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Do people play video games for fun anymore?

What?!?!? I am writing a blog that does not involve blood, guts, gore and other odd things that question my sanity upon this world. Well ok. Today I want write something that I had on my mind for quite awhile now, do people play video games for fun anymore? The answer seems to be a 50/50 type deal.This blogs is towards the people who don't seem to remember what video games where designed for.Case in point Trophies/Achievements. Yeah they can be fun for some people to unlock but the problem is people take they way to far. I have spent alot of time browsing the forums and it seems that one of the biggest culprits in this case is Call of duty World at War. I can not even count how many times I saw the sentence "Veteran difficulty makes me want to pull my hair out" or " I HATE playing COD WAW on Veteran" Well if you hate it and your not having fun why do it?

I would rather be the guy who played the game for actual enjoyment rather than be the guy who sat through 7-8 frustating hours screeming at the top of his lungs ready to launch his controller through the wall like a cannon. Now to be fair some people do find playing games like Call of Duty on Veteran to be fun, I don't know if they are masochist or just lying to cover their ass. Last generation things were abit different, if a game was bad, it was bad. People would ignore it to teach the game devs a very valuble lesson. These days? Not so much, now game devs can make a crappy video game and add trophies to it knowing that the singleminded fools will answer the call and actually play it. Do you think people wasted their time on these games last generation.

I don't think so, but this generation even if a game is so terribly bad it could cause heart attacks people will still play it and believe it or not buy it just to get a taste of those sweet, sweet trophies. I see so many people playing games for all the wrong reasons this generation and it makes me quite sick to tell you the truth. Now before you go off, am I nottalking about the person who unlock trophies but does not go ape crap crazy over them? No, I am talking about the people who force themselves to do things they hate doing. I could only imagine what the world would be like if achievements actually existed in real life. People all over the world would be doing stupid thing.....Worst than they already do now just to rack up some useless points. You would have peace keepers signing up for the military just for a 50 point achievement. I think I ranted on about this portion enough, now time to talk about another culprit in the emarrasment of video games.

Yeah you know who I am talking about, the energy drink guzzling, brag tasking talking, run of the mill XTREME gamers.Now these people have been around for ages, but I wanted to through them in anyway.The ones who when you join a game of call of duty their name is usually on the lines of MLGXPr0Snipe or MLGXXSlayer or my favorite XXXXXOOo01SniperXXXX. When they are in the game their vocabulary seems to be made up into three catigories. 1. The threats.They will be saying stuff like,"I will beat your ass, I am a MLG pro so don't even try me". 2.The Smacktalk.You know the" You noob, you suck at this game" or the "Your garbage, garbage,garbage"And finally number 3. The failship. You know when you beat this breed of gamer and they say things like " You play this game way to much" Or"Yeah you beat me, but atleast I have a life,I can't spend all my time playing video games"....Right.

I always find it rather pathetic that these people will play one game for 8-10 straight just to compete in a competition. Now I know the money is good but when I see these people all I can do is laugh and thank god I am not them. I saw one kid on EPSN....Yes even worst they call these losers athletes. Anyway about the kid, he was playing madden and he actually took these fools down to a whole new level of low. He said and I qoute" I was going to go to college to become a psychologist, but I quit to play Madden" Major Facepalm right.

Oh man this rant is fun. I should write like this more often. I guess you can't talk about MLG without mentioning Ubisofts own female slaves the..

I always find these chicks funny. Something deep down inside me tells me that the only reason ubisoft aquired these ladies was to attract some more guys to their games. I mean if you look at some of their "Pr0 tips" for the games they play, such as Rainbow Six Vegas, it is always some half-assed tip that even the most simple of simpletons could have figured out. Yeah they are cute I guess, but something also tells me that if they were not all female they would not be getting any attention at all. I have nothing against female games, hell I love them....Oh I love them alot, but something about these girls just annoy me.

So yeah these are pretty much the things that get on my nerves about video games these days.Now if you are the type of person who still plays games for the fun of the game...Good for you, have yourself a cookie and give me one too. This is what it is like when I don't write about crazy blood infested stuff.