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Boo! The demo is great! :D

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Holy sh*t. I just finished the demo... it's unreal. The dodging and/or blocking isn't the best, but it's f*cking amazing. They did an outstanding job. It's at least a 9/10.

MGR absolutely annihilates that Ninja Theory DmC junk! THANK YOU PLATINUM GAMES! Now I have a good DMC style game to look forward to. The videos for this game have always looked excellent, but after playing the demo, I'm sold.

PG really knows how to make a sci-fi-fantasy action slasher. Bayonetta was the best action game since the DMC series (the Ninja Theory game doesn't count since it's amateur at best) and now they've done it again with this and I've only played the DEMO.


Anybody else enjoying the MGR demo?

EDIT: I guess I should mention why I like it: great controls, nice and smooth. Wonderful, crispy animations and lighting which is definitely reminiscent of Bayonetta. You can tell it's on the same engine, it FEELS like Bayonetta in a lot of ways, like when she does her finishing moves (they pretty much used a very similar formula in this with the finishing moves). The slow-mo slashing is really awesome. I didn't have any issues at all with the framerate, etc... very smooth and fun. What a great game to finish off the winter with. :D

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Final Fantasy is far from dead. XIII and XIII-2 were excellent. This generation doesn't seem to appreciate turn-based RPGs. It's too bad... At least we had XIII, XIII-2 and Resonance of Fate this generation because next generation will probably be devoid of turn-based RPGs.
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I liked that trailer a lot. I've never understood the hate for XIII and XIII-2 so I guess I'll stop trying (and I've been a fan since I was a kid). They were both awesome with great combat. Turn-based games are fading away... the combat in LR:XIII looks good, but it's obvious that they are trying to cater to both turn-based fans and regular action/RPG fans. It's looking like FF XV will have just a regular combo system at this rate. Ah well, I'll buy LR XIII when it comes out, for sure.
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I won't pretend that I've played all the TR games, because I haven't. This reboot has really got me excited though. I love the direction they're taking with it. And now, after playing the horrible DmC demo, I've shifted my anticipation to this game since I'm saving $60 on the new DmC next month, LMFAO. I prefer the reboot. The videos look amazing, especially how they portray Croft going from a regular archaeologist to killer-for-survival.