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Atrocious Hero..My Quotes.

"I don't care what you say about me, yeah I am furry god of destruction that will destroy all evil in mine and your path. Nothing can stop me, I am more powerful than a heartattack and stroke combined. I will take evil and hang it from the heavenly gallows with barb wire watching it's blood flow giving back to the people who need it. "

"I will torture all evil in this world. I will lure the serial killers into my deadly web of destruction, there I will be the spider and they will be the fly...."

"I promise to inflict as much pain on the abusers, I promise to to make all of the sexual abusers pay for what they did. They will get use to being naked and wrapped in chains, they will get use to eating parts of themselves they will get use to being abused as they abused the helpless. They will get use to feeling powerless as they will be in my neck of the woods, the woods that they will never escape."

"If a bad guy screems in my woods, who hears it?"

"If I shed enough bloodshed, will god ask me why i did when I get to the pearly gates?"

Oh yes there will be...Damn it that is saw 2....sigh

"I am giving you a choice, Do you want me to eat you with BBQ sauce or Ranch dressing?"

"Yes, I am a cannible, I enjoy the fine works of the human body, I will eat a human over Mcdonalds any day."

"If you made it through yesterday you can make it through today, if you made it through today you can make it through tomorrow."

"Why must you make things so damn hard, just sit still and close your eyes..."

"I will cut you so fast you will still be bleeding blue"

"Just because I shake and twitch and look at you funny does not make me crazy, your the crazy one for looking at me, Oh wait, that is my reflection."

"Greywolf, my ever so violent partner in crime, World domination is just a paws reach away, keep reaching"

"Call me crazy, but did I just decapitate you...Crazy stuff"

"Excuse me while I watch that horny red eyed cow take you for a ride..."

"Come join our circus, where all your dreams become nightmares and your nightmares are something you wanted for oh so long."

"Look in the sky, is it a bird, a plane....Oh I am sorry you can't look up, I have you eyes...Silly me.

" Do you want Barbwire or plastic?"

My Quotes lol.