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mgs4 oxide

before i say anything i want it understood that i don't care if mgs 4 comes out for 360, heck if it has additional content i'll even buy it, but otherwise, i don't care, i have it for ps3 and absolutely love it, i regret ever selling substance though i did buy it on the original xbox, the game was never the same (the xbox version of substance had small nagging glitches)

but anyway, it's just dumb that anything mgs related comes up and everybody says holy s*** it must be the xbox port of mgs 4!!!


in recent news kojima ate a banana... "HOLY F*** ITS MGS4 PORT!!!!"

seriously open your eyes and mind and realize that, though it may be a possibility, not everything has to do with a port.

In lighter words, I'm pretty excited for MGS: Rising, i just hope that it plays like a traditional mgs game, though i don't see it being bad if it isn't; Kojima's is just that kind of genious that just won't do things wrong.

also, does anyone have anything credible to say about oxide? All i saw was a post on twitter and to be honest, i don't buy it. haha i even read a post from one guy who said, "This can only be true, because I've seen a lot of twitter posts." I have officially given up hope for humanity.

Iphone game iDeas

I think the coolest thing would be like silent hill or resident evil, second coolest a gta game, or even an fps,if you think about it yeah it'd be hard to do but when you have a whole screen to touch the buttons could be anything plus the accelerometer!!

Rage looks sweet

I didn't hear of this game until early this morning when i was waiting for class to start. By chance i stumbled upon it and well i have to say i'm pretty darn stoked for it. especially the concept of the megapixel, which if you guys don't know, just means that they put ond large texture for the map instead of many smaller ones. I know that they are splitting this megapixel up into two for the 360 (due to size limits) but I'm not sure if this is going to be the same for PS3 since the disc is already 50 some-odd gigs.

It almost reminds me of Myst (exile) and like mad max.

homework galore

I'm up to my eyeballs in homework and it's only the second week of school, it's not just being there but the fact that i took advanced placement classes, yes that means i'm getting a few concurrent credits. but I rarely have time to do anything anymore and i think it's bumming my friends out. ahh screw my homework ima watcha movie.... :P

My night/ the intoxication of life

first me and a friend decide that we should have a movie night, when he decided that we should get a bunch of people together to go shoot each other (with airsofts of course), so end up going over to our friends house who lives on like 40 acres, and then wait for everyone else to show up, eventually a few show and we are all just hanging out and climbing on things, when we end up having a little jump fest, there was a stack of bales that we would all climb up them jump off of as we aimed for the bales that were sitting on the ground. It didn't start out like this, at first we were just sitting there when someone said that somebody should jump off, nobody took this seriously but about a minute later i turned and jumped off without telling anybody. we continued in this drunken manner for some time before ther rest of the posse showed up and by that time it was dark so we all went out and played a game of four on one and i found the dude every time... eventually we got bored so we all (that's five of us) jumped on to a golf cart and tried to get air off of this dirt mound, it was the stupidest most entertaining thing that we had done that night, If you had just walked by you'd have thought us all to be drunk, but really i only think one of 'em was high, and he didn't even participate in the majority of the "activities". then at almost midnight we all sat down and watched land of the dead, of course we were all pretty giddy from our night drive so it wasn't normal, it was more of a mystery science theatre, as we were all cracking pop culture jokes. all in all it was pretty fun.

Map Editor Experience/ don't show but tell

okay so if you want to show that is completely fine if you want to
(or know how to post a pic in comments) but since Far Cry 2 is coming out and I had so much fun with the first one's map editor i figured maybe i would ask you guys (and gals) what the coolest thing that has ever happened to you while working on a map in any game.

One time i built a village that was sunk into the ocean and then another map that was like a castle in the sky it was pretty kewl! :D

Got a craving./ Pneumonia

I think I'm getting over my pneumonia, been feeling a lot better lately and have to get up and go to work tomorrow morning... otherwise i've had a craving for some FFX2... unfortunately my friend has had it for like two years. it may take convincing to get it back... that and i don't even know his number.

favorite actor

i think one of my favorite actors is Oded Fehr. hmmm i think that Sean Connery is my favorite and maybe Bruce Willis and Nicolas Cage.

Any way what;s your guys' and gals' favorite actor(s)

babylon ad= OMG/ silent hill/Thompson Rant

so i logged onto gs so i could make a slap happy rant, but got waaaay distracted and no longer slap happy. Apparently morgan freeman was in crash, sucks cause he is so inspiring. Thailand pulled GTA IV from their market... because some psychotic kid decided that he wanted to find out if it was as easy as it looks to pull a cabbie out of his car stab him and drive away. I honestly wonder whether or not they did a psych evaluation on this dude. I honestly don't believe that having games like this on the market help in any way, but at the same time, if a person who is not raised right, or lacks insufficient brain capacity to involve themselves in such an unrealistic existence in a simulated experience, then you cannot blame the game itself. After all crimes of this magnatude have been occuring long before the first computer was ever thought of. I mean come on. This particular case involves a perfectly legal 18 year old man who clearly was not given proper sense in his childhood. even then it necessarily may not even be the legal guardians fault.... ah wel enough rant.

New movie babylon A D looks friggin amazing, hopefully it becomes the next blade runner (don't worry blade runner is still one of my favorites) i know it'll be amazing....

i honestly feel like watching Silent Hill, and for those of you who know me personally, which is pretty much every single on of you, you know i do dabble in a little Silent Hill every once in a who :P

hopw your guys' night is amazing

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