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XBL Gold finally starts to become rewarding

I'm noticing how there are alot of good deals with DLC and arcade titles that are exclusive to Gold Members of XBL (those who have to pay to play online, get exclusive demos, etc.) and it's really making the 50 bucks a year even less of an issue. Just recently i purchased the Halo 3 Legendary Map pack for 33% of it's original price (it was 600MS but currently 400MS = 5 bucks) sure it might not be a complete steal, but XBL members should appreciate that the XBL team is doing this for us. i mean hell you could get dozens of arcade titles a few days back that were originally 800 MS points (10 bucks) for just 600-500. again, it might not seem like much, but when taking into account this happens a few times a month, over the course of a year, you save almost 50 bucks in the end.

Best Buy has got your back

so today my Xbox 360 elite (after a good year and a half of hard work) has given me the E74 error and died. i was in remorse and later frustration. i suddenly remembered that i bought a Replacement plan with best buy when i purchased the console. i eventually found the recipt, packed up my xbox (cords/cables included), drove over. all i did was show my recipt and BOOM one of the associates popped open a new Elite and just switched my hard drive with the new one and i was set to go. (although they took out the controller and headset from the new one since i already had it). but it gets better! the way they finish the exchange is by putting all that you paid (console and the 60 bucks for the warranty) on a Gift card and "rebuy" the console (AND another warranty), except i got cash back because i got the elite before it had a price cut. So after all that was done i went over to the 360 games and got me a cheapy game just low enough for what i had left. idk i was just so happy on how quick and easy it was! My point in this is: IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING A 360, BUY IT FROM BEST BUY AND GET THE PRODUCT REPLACEMENT PLAN!! the convenience is so worth the money!