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My fantasy Bio...

This was one of the Bio that I had made for myself awhile back.I wanted to share it with some of you people on here.I made this referring to my AnubisKerberos Xbox account but it really just is saying how I feel inside.Hope you like it.

I am a Three Headed God in the eyes of the people.Some may call me a hero others may call me a villian.I am wisdom,I am love,I am Violence,I am peace and I will bring it to anyone who needs it.I will step into good hearted people's nightmares and turn them into a beautiful dream.I will protect the unprotected,I will take care of all the woman and children who need it.I am Solver of your problems,I am the Lover in your night,I am the destruction that will rip apart evil,I am...

Anway I know that it is really short but it gets the message out.I hope you enjoyed reading it.:D

Oh Call of duty failure.

Look I am going to keep this as short as possible.Call of duty 4 is a pretty fun game to play online,but have you noticed that the game has pretty much everything that is frowned apon in other shooters in its game.Think about it.In any other shooter,grenade spaming,or ledging[making your character sit on a ledge really small] would be kinda frowned apon and you would get the instant''noob''status put apon you.I know this has probably been said 100 times before I just find it funny.This game won multiple awards for some of the best multiplayer ever,but how did a game with aim assist,grenades galore and other unexplained things win?I know it is a video game in all,and like I said COD4 is fun to play.Heck we have all thrown grenades hoping to get a kill before.I just thought it was funny that this game has all of the bad things from other shooters in its game as legit''tactics''as the MLG pros would call it lol.

MasterChief,not so tough.

Oh and I will tell you why,think about this your celebrating a big victory and somebody comes up and give master chief a pat on the back,but it kills him,hahaha did anybody ever think about that,I mean if one little hit on the back will kill somebody,then Master Chief is a goner.So here are some ways master cheif could end up dying,From a pat on the back,somebody bumping into him,a pillow fight gone wrong,lying down to hard,someboy plucking him in the back of the head.....ect and the list goes on,I am pretty sure I am not the only one who was thinking about this so you guys think of some creative ways,no I am not hating on MC I am just having some fun.

Finally Got my Final Fantasy VIII stategy Guide!!

Well after about two weeks of waiting I finally received my copy of the FFVIII strategy guide.Now I can finally get back into that game lol.This actually was really cheap compared to some of the old rpg strategy guides out there it was 10.93 with shipping,and better than that I bought the game for 4 bucks the flea market.Anyway just telling yall that I finally got it Peace out8).Oh and I still did not receive my Godfather the game strategy guide,even though I chose fast shipping:evil:

Where is the patience???

As Helen Keller said her self and I quote''The world would never learn to be brave and patient if there was only joy in the world''.I am seeing more and more people these days just lose patience and it is kinda making me alittle confused.I don't know if people are horrified that there life might come to an end before they get what they want or if it is something else.I am a very patient person I could go for a very long time before I get what I want[and yes at one point sex was one of them]without breaking a sweat,it seems like people would rather do something or get something halfassed and in a hurry than rather waiting and getting it done,or to you right.I am no wise chief that lives somewere in a deep forest that once to tell people how to act,I just just wish some people could be alittle more patient and wait for the good things to come,But if I do die before I get all of the things that I want in life at least I will die a patient man8)

Kids/Family game forums trash

Ok I love to play games with my family and I love to show my siblings my 360 and let them play it but I am not letting them play gow or any other violent game.So my point is that I hate when people go into forums about kiddie games and be rude and stupidly sarcastic and try to bring it down by comparing it to a game like halo3or gow,I know this really is not a big deal but it just makes me wonder if those people could be doing something better with there time like spending it with there family or doing something on the lines of that.

Why is there need for video game funerals?

Ok I am pretty sure you have heard of the topics[when halo3 comes out is gow going to die?] and to put my answer on the table No it is not going to die and heres why.Gears of war may not be the best game in the world but just because a new game comes out does not mean the game and the people who play it will drop dead,is halo3 going to have a bigger online community than most other games that have been out of course but it still does not defeat the fact that those game such as fear,gow,graw,graw2,rsv all are very unique in very different ways.I even some times put my old copy of jet force jemini in for the n64 just because I felt like it.I think that to many people get wrapped in this popularity contest and forget that it is just a game and for all of those people who say one game is going to die or even bigger a game console is going to die just because another comes out I call you simple minded people who act like if one thing comes out you will never be able to go back to the game/console you enjoyed before.

M$ Strikes again!!

Well it happen again Microsoft and there products strike again now don't get me wrong I am glad M$ made the xbox and the 360 but some times there products just piss me off I am on my second 360 the first of mine the disc drive stopped working and the one I got now may be on the verge of breaking I have had the red ring of death three times already.Now I do love the charging kit for 30 bucks that was a great product but the wireless headset for 60 bucks is junk I took care of that thing like I do with all of my products that I buy but this headset just up and stopped working for no reason after only 2 months now I know there are warrenties but what is the point of buying some thing if you keep having to replace them.

best in my gaming history #1

I thought that I might start blogging about my best gaming memories and I thought that I might start with getting my N64 years ago I had got it for christmas and got Super mario 64 and twisted edge extreme snowbording I mostly played sm64 most of the time, and I won't lie to you I was a little **** I would get frustrated in a heart beat and I would cry and rip up stuff and slam my controller against the wall but finally I got over it and beat the damn game [but it was with most game not just that one]so there you go one of my gaming memories.

finally got an xbox360

I finally got a xbox360 and three games to go with it saints row call of duty 2 and the outfit and I got more games on the way my gamerscore so far is only 835 but we all have to start somewhere.