you all had a great 2011! Here's how the last few months of 2011 has been for me:


- Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked - I beat the game twice and now working on finishing the 3rd and 4th(if there is a 4th) ending.

- Mario Kart 7 - Unlocked almost everything and now just working on getting 3 stars on the GP. Online rocks but I keep getting disconnected :(

- Assassin's Creed Revelations - Just played around 2 - 3 hours and so far it's fun, just haven't got time to play since I got some work to finish up.

- The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Amazing game, played around 6 hours and I'm currently at the 2nd dungeon. No time to play cause of schoolwork as well.

- Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Just started and seems like a great game. Won't play this until I beat SS and ACR.

- Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones - I forgot how amazing this game was! Currently on Chapter 15 if I remember correctly.

TV, Movies, Social Life, Whatever

- Still no girlfriend but I did find someone new :D Bad news is she's taken so......back to the search!

- Missed Real Steel and The Adventures of Tintin :( Should definitely get a DVD when they come out.

- Bought MORE Ranma 1/2 mangas! Just need 8 more and I've completed the series.

- Started on our History video presentation. Drove to different places just to get some good scenery. I play an American president and a Filipino general. Wearing a suit at a golf course and park feels weird :P

- Watched Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, pretty neat movie.

- Can't wait for Sherlock Holmes next year! As well as The Avengers!

- Saw Lion King 3D, still as epic as ever.

Happy New Year!

So how did you celebrate New Year's Eve? For the 3rd time, my family decided it would be best to avoid spending too much so all we did was eat, watch some fireworks then go to bed. I understand that it's always best to save money when possible but I really do miss our old celebrations. Having friends and family over, buying some fireworks, wearing silly hats and lighting up these flare-like candles or whatever, other times we would go out and have New Year's Eve dinner somewhere or stay the night at some hotel/resort and be with other people as the countdown to midnight begins with awesome food and an awesome fireworks display. Yeah I may sound spoiled but I just miss having something to look forward to and being with lots of people all excited and smiling and laughing. For the past 3 years, it's just been eat, drink, watch, sleep with hardly any excitement or joy. Anyway, hope 2012 will be legendary!

Yay for sem break!

So you guys know that I've been to Malaysia for a week to attend some important matters and to have a bit of vacation time but since coming back to the Philippines I've had a bit of fun with friends and managed to enroll for next semester and saw my grades for last semester. Here we go!

My grades!

Not too bad, much better than I did before. Here's what I got:

Nursing Care Management 103 - 88

Sociology and Anthropology - 87


Biostatistics - 91

Health Economics - 92

Related Learning Experience - 91

Highest grade you can get is 97 and the passing is 75. Not too bad I must say :P Also did well on my Mandarin exam, got 82.5/100. Yay for me!

Tigtigan Terakan!

Translated it roughly means "Jamming, Dancing". It's a street party thing we have here every October, it's our way of celebrating October Fest :P Anyway lots of drinking and stuff, we saw a girl faceplant on the floor (friends and police helped her immediately and she was fine), drunk guy dancing on the road, a booth that lets you play Wii games for free but the console is a PS3 (epic fail). It was kinda fun but too many people and everyone was pushing each other and trying to squeeze into gaps. Not to mention there were hardly any places to sit since every place was jam packed with people. It was worth it though since a friend bought us drinks and we got to hang out.

Star City!

Me and my college friends went to Star City, a theme park, in Manila 2 days ago. It's not as good as Enchanted Kingdom, another themepark, but we haven't been there in a while so we thought "why not?". We rented a van and hired a driver and went all the way to Manila. Traffic was as bad as ever, tsk. When we got there, we had some food first then bought tickets and went in. We rode some kiddy rides first (as a "warmup" according to friends lol) then we rode bumper cars and the rocking ship and also the rollercoaster. We also had fun with all three haunted houses they had there since our female friends were absolutely terrified by every single thing that moved and popped up :P It was good fun. Lastly we rode the Jungle Splash which was a log ride that goes up and then you crash down into a pool of water. Didn't ride a lot I suppose but we had fun nevertheless. I guess we must have spent most of our time checking out the small shops as well as waiting in line haha.

Other tidbits

- I want to watch Paranormal Activity 3! It's showing everywhere else but here, why?!

- Ordered Ranma 1/2 volumes 13, 14, 16 and 17 on Amazon. Can't wait to complete the collection!

- School starts on November 3, a Thursday. Booooo!

- Considering getting The Big Bang Theory on DVD when I get the cash.

- I want some Mario plushies :P I don't know why but after seeing some, I just want some.

- I want Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Batman Arkham City, some DS games I saw on sale for real cheap (TWEWY, Phantom Hourglass, Layton, etc.), Super Mario 3D Land, and most of all THE LEGEND OF ZELDA COLLECTORS BUNDLE!

And thats all I can think of for this blog post. Time for some grub! See you folks round the forums.

Malaysia, here comes me!!!

What?! Category Y U NO TRAVEL?! Well all my blogs are general and this won't be any different. I won't just be tackling my trip to Malaysia.

Malaysia? Awwww yeah!!!

Going back to Malaysia to finalize all my stuff regarding the will of my dad. Not sure if I blogged about it but just to refresh you guys, my dad died last year and I'm his only son. But since I'm not in Malaysia and I've got a busy schedule thanks to college, I haven't been able to sort it out. Thanks to my uncle, we have found a lawyer and we'll be meeting up with him on Tuesday. Hope all goes well! I hope being a Filipino and living in the Philippines won't affect anything. If I'm able to go online in Malaysia, maybe I'll update my blogs with a bit of news and some pictures using my awesome camera! *cough*3DSCamera*cough* :P Once all that is done, hopefully there's time for a break and some fun.

Exams are over!!!

Final exams are done and here's how it went:

Biostatistics - Easy.....I hope.....not sure cause I thought it was easy but maybe I messed up somewhere while calculating.

Health Economics - Easy, so freaking easy.

Sociology - Didn't study (focused on Biostat) so didn't get it but I think it was "ok".

Nursing Care Management 103 - FFFFFUUUUU!!!!!

NSTP-CWTS (National Service Training Program) - LOL!!!!

Hope I passed everything and here I come 2nd semester! :D

My parents are annoying me now

My mom and dad are annoying me now. It's nothing much, I just had enough of them telling me what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Telling me when to sleep, telling me what to wear, telling me how my hair should be, telling me when to get a haircut, etc. Gah I had enough of it! I can't wait to move out! They care so much for these little things that I can handle but when it comes to important stuff, they disappoint me. How? My elementary and high school graduation. During elementary, all us kids were given a red rose to give to our parents after we sang them a song. All the kids were hugging their parents and being happy and where were mine? Outside smoking. Still makes me sad till today :( High school? All my friends' parents were congratulating and telling me they were proud of me for graduating. My parents? Frowning and telling me how I should have been a top ten student and how I disappointed them and how I will never be able to pass Nursing with the attitude I have. *sigh* fml.

Bonus Stage

Just a fancy name for extra tidbits.

- darksongbird you may be right, maybe I ain't over my ex. When she texts, I just have to text. Something is wrong with me. Someone slap me now!

- Finally beat the freaking Water Temple in OoT 3D!

- Grinding a bit before trying Babel again in SMT Devil Survivor.

- I went out drinking the last 3 Fridays and Saturdays and this weekend I rejected my friends' invite :P Don't worry liver, you're good for this weekend!

- Finished HIMYM Season 1 - 5 and ordered Season 6 from Amazon. Can't wait!

- Also ordered Songs About Jane by Maroon 5 to complete my Maroon 5 albums.

- Also ordered the Rock band 3 Pro Cymbal set. Can't wait!

- Also can't wait for Arkham City and AC Revelations :D

For my old GS buddy siberian142

For all you union leaders out there who want to join the Gamespot Union of the Year competition, check this out.

And that's all for today. Time for my to enjoy my semester break! Take care you lot! :D

Finally, I can blog!

Went to my ex's debut

In case you guys didn't know, here in the Philippines when a girl turns 18 they usually have a "debut" or coming of age party. I've been to a lot of debuts, some fun and some are alright but this particular debut was a little weird for me. I'm her ex and her mom knows me so I already felt a little weird when she invited me. It's been ages since we broke up and we're good friends now so I just shrugged it off but then she decided to make me one of her "18 Roses". 18 Roses comprises of 18 males that are the debutante's friends and it's usually her best friends or men who are really special to her. At first it was really weird but after seeing the guys there, there was no meaning behind it. Funny how she chose me over some of her good friends from high school though.

Anyway, I hung out with her cousin who's my schoolmate since I didn't feel like mixing in with her college friends and old high school friends. It was pretty cool, there was an open bar and a photo booth and aside from an hour's delay, the night went along smoothly and was very organized. Food was also great and, as expected, I had to deal with a lot of references to our past. Her two cousins were teasing me and kept taking pics of us and her college friend shouted "hi" and then mentioned how I was her ex. It doesn't bother me since I'm so used to it and expected it but, funnily enough, I think I'm slightly bothered by how I wish she wasn't an "ex". It's been 3 years since we broke up and I've tried to get with other women and I just couldn't find anyone. No one has whatever the heck she has. Last girl was a really boring person and I felt nothing was gonna happen and the one before that was a total mess up in the brain. I just wish I could meet someone like my ex....someone who has whatever "thing" she has that makes me like her so much. I don't "like" her now, I'm over her ages ago but I guess I just wish I knew how unique and one of a kind she was when we were still dating.

Other news

- Saw Dolphin Tale in 3D and it was pretty good. Touching story but I'd only give it 7.5/10

- Still stuck on the water temple in OoT 3D, what am I doing wrong?!

- Stuck on Babel in Devil Survivor, Y U SO DEFENSIVE?!

- Starfox? Stuck on trying to go through those warp circles in Meteo.

- Sims 3 is AWESOME!!! I never knew it was so awesome!

- Been drinking every Friday or Saturday for the last 3 weeks. It's not like me at all, who am I?!

- Some girl texted me and digs me but again, she's not my type. Am I a bad person?

- Watched How I Met Your Mother Seasons 1 - 4 and now currently on the 3rd disc of Season 5. Can't wait for my DVD of Season 6 to arrive!

- Saw Johnny English Reborn and thought it was hilarious :P

- Must finish editing Family Case Analysis and Case Study! Damn Nursing!

Anyway that's it from me and I really must finish my work. Take care you lot and see you around!

Nursing stole my free time

Time management, I need you!

Ok so maybe I don't have the right to rant since it's kinda my fault why I end up so busy since I fail at time management but it has been a pretty hectic time. Quizzes almost everyday, quizzes during community duty (finished hospital duty now), having to go to school much earlier than others because we have an evaluation exam, so much to read and review and I really want sem break to come quick! The weekends are not enough because I got Chinese lessons and NSTP on Saturdays which takes up all my time and Sunday is family day and we usually go out as a family and spend the whole day together. I end up having to cram at night or cram at school. Well just 3 more weeks and I'm done, I can do this! Hope you guys are doing fine and don't have as much work as I do :P See ya and take care!

Busy busy busy


Well exams are coming up and I've got another freaking case study to work on. Thank goodness it's a 4 day weekend or else I'd be kinda screwed. I was hoping I could spend some time hanging out with friends but I don't think I'll get the chance :( Darn school!

"Love" life?

So in my previous blog I mentioned that I would be talking about this new girl I've met and all that. Well, good news is she is quite pretty and she's a nice person but the bad news is she's really boring. Now I know that word is pretty harsh but I honestly don't think anything's going to happen between us. Being with her at the mall? Boring, she hardly talks and doesn't seem interested in having a conversation. Talking to her on the phone? Boring, she isn't fun to talk to and sometimes when I talk and ask her something she'll clam up and won't say anything :? Texting her and chatting to her online? Full of one liners and we don't get very far. It'll usually just be "good morning, take care" and, if I'm lucky, talk about something and then that's it. Disappointing to say the least but I dunno, maybe it's my fault too. Although I do try to stir up conversation whenever I can. I told her that I'd like to hang out again and get some coffee (she loves her coffee) but quite frankly I don't think I want to go out anymore. I'm not excited one bit :(

Cars 2

I know many people have been hating on this movie but I saw it last Friday night and I really liked it! I thought the Pixar magic was still there and the animation was amazing and beautiful as always. Seeing it in 3D was nice as well. It's probably not the greatest idea Pixar has ever come up with but I thought Pixar did a fine job of making it work. When I saw the trailer, I thought there was no way Pixar can mix cars with spies and have racing in it altogether but they managed to pull it off and I say kudos to them. If I had to give it a score, I'd give it 8/10. Maybe I'm just a Pixar fanboy but hey, it's just my opinion :P

Gaming update

- Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS) - I'm now in the dreaded Water Temple.

- Maplestory (PC) - Still a newbie Rogue or Thief or...crap I forgot. Haven't played in a while.

- Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked (3DS) - Just got this last night and I'm loving it. Just started the 2nd day.

- Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PC) - Done with the game but sometimes I play it again and finish off some of the extra missions and build up Rome.

And that's about it. Now I better manage my time wisely so I won't cram everything on the last day. Take care everyone and see you all around!

Hey, Listen! I'm still around!

Just a little update

So just to let you guys know I'm still around and I'm doing fine. New hospital and ward for duty and it's pretty chill, I'm in the Pediatric Ward so were dealing with children. As for gaming, I'm currently playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and I'm about to head to Death Mountain. Plan on getting Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked as my second 3DS game and I hope my local gamestore gets it this weekend. Currently loving the 3DS and I'm so glad I bought it. As for love, I met a new girl roughly a week or so ago but I'll talk about it more on my next blog. This is just to let you guys know I'm still around :P See ya around everyone!

How I Met My 3DS

It's finally here!


And Chris Redfield won't let you anywhere near them :P So I just got my 3DS and 5 seasons of How I Met Your Mother 2 days ago and I'm really happy :) 3DS is awesome, just need more games but Zelda is keeping me occupied. Will watch How I Met Your Mother from the start tonight which should be awesome! The headset? It was a free gift thrown in since the seller couldn't sell it :P Just gave that and some colorful styluses away to two 3DS buyers. Oh and Chris wasn't part of the order, he was a prize from GS Asia.

Oh by the way, if you guys wanna add my 3DS FC, it's: 1332 - 7875 - 1808. Just let me know if you've added me and don't forget to tell me your FC too!

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I'm sure you've all seen it or heard about it or read about it or something so I won't go into details. I entered the cinemas with really low expectations but ended being impressed by a lot of things in the movie. Some parts didn't make sense and/or didn't need to be included but all in all it was a pretty impressive film. Didn't expect that.

General update

- Finished Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (did I mention this?) and can't wait for Revelations :) Although I am very sad that AC won't be appearing on the 3DS :(

- Passed all my subjects for the prelims, quite happy with that.

- Started playing MapleStory again although having a hard time finding time to play. I'm on El Nido with a Bandit.

- I'm going to try and put more effort into studying this time. Funny thing is I studied quite a bit last night and only got 24/30 in the test awhile ago. When I don't study or I just scan my books and handouts, I get 22 or 23. What the heck is up with that?

- I want to watch the new Sherlock Holmes!!!

- I want to watch the new Avatar on Nickelodeon!!!

- I want Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, Bowser's Inside Story, All 3 Layton games (DS) and Shadow Wars (3DS)!!!

and that's all I can think of posting for tonight :P Gonna go change and watch some How I Met Your Mother. See ya!

Captain America and a wedding

The man with a shield in 3D

Yeah saw another film in 3D, what? we love 3D movies :P Anyway I thought it was a pretty good movie. The after credits scene got me hyped and the 3D was pretty good. Story was actually good in my opinion although it did seem a bit simple. The cast was good although Hayley Atwell did seem a little out of place. I don't know much about Captain America but was Peggy Carter really British? Just seemed a little out of place for me and she really doesn't look like someone who should be out in the battlefield or have anything to do with war. She looks beautiful with her lipstick and makeup on and yet she's someone who gets her hands dirty and shoots people? Nope, just doesn't fit.

First wedding ever!

My sister's tutor just got married last Saturday and it was a pretty sweet moment. They were really happy and there was no reason why they shouldn't be. It was a pretty good wedding and I'm really happy for the newly weds :) Food was pretty good too :P

Gaming update

Just finished Trials and Tribulations a couple of weeks back and already started on Apollo Justice right after. I'm already on the epic 4th case and forgot how great the game is. I'm also back into Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and got really hooked into recruiting assassins and making money to improve Roma's economy :P I just love how fun the side quests and stuff are in Assassin's Creed and it's a nice break from doing missions.

Anyway that's it from me. Take care everyone and see ya around ;)

Not feeling so good

Down with the sickness

Urgh had fever last Tuesday and then suffered throughout my hospital duty then got diarrhea when I got home and had to miss my first day of exams. I feel a lot better now but I still get stomach aches once in a while and it's scary and annoying. Hope I get better soon. Sorry if I haven't been actively commenting on your blogs, not only was I in bed most of the time but GS seems to be messed up and I can't see your blogs on the side of my profile anymore. How strange.

Exams are over!

Thank God but I still have 2 more to take since I missed the first day. Sociology was surprisingly difficulty, Nursing Care Management was tough as always and NSTP (National Service Training Program) was quite easy. Now I just have Health Economics and Biostatistics to deal with.

Monte Carlo

Saw Monte Carlo last night with family since we had nothing better to do. It wasn't bad but it wasn't amazing either. For $3, we really can't complain about the quality of movies. I thought it was alright and interesting but definitely not something you'd rush to the cinemas to see. Obviously a chick flick but it's alright :P

Anyway that's it from me for today. I'll be doing my schoolwork now. See you guys around!