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Call my crazy and get use to it.

Yeah you heard me, call me crazy I love it. When in the holy hell are people going to relize that I am a wee bit different from alot of people. Of course I get looked down on, people don't like what I say or write. Guess what? I don't give a damn. I love writing about crazy things, it is better than the usual crap you see around here. "Oh here are my top Boss battles" or "My favorite classic games" Blah, Blah,Blah. I love being different, I love being insane, it is what sets this wolf apart from all the rest. If you don't like what Martha and I cook up, don't come into our damn kitchen it is simple as that.

Like my last blog. It was a whole article I made up out of my mind and there were a few cry babies who had to come in and get all serious. In their eyes I wrote the article because I hate trophies, but really I just wrote it because I can and I did. I got people to believe that others would do such awful things over trophies, so that was a win for me. Anyway back to the here and now. If you don't like what we do around here you can leave and never come back. The world I live in has had enough with your plain jane thinking inside the box logic.But if you want to get down and stay freaky then I suggest you park your butts in that corner and leave the rest to us....Now who is ready to get insane?

I said it once and I will say it again, don't judge and if you don't like our crazy stuff don't even bother looking. It is all for good crazy fun. If I want to make fun of trophy addicts then I will, if I want to write bloody stories then I will. End...Of...Story.