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oh for teh love of god

Yes Ive returned once again to the gs forums and such,ad i have alot of updates all so much great things happened to me so far*sigh*and it seems ive been forgotten on this site...so i say...this is one reason why i havent been returning much..and i have to much things in my life i must try to deal with.Ive been tortured pushing people away all that good stuff.Lots has changed about me sense.I have my own place...not clearly my own.Just living under someone elses roof for now I pay most the god darn bills and im not even comfortable here.Ive worked and busted my butt at mcdonald....yes the lamess job ever.but you know one thing I truly hate.I worked so hard got myself a Xbox 360 with halo 3 and condemn not to mention a ds with the r4 ds chip...How i loved so much..but ever sense ive been here My suff has been becoming missing.my 360 broke down because of some failer....the 3 light around the ring bs.so i havent been playing it..the games i had for it suddenly disappeared...and my ds disappeared.ive also brought myself a laptop..i have sleepless nights because im not comfortable here cause i think my stuff is not safe here..im going broke and it feels like im eing stuck here in this house because the lack of money..and to live in new york is no joke really..cant do anything here without that...so yes my life has been oh so fun(sarcasm)

...Ill be returning....

Yes this is so very true,Ill be returning to gs on janaury doing my posting and such,and catching up on what ive missed in the past few months,me being to busy for those past months,ive had finally the chance to reward myself with some new toys to play with :D.I now have another psp,but have different games now,ill give you more info later,i dont wanna take up to much time posting a long blog,so back to zee olde drawing board.

new lvl

Im finally on lvl 11 yeah im so excited...after all it did take me a good while to get there.....

2 hours

since I dont have my own pc yet,im constantly going to the library for the pc and I only get two hours on it,so my plan now is to spend 30 mins in each union a day

My B-day tomoorow

Im so excited Im finally going to be 19 and I'll be buying myself

the fatal frame series and I'llalso be getting Black and finally going to get DMC:SE

email addresses



msn hotmail -nightstorm8769@hotmail.com

myspace- http://www.myspace.com/dmv_dantes_awakening 

so hit me up sometime

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