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Censoring My Thoughts

As of late I have had three of my prized reviews reported! How in the world can this be? I wrote a review of Final Fantasy 10-2,  Tomb Raider 2, and Tomb Raider: Last Revolation. I wanna know who did it and why? I am 20 years old and I will speak my mind like one! If you're some punk kid who thinks "Sex in the City" is a porno then I advise you to not look at any of my reviews. In fact stay out of my proflie. My reviews are raw; I curse; I say the word "boob." Big deal:!:. If you can't handle it then please stay out of my profile.:evil:

Running Low on Ideas?

Right now I'm in college and I am majoring in screenwriting for movies and video games. Chances are I am going to run into the same problems as our current writers, writing a storyline for a game with the same bullscript. I pray once I break out into this mass industry I will be able to cater to the general public's needs. But it's hard to do that when you don't know so I want to get a head start on my market research. I will ask the question which is older than time itself! What do you look for in a game? :roll:

Girls. Girls. Girls.

Games such as DOA, Rumble Roses, and your basic gangster shot 'em up all have one thing in common. The illusion of the female form. I know sex sells but don't you think it's about time to tone it down a bit? In all honestly it's starting to turn me off from v-games.

Will 2D ever make a come back? Only time will tell...

2D. The granddaddy of all graphics. 3D is fabulous but it's starting to get old. I don't care how integrated they become they will never out do the classics. The first Mario, Space Invaders and what have you. I believe around 2008 they will come back and I will be one of the many to welcome the new 2D games with open arms.