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Insanity Report:I found a new house.

Well as the title says I did indeed find a new place. It is a nice little country house that is actually right next to the college I will not be going to lol. The college I am going to is pretty far from the new love nest. It is not all bad though, since there is a college right next to my house there are also tons of fast food joints and other cool places like blockbuster and Hollywood video that are near by. The house has a nice screened in pourch and attic and a basement so YAY for that part.

Now the Bad news

Yes there is bad news, as I was telling brett apperently there were some misunderstandings about the payments for my storage unit. This caused all of the stuff that I had in there to be auctioned off or sold, whatever. Some of that stuff included my PS3, 360, computer, TV, all my games, N64, NES and other items. So because of that I really don't know when I will be able to get on PSN or XBL because I need to buy both consoles all over again. It is not all bad though, I mean I would have rathered for it not to happen but oh well. On the plus side I get to...

  • Have the excitement of buying PS3 over again, and this time get a free DS3, hell maybe I will get lucky enough to find a brand new 80 gig BC one
  • Gives me a reason to buy an Xbox 360 elite
  • I can now buy more pokemon/Yu-gi-oh cards now that I don't have a ton of them
  • Gives me a reason to save up to buy one of those fancy HD Tvs you youngsters are always talking about
  • This one pains me the most but I must rebuy all of my wrestling DVDs, I had a bunch.

See I always try to look at the bright side. Oh and if you are on my FridayKnightFox account as a friend just delete it will ya, when ever I do get another PS3 I will not be using that account

Random Junk

  • Did you know that wolves and Panthers are the sexiest animals alive.
  • The best way to make a kitty purr is to rub their belly....Trust me I R an expert
  • Barak Obama so far has done nothing for this country....Where is my check OBAMA!?
  • When Dolphins and owls mate the sound is horrible
  • I am coming up on my thrid year at gamespot. June 16th, mark it down and prepare to get me something nice.
  • Greywolf is a mean wolf, you thought I was bad...She is crazy like hot sauce flavored cereal.
  • Cutekitten HATES Call of duty games
  • Karate CHOP- This Idiot decided to rob a 7 eleven store dressed as a ninja with a sword....For realz.
  • The woman who everybody felt bad for, you know the one who said that her and her daughter were abducted...Well they were not, infact it was all a big fat lie. They were found chillin at a Disney resort down in Florida.

Movie Time

Ahh yes Movies, the simple beauty of sitting back and watching a film for enjoyment is awesome. Here are some of the best and worst movies I have seen in the past month or so.


  • The HeartBreak Kid- I thought that Forgetting Sara Marshall was an amazing romantic comedy but the Heart break kid was friggin awesome. A very raunchy yet funny, yet sweet movie staring ben stiller
  • Rambo-Now I will be honest, I was not the biggest Rambo fan and was not exactly sure why they were going to make another one. So I finally get around to looking at it....Man is this movie bloody. The plot is very easy to follow but this movie made me screem words such as "Damn" and WTF" at the screen. Lots of good action and pure awesomeness
  • Doomsday-I actually never had any hopes for this movie being any good but once I watched it I was proven dead wrong. Another movie with great action, very easy to follow plot...AND LOTS OF FREAKS, YES FREAKS. Watch it
  • IronMan-Never actually touced an iron man comic before but the movie was pretty good, waay better than the hulk
  • The Hulk-As I said not as good as iron man but better than the first hulk movie. The action and story a turned up a few notches and it made for and enjoyable movie
  • Wrestlemania 24-Yeah not an actual movie, but wrestling fans own themselves to check out this PPV on DVD. It was an amazing show at the citrus bowl. The fireworks had me in awe and I was not even there lol. The matches are great and it has some nice extra features

The Bad/Boring

  • Saw 5-Good god I watched this movie for a second time and I hated it even more. Funny how I love the saw series yet this movie was so damn bad
  • Max Payne-Went into this movie with really low expectations and got even worst. This movie is without a doubt one of the most boring movies out there
  • Walk Hard:The Dewy Cox Story-Some may get a kick out of this movie but not me. It is basically a parody about Walk the line and Johnny Cash. There are funny bits but not enough to keep me happy
  • Alien Vs Preditor R.-The Darkest movie ever made...Literally, it is so damn dark. it is a shame because some of the special effects are cool, yet you can't even tell what is going on.
  • DeathProof-OMG what was QT thinking when he made this movie. It is without a doubt the most boring movie ever made. It is nothing but a bunch of woman talking about crap the whole time. When there is a car chase it is so damn crappy that it felt worthless....Balls to the wall action my ass. The movie 'The Woman' and 'Sex in the City' Had more action than this crap.

Now The Total Nonsense yet totally awesome movies.

These movies have not hard story line, and half the time the things that are happening in the movie is complete nonsense, but they manage to keep you happy with their intense action

  • Crank
  • Shoot em up
  • Rambo
  • Doomsday

Story Time.

As some of you know I archived my stories on this site here. Not all of them have been put there just some. I still need to work on alot of them or re-write them.

Books that I am reading and you should be too.

  • To Fat to Fish-If you like Artie Lange story
  • The Poison Tree-The true story about the Richard Jahnke and his sister's trial. They both suffered years of abuse from their father and one day they shot him. The book is about their trial and the stuff leading to it
  • Witch-If you want to know about the most notorious female killer then read it
  • Seduced By Madness-The true story about the susan polk case, who is susan polk you ask....Here you go.
  • Jinx-Yeah another Crime novel, but this was is a graphic novel so it is special.
  • Any Pokemon Graphic Novel I can find-I have an addiction to pokemon for some reason lol.

And that is that ladies and gentleman, my ultimate blog of awesome-ness, now don't ask for another one till....IDK next month or so lol. Hope you like the title 'Insanity Report' I think it fits me. Oh and PS...What is up with the boring PS3 forum topics. I swear to god if I see one more Metal gear solid topic I will explode.