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Third year anniversery and Puppy Kats!

Lol at this one.

Me and Martha are trying to have our own little Puppy Kats. Thats right, we are trying to start our family. Now who knows when the kiddies will actually come, but one day they will. We are doing just fine in the Love making department. My sexy Panther still knows how to make me howl and i still know how to make her purr. Now Fathers day is coming up and ladies we can teach you some 'Moves' to use on your man.

Now on to other matters. As of June 16th I am officially three years old here on gamespot. It is not a huge deal but Martha wanted me to tell all you. I also wanted to say thank you to all of my freakies who have made the Laid Back lounge a huge success. Over 7600 post and still growing strong every day. Now, please go and enjoy the buffet so that we can get you all nice and fat to eat....I mean....Have fun.