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Medal of honor

Just want to see everyones opinion on it (MOH).

Well let me start off by saying i think DICE have done a amazing job on the Battlefield series and took it to a whole new level, For me atleast, But i don't think Dice were the right ones to work on MOH

In all honesty i think MOH for me it just seems like abit of a downgrade going from Bad Company 2 to that game, I do think overall they have improved on things like the shooting mechanics seems alot more fluent faster paced, But i will say something the next Battlefield game looks very very promising now!

Not long now

In less than a week i will be getting Fifa 2011 i know its not everyones cup of tea but i got to say i really am excited for this game this year :)

If any you are going to be getting it just add my PSN if you like i obviously won't play online the first day i get it need to grind abit with it to get better and so on its alot more difficult than 2010 and the WC 2010 so going to take time

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