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Hey guys.Bad luck hit this wolf pretty bad.

I already told some of you but for the people that don't know I lost my house and am staying with my friends.Kinda funny when I think about it.Last year the same exact friends had to stay with me because they where down on their luck.Anyway I cut my vacation short because I had to go back to work to try and well work my ass off to save up some money to find a good house to live in.This is not the first time I hve been down on my luck.My whole life has had alot of bad moments,but that is a story for another time.I just wanted to let all of you know that I am kinda in the rough right now but like always I will try and find a way to bounce back.So since my friends work from their comp and I took some more overtime I will not be on gamespot that much until I get my new house.So I want all of my little freakies out there to keep Gamespot Freaky until I get back ok.Thank you and I hope that all of you are doing fine.And Happy Early Valetines day.Oh snd Violencia,Your Insanity is going to be even more insane after this situation,and once again it seems that you were about to kick some ass lol.Peace out everybody and please stay Freaky.

Joker,Joker,Joker.I am so sorry.

Joker yes our Joker.Guy with the cool Devil may cry Avatar and loves Marvin gaye.Has been suspended.But it is my fault that he got suspended.I wanted him to make a blog about how I got suspended again so some of my friends would know[The ones that I did not tell]Apperently he got suspended for 4 days for disrespect towards a female moderator because he posted a video with Marvin Gaye singing lets get it on for me,Martha and the mod cause he said that she liked me lol.I am not going to say anything bad about the Mod Cause that never got me anywhere.That and I don't know the full extent of what happened.

I am not going to point the finger at who did this but I will say one thing.What he posted was not offensive to anybody.Not that I can actually remember.Honestly if you don't like what you are reading,just turn away.Do you know how many people say crappy things about me but I don't run to the mods to get the person in trouble.

Anyway Joker got suspended for 4 days,so he has another three left.So Joker I am sorry that I got you suspended.This is pretty much all my fault.Oh and if a mod feels the need to delete this post please atleast give me a good reason why?Or better yet lets have another great debate and come on down and explain in detail why he got suspended.Don't worry.No insults,No cheap shots nothing like that.

Guess who is back..........Again....Again......Again.

I am back.As some of you know I was once again suspended on some bogus reason.But alas I really don't care.It is in the past.I forgive but don't forget,but I don't hold a grudge either.I will just say to the lovely Mod who got in a debate {Not an argument,a debate]If you can't take the heat,get the hell out of the kitchen.I am not going to name names cause I see no point to.That person knows who they are.I will actually say thank you for giving me such a good debate.Yes thats right I am thanking you.Thank you for letting me unleash my debative side.

But then you went and deleted it.Ahh well.Anyway to my lovely friends.So I will not get suspended anymore I will be writing my stories and linking them in my blogs.That way I can still keep writing but not get in trouble for it.And Mods,yes I will put a HUUUUUUGE warning about how violent they are.Anyway Martha and me have been doing some serious gaming.We picked up Socom and OMG this game,this game,this game Is so damn beautiful....err not graphics wise but the gameplay is so damn fun.It was so fun that we invited Oprah over to have in on the fun.It was amazing.Anyway I just wanted to let you all know that I was back and in action.

A lovely day.....Police logs.

I am ashamed to say it.My city is a hell whole.It has the biggest murder rate in the whole country.But it is not just people killing other people.For some odd reason it is always in the most brutal ways people are killed.Let me explain.I am the police chief of crazy town police department.Let me give you a run down of some of the crazies in this town.Sigh....he we go.One of the most personal ones of all was this crazy guy who we put in a nut house last week.Can you believe this,he believe he was a cop?Problem was he was not going around helping people out....He was going around killing them.

The worst one for me was the Mother who adopted kids for a living.All she wanted to do was help kids out.Take them in and make them have a place to live.And that bastard killed her and all of her kids.She was pregnant and about to have her first real child.He....He cut her open just for the hell of it.His 'wife' as he said in court was not his wife at all.She was a hooker that he had sexually assaulted in an alley.He told her to be his wife or pay the price...rape was apperently the price.Then there was the Boy.

The poor boy was only about 15 years old.He was hanging out with his girlfriend when Mr cop here came in and bashed his girlfriend's head into the front hood of the car.When the boy tried to stop him he held him down to the ground and cut off his...Junk.What he did with the girl was probably one of the most violent things I have seen done to a person.He dragged her to some location.He skinned her and then procceded to sexually assault the dead skinned woman.He had problem.He used his Cop outfit to sexually assault woman and get his necrophilia passion on,lord knows how many dead bodies we did not find.The good news.He is now in a nut house.He ain't the worst one out there.Here is another crazy.If you look at what he or she has done it ain't that bad.

Infact they are helping us out alot.The problem is this.This idividual killed three FBI agents.And he did not just kill them he made them go through some crazy stuff.He made one eat faeces and then shot him,the other one was all chopped up.And the final one.Well he gave us the directions to some out of the way place.We started digging like he told us in the instructions to only find a dead FBI agent in a old coffin,when we opened it up he was covered in ants He was all taped up.He couldn't even claw his way out.The tape recorder we found needed new batteries.Once they were in we found a bunch of recordings of when that child got ran over......by the FBI agent who was burried alive...poetic justice if you ask me.

Call me crazy but I don't want to find this guy.I hate the FBI anyway and this crazy guy is killing all of the criminals off.Everytime the FBI comes around looking for more evidence to lead to the guy I just say we have better things to do and if they want to go looking for him then be my guess.This guy only seems to kill the criminals and until he kills an innocent person I will not touch him.Now don't you all give me that look.Put yourself in my position.I am a police chief in the country's most crazy city.....I will take all of the help I can get.....Do you think that I want to depend on some person that I barely even know to do the job that I am suppose to do huh?!?!?.I am doing my damn best,so don't you dare judge me......I swear sometimes I am going crazy myself....

So me and Martha were in Bed last night......

And it was AWESOME..You ever hear the joke why did the chicken cross the road?Well apperently it was to get Martha's Goodies lol.She told me that I was a naughty wolf and needed to be punished by the sexy panther.We had so much fun.She put on her very beautiful cat outfit and rolled on her back purring and meowing.....like a cat.Then she would rub up against me and she would make me rub her tummy,When I did that she purred even more it was soooo cool.But the best part was when she would lick me like the little naughty kitty that she was.Ohhh man this ol wolf had a time last night.She was my sexxxy panther and I was her big bad wolf.When it was all said and done I felt like a new wolf.In the morning she made me some fresh orange juice and some toast with her special sauce.I was bored so I thought that I would share my night with you all.More stories will be Coming up soon.

Eyes for an Eyes.A truly Sick and twisted woman......

l I bet you did not know a woman could sexually assualt another woman did you?Hmm well neither did I until I tried it.My name is Karmen.I am the age of 37.I have been admited into the cukoo for coco puffs mental facilty.I heard the cop who was admited here chopped off the 'Confidence'of a teenage boy.Thats nothing.Do you all know what barb wire does to a male and females genitals.Do you know what happens when you force someone to eat glass or you will kill their kid,and then once they do it you force to kid to watch.DO YOU.Well I do.And yes my daugther is dead my precious sweet little angel.

She did nothing wrong.But atrocity did.And now he is paying for his crime.Lets go back alittle shall we.After my.....After my baby was gone.I really was bored.Do you know what the human body can take as a result of losing a "piece' of it.Let me explain.You ever here the old saying a chicken running with it's head cut off.Well have you ever see a man running around with his head cut off,well no silly not his head head,his...well you know.He almost escaped but the poor bastard passed out and never woke up from the loss of blood.There are some really nice people here.Like this one guy.He calls me all types of sweet names.He has Schizo-something or other.He told me that he and his wife broke up,and he literally meant broke up.He broke just about ever bone in her body.

I told him that one of my vitcims told me that she would rather kiss her own ass then spend another min with me.So guess what.I chopped off her lips and.....here is the funny part.Made her kissed her own ass with them.Then it happend.One day it all just came together.I loved killing people,but not just killing them.I will take a long painful sight of someone diying over a shot to the face....Poor woman who adopted kids to kill them did not get to suffer enough I say.But I need to kill again.And soon.

I want to.I need to.I wanta need to.I am going to get out of here and I am bringing My dear Schizo with me.We are going light up the town.I know the cop has to be tired of this place.The other day he rolled up his paper cup into a ball and threw it at one of the doctors heads and screemed out headshot!!!!.He believes in eyes for an eyes.I like that.Most people in here killed or want to kill.We have reasons they don't,we are somebodies and the rest of these bastards are just losers.Schizo talks to me and makes me feel special.

He makes me feel like I had a reason to be where I am.I would feel terrible leaving such a good man behind in this place.I don't know how I am going to get out of here.But I promise you that I will.And when I do...It will be like the second coming of jesus.But instead of praising everybody on how good their lifes have been lived....he will be tearing people in half.Why?because I said so thats why.Now please.Leave me be.I need to get my thoughs together.I need to rest my head.And I need to read this note from Mr Cop.Apperently he wants to'Help'Me.Isn't that sweet......

I was really tired when writing this so please forgive me if it is not as good as the other ones.I just wanted to get it out.Thanks for reading.

Consequences of a conscience.A policemans story.

Let me explain myself.I am a cop...or more like was a cop.You ever hear the old saying,atleast you have a conscience or be glad that you can feel sorrow or guilt when you do something wrong.Well,take it from me.Wish you didn't,I am in here I lost everything I lost my damn family,my job and all of my friends because of it.Do you know what the avage person does in 5 am....Hmm do you?They sleep.Do you know what I did at 5.am this morning.I got pumped full of pills,because according to regulation such and such of the who cares crazy house,babbling incohernetly is not a good thing.Lets go back a week ago.

I killed a woman who adopted kids.Thats right I flat out shot her in the damn head,put a bullet between her eyes,but she kinda deserved it considering the fact that she had a little problem her self.See she loved to have kids and adopt kids....and then kinda kill them.Don't ask me what her problem is she would kidnapp them aswell.All I know is she had to go.Yet the police station loves to lay the whole'We did not have proper evidence to do such a thing'You never realize how stupid the police are until you work for them.

I am sitting in here enjoying a free buffet of pills and they are all at home making love to their spouses or eating a nice dinner or fighting the good fight.I fought the good fight.I did the right thing.I believe in an eye for an eye while they believe in the 'System'Do you know what I did after I killed that woman.I had to kill the 'Confidence' of a teenage boy.And by confidence I mean I cut off his...well you know.He will never be able to have suprise sex with another girl again.I did the good thing,yet I get punished for it.My conscience put me here.I will get out.And when I do the people who physically put me here will get it.I am going to do the right thing.I will tell you my plans right now.I am not Schizoprhenic freak.I know what I am doing.I am going to kill every single one of them.

I figured I would start with my conscience and to do that I have to accept being crazy.I ain't no better than the next cold hearted killer.They just made the big mistake of putting me in here with the other crazies,instead of the gang bangers I once locked up.I met a friend.He seems like a nice guy.he says something about having a 'Monster within'Or something like that.I wonder if he would be interested in helping me kill all of those bastards physically and emotionally.He is sitting there now making friends with some odd woman who I must admit looks pretty good for a looney.Problem is she seems to be the worst one of all.All she does is tilt her head to the side smiles at people.Dr who gives a damn says she threw acid in a guys face named atrocity something,he apperently pulled her daughters eyes out.I am guessing she went downhill from there.

I feel bad for her.Can you blame her for going crazy.I mean she lost her kid.She then pulled her husbands eyes out for not protecting their little angel.This is going to be the Start of something special.All three of us had bad things happen to us,all three of us have guilt,all three of use will get out of here and my god when we do...Hehe.Thats when the fun will happen.I promise you that.

Me and Martha want to thank you.

We just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read my stories and leaving little comments about them.I really enjoy writing and letting you all see them.I know that some of them are alittle weird but hell I am weird.I wish that I could let more Gamespot users see my stories but knowing in the Mods they would delete my post in a heart beat and probably moderate me aswell.This is why I keep them in my blog.Oh well.Anyway Martha made you all some delicious Strawberry short cake lol.Now if you will excuse me this Ol wolf is going to go get freaky with His little purrrring cook....Thanks everybody.

Saint,Insanity.A schizophrenia Madman.

My name is..well it does not matter what my name is does it,you will probably not want to know me after you find out more about me anyway.I have alittle disorder called Schizophrenia.That means I can be good and myself one min and go all crazy and start having 'Cool' little dreams called hallucinations the next.Let me give you an example.I could be telling your mother how wonderful she is one moment and then chopping her up and putting her in a pie and baking her the next.

I wake up take a shower,get dress really,really,really.Sorry sometimes I get stuck on one wo..rrd and sometimes I can't finish the words either.Anyway were was I.I get dress all nice like,only to get blood all over those nice clothes,whos blood you ask?I don't know my memory is not too good.I could be happy as can be one moment,dreaming of new days to come,only to find my self hallucinating about the nightmares of tomorrow.I even some times have envy,yeah thats right envy for those people who have better things,I want to eat what they have,drink what they have,have sex with what they have.

I need it.But thats the beautiful thing about having that big S word disorder,My 'Other side'Envys no one,my other side takes what it wants,sleeps with who ever it wants to,and eats what ever and who ever looks the most tasty.You ever wake up with a horse head next to you?Oh wait that was a movie silly me,I meant a human head yeah.Not to good when the Schizophrenic monster goes to sleep and the cops are outside your house how do you possibly explain that?..One moment I can be cutting up carrots for a nice salad,and the next I could be cutting up some yummy fingers for a salad for the monster inside me.I hope you enjoyed my story as I sit now in a padded room where when the monster comes out there is nothing he can eat.

But I will get out of here I promise you that.You and I know damn well there are two sides to every coin,Two sides to every story and two sides to every person and my name Is Schiziphrenia and I love it.See you on the outside HAHAHAHA.The End.

Well green goblin you said that I belong in a nut house.Do you think I will get admited with this story lol.This story is kinda weird to me.No I am not Schizophrenic.I mean alittle off sometimes but I always wanted to make a short story about a complete mad man and here it is.

Grey Violence.....For you Grey wolf lol.Warning a wee bit violent.

Ahhh I remeber it just like it was yesterday....well thats because it was yesterday.I did so many things.I looked at the sky.I washed my fur in the lake.I watched a true force to be reckoned with a work.Let me go into more detail shall I....

The wolf awoke from her long slumber she let out a fierce yawn.She trecked up the hills and hunted down a rabbit for practice. I watched as she got ready for her day.I knew that once she came back her fur was going to be a different color.She continued to chew into the rabbit as if she had never ate a thing in her life.She peeked up at me only give a look as if I was wasting her time.She finished her rabbit suprise in record time and headed out.I followed her.Now mind you I am no stalker,this wolf just wanted to see what the other wolf was going to be killing today.She was walking then she took off as fast as lighthing,what she saw.Some hikers,some poor,poor hikers they tried their best to defend against her but it was not enough to get them out with all of thier...how do I say this pieces.

One was dead,the other layed there gasping for air as she had to sit there and watch her partner's leg get chewed to the bone.The wolf stopped and left as if she did nothing I gues she did not want to spoil her appetite,she kept walking and I kept following her.It was snowing heavily and if it was not for the blood stains on her fur then I would have lost her in the think abyss of snow.I followed her bloody foot prints.Now keep in mind that this is not her blood...She came to another stop.She found a group of hunters getting ready to go out.She did not hesitate.She jumped on the back of one started chewing on his neck he screemed for his partners to get help, as the other hunter came out she went for his straight for his throat,before he could even get the words Help out she was chewing his larynx and using his adams apple as a chew toy.

I must say she was could have been a surgeon if it were not for the fur and what not.Just as the other hunter was about to come out and blast the crazed wolf,for some odd reason I jumped in.I don't know if it was because my owner Martha had not gave me a good meal in days or I wanted to help.I Took him down and started chewing on his face she looked up and stated,what are you doing.I reply to her saying...well us wolves need to look out for one another.She went back down on the original hunter who tried to crawl away.Kinda hard to crawl when the big bad wolf is on top of you...

By this time her fur had gone from grey to a dark crimson red.Later that evening.We came back happy that we had both gotten fed and went on alittle adventure.The snow was still coming down.and she went to her spot to sleep.Her eyes got heavy.But before she went under she said,you should come hunting with me tomorrow...Not only do you not have to depend on old woman for food you get plenty of sleep that night.

Well there you go grey.Your are always talking about your violent ways.So I thought I would write alittle fantasy about it.Hope you and the people who read it will like it.If not then like always....ohwell.I tried.There was alot more I wanted to add to the story but I might be pusing what is allowed and not allowed now in a blog lol.