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My opinion always rules all. Nobody is better than me, not in one way shape of form. I AM better than all of you, Last month alittle girl about 10 years old said that her bike could go faster than my car, so I showed her, later that night I ran her ass over with my car. Hehehe she had it coming. I am never wrong alright, I always look down on people and when people belittle me I take their damn life.

Nobody and I mean NOBODY will break my mental spirit. If I say the god damn sky is green than that is the truth. I will kill and kill and kill until I get my point across, I don't give a damn and nobody is going to stop me. I am the most powerful thing that ever existed. No other woman has what I have,complete domination of all who are in my way. It always seems to be the kids who challenge my opinions. last week a little boy tried telling me that religion was an important part of life, So I hung him right in the church. I can't stop I have to much power...I am and always will be the whole damn deal. So many people challenge me, why? Why do they do such a foolish thing. Pregnant woman have had their babies ripped from them by me because they thought smoking was healthy for their kids, I taught them a lesson they will never forget. I am a bully, I will bellittle, I will look down on your pathetic ass. Your opnion will never amount to even half of me..I burned awhole family once. Thats right, they told me that I should not leave my fire burning, so I burned them...Of course now I sit in a nut house but I am not dead, and aslong as this perfect body has air going in and out of it I will get what I want....Whatever the cost and nobody will stop me hehehehe.

You all can thank Cometh for this blog. I saw his AWESOMEx10 blog about people Belittling other and looking down on them and It gave me a spark of inspiration lol. OMG New character to mAH st0ry.... Oh and no woman is more crazy than Cruella Devile