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#1 Posted by Kelbikes (25 posts) - Epoch TheLivingDead UK |300 Vehicles|Debug Monitor|Self BloodBag|Tame Dog|Auto Refuel|Vehicle Tow|House Lights|AntiHacks|Active Admins|Teamspeak Welcome to The Living Dead Epoch Server Hey everyone so we've had the server up for a week now and have alot of regulars playing and still looking for more, very full over the weekends we have a good amount of heroes and bandits on the server, loads of vehicles! come join us and join our teamspeak we will have a website up soon as well for people to join the community, we have 2 admins who actually play the server and a few that keep an eye on the logs for us. So we made this server because we were fed up with admins abusing the powers they have on other servers, which is why there are only 2 admins who play in game and who i trust alot, if they abuse their powers they will have them removed straight away. No base destroying, yes you can loot the base and destroy vehicles but leave the building in tact! build a ladder to get in ;), no hacking/cheating...we have a great script scanner, no whining... we know its annoying if your stuff gets taken or if you get killed but that's the game :), no trader camping! ok so you can stroll into a trader camp and see someone and shoot someone thats fine, camping is waiting there on a hill or in a tree waiting for someone, we can check and first it will be a warning, then a kick and so on till we're fed up with it. So guys and girls come join us we have a great community and everyone is welcome to join our teamspeak.