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Bury your fears.

Fore warning. FAKE STORIES. This blog was out of bordom. They are fake stories so don't get all upset when you read them. Ok thank you.

You know the old saying," To defeat your fear you need to face them" Now this is good for such things as swimming, insects, certain animals ect,ect. But what if you fear is something alittle more extreme? Tonight on this special report we will see what happens when people take their fears to the extreme.

Our first story comes all the way from Alaska that is right Alaska. 18 year old Andy Johnson. Andy had a terrible fear of fire so one night him and some friend figured that if they played around with it he would over come the fear sadly this turned tragic.Andy states "First we started off small, flicking the lighter on and off but then we went bigger and bigger with our stunts. "I was so caught up in not being afraid that I totally forgot the danger of what fire can do to you" Andy and his friends went from trying to over come something to pure stupidity. Andy and his gang tried their biggest stunt yet and sadly it involved gas and fire....which anybody with common sense knows never makes a good combination. "We decided on pouring gas into a pile of shrubs and setting them on fire, "I seen people do it 1000x. We went to go and pour the gas and I had gotten some on me. I did not think of much of it until now." As soon as they lit the fire to celebrate his over comings of fire something went wrong. The fire had caught on to Andy's shirt and soon after covered his whole body.

We are guessing it was something like this but worst.

Andy recieved 3rd degree burns on 75% of his body and now sits in pain everyday in a hospital...All for trying to face his fears. Andy says "Well atleast I don't have to worry about my fear of fire anymore, considering the fact that I have been through the worst of what fire can deliver

That was two years ago. Andy now has made some what of a recovery and now sits at home with his mother playing the wii.

Our next story comes from Arizona. Where 35 year old Douglas Anderson had a fear of being in small spaces....This has a scientific name of claustrophobia.Douglas is now serving 27 counts of life sentacing in an Arizona stat prison, why you ask? Well because unlike our last fool Doug here decided to kidnap and bury random people and watch them squirm around in their grave."I had a bad case of claustrophobia and I wanted to beat it, so I would put a camera in these graves and watch as they try to get out" Acording to Doug what started out small turned into a killer's obsession. "I started out with kids, then adults It was almost like the Saw movies, trying to see who wanted their life the most. Unlike the Saw series my victims did not have an once of hope." Doug has an execution date of Dec 5th 2010.

This was the casket used.

We got a quote from the Arizona police. "We were baffled at how so many random people were going missing, we were not even sure how he was doing it."

Douglas confessed to the courts and to us how he took his victims, but first a word from our sponsers.

This cool picture we found....Face your fears...NOW.

And by

Courage the cowardly dog, cause no animal has ever taught us to face our fears more than courage.

Welcome back. In this episode we were talking about how facing your fears can go terrible wrong. We have two stories we already told one, now we are telling the other. A story about a regular guy turned serial killer named Douglas Anderson. Douglas finally explained to us how he would capture his victims." Well with the kids it was easy, parents are so stupid or letting their kids be out at night, and these are kids who are under the age of 15 for god sakes. Now with the adults it was alittle more tricky but I got it done. I would usually knock them over the head and then continue to punch them over and over. Then drag them back to my truck, cover them up with a tarp and wait to see the look on their face when they woke up in their grave." That is all Doug would tell us but the leading detective had more to add.

The desert were his victims stayed.

"Arizona is a hot hot place above surface, but sitting in a metal casket in the desert, not only were they probably going nuts from being kidnapped and put theremost ofof them poor, poor people died out from heat stroke. This man was a cruel human being and even worst arrogant. Blaming the parents for letting their kids be out a nite, this is a small and friendly town. We should not have to worry about crazed psychos here.That man deserves his spot in the chair when the time comes, I look forward to smelling his burning flesh" We may never know the real reason why he did this, it is hard to believe this guy wanted to beat his fears of Claustaphobia by doing such acts but aslong as he sticks to that story that is all we will ever know. This was the freaky Wolf join us next time when we do a report on our next idiot.