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I only put the guitar kit on reserve, not the full band version, so hopefully I don't run into any sort of issues. I plan on picking it up on my way home from the gym this morning.

The thing is, I already have a guitar, but since I'm moving out of my apartment in a few months and my new roommates don't have a Wii, I figured I'd get another guitar so that I can have someone to play it with. I guess, if I run into the same issue you did, I can always just get the game itself.

To be honest though, I'd be irate if I were you. I'm the kind of guy who would raise a huge stink about that and not leave the store until I had my bundle, or until they directed me to another store in the area where they were holding a bundle for me, or until they called the police on me.

I mean, what's the point of a pre-order if you're not GUARANTEED the product on launch day?

Like someone else said before, your bundle is probably sitting in a back room waiting for some jamoke to walk in off the street for an impulse buy. They already have your money, so they'd rather sell extra games and make you wait than make sure you have it on time.

To be fair though, I've never had any issue with anything I've ever put on reserve with Gamestop. I got my GH3 on time with no issues, I got Mario Galaxy on time with no issues, Mario Kart Wii with no issues, so hopefully GH4 is the same way ... if it's not, you can bet your behind I'll be here kicking and screaming ... :-)

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I was gonna' do the midnight launch, but ended up hanging out with the girlfriend and then passing out earlier than expected. I've got it on reserve at the Gamestop down the street from me though, so after I hit the gym today I'll swing by and pick it up and spend the remainder of my Sunday playing it.
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Yeah, you have to have the save file.

She's definitely worth unlocking, as she's by far the best character in the game ( IMO ) ...

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Nintendo would never make a headset for the simple fact that they wouldn't want the liability of having some drunk 20 year old cursing at some innocent 10 year old because he nailed him with a blue shell at the finish line.

Nintendo prides themselves on being "family friendly", you give people a microphone to talk crap into, you eliminate that tag.

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Know what would be real cool, granted this is not a character per say but rather an idea for a weapon, is the Ice Mario mushroom.

Make the mushroom available in the beach levels, or the snow/ice based levels only, and make it allow whoever is driving to freeze whomever he bumps into as well as drive over water as it freezes.

Just an idea ...

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Is ol' dry bones in there to unlock? He's my favorite character from the DS Mario Kart. He's like a zombie Koopa :Dmanimal24

Yeah, he's unlockable, and honestly I think he stinks in the game. I tried using him a few times and could not get anywhere with him.

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I can actually help you out with this.

For $500 I can come to your house and hook you up with a product I call KenSPT's Super Awesome Amazing Wireless* Power Supply.

Seriously, it's a great deal, and the $500 includes installation. PM me if you're interested.

* Wireless Power Supply may include wires.

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Simple question, who would you like to see added to Kart?

Personally I'd like to see Sonic become unlockable. I understand Kart doesn't have any 3rd party characters, but I think he would be fun.

Also, Samus would be kind of cool.

Oh, and Bouldergeist, because Bouldergeist rocks.

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No online service is 100% reliable because so much of it depends on factors out of the control of the game maker. There are a lot of connection between Nintendo and a Wii owner; all we can do is worry about our own, and all Nintendo can do is worry about what's on their side. What we can complain about is when those problems are a result of something completely controlled by the game maker. With my experiences so far in Mario Kart Wii, I find nothing like that to complain about apart from the downtime yesterday. An announcement on their site would've been nice; but since it was only for a few hours, I'm not too bothered.


I agree, no service ( online or not online ) is 100% reliable. You're not always going to get great food from KFC, you're not always going to get great cell phone reception, and Nintendo isn't always going to have great online gameplay. I understand that.

It's nothing more than a frustrating situation.

I work, as do 90% of the others here. My hours are such where I only have a small amount of time everyday to enjoy my games. If during that small window the service I shelled out my money for isn't working, it's irritating to me. I think that's understandable. I want to be able to play my game.

It's a Flowers for Algernon scenario. I had such great online game play this weekend that it set a high standard for me. I realized how great the online game play was, and as such want more of it. To not be able to access it at no fault of my own is irritating on many levels.