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My ideas for a video game.

Now it is no secret that I have always wanted to make a game.So I thought that I would share some of my ideas for one of the games I would make.Of course the game deals with crime/drama.You play the role of a serial killer and these are some of the features that are in the game.

  1. The ability to do what you want to your victims from burning them alive in front of their family to eating off their body parts or hell set up a scene from saw.
  2. Beautiful HUGE enviroments
  3. being able to create your atire,you could be a killer clown,or be like me and cover yourself in fur.
  4. Being able to set traps.Like barb wire trips etc,etc
  5. Free DLC
  6. Speaking of enviroments,you can have a level creator where you can set up your traps.
  7. Co-op.
  8. Variety of weapons
  9. You can create your own story,in other words you can tell your story of why you went crazy.You could of had childhood problems or just snapped
  10. You can set the scenario,you could be an Ex cop going on a killing spree or a Female dominatrix who kills her customers
  11. You have to keep the cops from finding you out,thus adding strategy to the mix.You will have to hide the bodies,eat them,or do the easy thing.Bury them alive but be like that CSI episode and put a camera in there.
  12. Maybe you want to torture your victims.Like if it is a gamer,you should be able to chop off their thumbs and mail them to gamesop or something like that.

Those are just some of the crazy ideas that I thought up for the game.I notice that alot of games dealing with crime are shallow,or boring point a click games.I would love to make a game like condemned but take it 100 steps further.Serial killers usually become of their own,there stories are told through their victims,you should be able to do the same.Think LBP but alot more violent and bigger.