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Our circus's Dream machine...

Ahh yes and you thought Willy Wonka had a cool place to hang out at every day,well my freakies get a load of this.Me Martha and some high classed owls and dolphins,just created the DREAM MACHINE.And your probably asking yourself,well what and the hell does that thing do.Well it does exactly what it is suppose to do,it makes your dreams become a reality in your own little world for however long you'd like.Let me give you an example of this.My good friend Greywolf wants world domination,with my dream machine her little wish can come true and she can live out her violent acts of rage,evil and everything else in between.Lets see here,then there is Hazelnutman,you can live out being in a world were all the woman are dominatrix and want you to punish them or let them punish you.So he can live out all his freaky fantasies just like that.

So please don't let the owls and dolphins hard work go to waste come on in and start dreamin.If you can dream it,then we can make it come true.Eventually I will own people.The human mind can't get enough pleasure.With this machine I can give you an infinite amount of what you want when you want it.You can get up and leave any time you want,but will you?Nope,nope nope.You will sit right there in my world oblivious to the fact that your body is mine,yet your mind is free.But don't worry.I am not going to hurt you.I just want to take a step closer into my realm to dominate everything.Curiousity may have killed the cat,but that same cat is going to lead you all right to me.So as I always say sit back and please enjoy the show....

Awww how the poor hunters have failed.

Firstoff let mesay this is NOT about the mods.I have been hunted plenty of times before them....I have been hunted alot of times,but everytime the hunters fail to catch me or kill me.Every bullet shot missed,every plan destroyed and every life taken.The game is afoot and I love to play,the poor little hunters could not save the day.I am the big bad monster that hides in the woods,only to kill you and claim your wife's goods.I bite off each finger with pleasure and lust but slow and steady is a must,I want to pin your down and growl in your face,just to show you how your a disgrace.All the little hunters thought they had bailed,but I still killed them dead,thus they had failed...I am an everlasting source of destruction.

You poor hunters mess with me and your night is going to be ending with me standing over the top of you putting my claws into your stomach pulling out what is inside.Your morning is going to start with the birds of my forest picking over what I left of you.And your afternoon is going to start with your poor wife having to try and identify you.Hoping and praying that it is not you,only to see your custom made gun which failed to kill me lying on the ground next to the sticks and stones next to your bones.Her night starts by having to bury the remains of you...My morning starts the whole cycle over again.The moral to my story....Don't hunt me.

This ol wolf is looking for some good Comic/Graphic Novels.

Ok here is the deal.I have never really got into reading comics or graphic novels.I love to read novels,mostly Romance novels and Crime/drama ones.So then I got to thinking,well maybe I should start reading some some comics.I know for a fact that there are good ones out there,but I never got into it.It seemed like so much work for a few reasons.A.There are no comic book stores in my area.B.Comics tend to be expensive.C.If I do hear about one that I want to read it might take me an arm and a leg to get it,or try to track it down.D.The Fan base is hard to get into,no matter what it will probably feel like I have alot of catching up to do in terms of reading certain series.I have made my mind that the first book that I will try to find is Watchman...........And some really good hentai aswell.Don't judge me,I like the stuff.So can my freakies give me some good advice on when it comes to finding Comic/Gpaphic novels and what are some really good ones?If you do I will tickle you...Aww who is a cute little freaky,you are.Yes you are.....now help me.

Me and Martha say...The forums are now Mess up.

Yep me and martha have come to the conclusion that the forums are well....Not dead but almost there.Lets start with the Mods

The mods.We all know how they act and we all know that they tend to mod people for no damn reason.The last thing I got modded for was officially the dumbest thing I have been modded for.A guy in the Xbox forums post the following."Who wants to boost for points in Call of duty 5"So I reply with "What a loser why don't you play the game like it is suppose to be play"The topic gets lock,and like three days later I get modded for it.I was level 22 45% and I got dropped to level 21 95% for calling a boosting looser....A looser.Now I understand that they want to keep the peace on gamespot,but at the same time when you have a ton of people complaining about how you do your work?...Well that is not to good,or peaceful in my opinion.

Next.Stupid topics.I am mean DAMN.The mods want to mod people,well how about all those stupid people who join up just to make dumb ass topics.There are no more good debates,no more good topics nothing really and when there is a good topic coming alone here comes the random idiot thatmessesit up,thus getting it locked,or taking it down into a sewage pool of pathetic-ness.What ever happened to when everybody was like a family,we all knew who each other was.Now I have no problem with new people joining this site,but it seems like everybody who joins is either an idiot,or has nothing interesting to bring to the forums.It is sickening that I or other members get modded for something little just because we have been here longer than others,but these new bastards who do nothing but cause trouble seem to get some serious slack.Yeah I know we have been here longer and we know the rules but come on.

The point is.The forums are becoming very boring to me and Martha.I just wish that things would be better you know.No more idiots,mods are actually cool,and some other things.And if I get modded for making this blog post.....Well that will prove my point even more.

Happy Birthday to this ol wolf.

Yep my wonderful freakies today is my birthday.I have been around for a loooong time.Today I turned 6,589 years old today....or in people terms 19.My Legacy is legendary For 6,589 years I have fought,saved and destroyed the very life that you people live in.I have been hunted more times than anyone can count,I have met the creepies and sexxiest people and animals you can imagine.I have spilled enough bloodshed to start an infinite blood bank.My claws never go dull with each kill,they only get sharper.

The Moon will always glisten against my teeth at night....and my sexxxy panther will always be at my side not matter what.My birthday I wanted to do something special for you.I wanted to make you screem and shout,will it be pleasure or pity,happiness or sorrow.Maybe I want to scare you,or maybe let my fur pleasure you.Or maybe I want to feed you some cake.Nice tasty cake,cake that is so good that no other cake can take the cake.The cake will pleasure your taste buds that it will be easy as pie....Hmmm I like pie.Strawberry-Blueberry-Poisenberry.Hmm.Maybe I want to take you on some of my wild rides of insanity who knows what your ringmaster wants to do.All I know is today is my birthday and this ol wolf wants to freaky....

Haha.Yep today is my birthday.I was hoping for a house by now but no such luck.I have not really had an OMG I love that present birthday since I turned 13.This year I want something damn it.Anyway How are are my freakies doing on this lovely March day?

Ohhh I feel it,can you feel it?

Yes ladies and gentleman.Come one,come all and step into my circus.This ol wolf feels alot better than I did yesterday.This ol wolf wants to make love to all of you again.First off thank you all for caring about me,and spreading your words of wisdom to me.Next,I feel like hunting,I feel like digging my claws into the sweet,sweet flesh of someone who looks down on me.I feel like taking my big furry body and pinning some fool down to the ground and hearing them screem for their life.I feel like chasing a flying car down the street only to jump on top of it and scare the hell out of the people inside.I feel like making sweeeeet love to my beautiful panther martha.I feel like howling at the moon and growling at the mountains.I feel like inviting you all out to see the rampage that I will unleash on my victims.I feel like waking the dead.I feel so good,I feel amazing,I feel freaky.Hell I feel like alot of things but right now this ol wolf feel like sleeping.....Till Next time my freakies.

As you all can see I can feel alot better lol.

God I feel like a failure....

No I am not going emo,no I don't want to kill myself.This ol wolf just feels like a failure.I just started to think,and think and think and arrg it is soo damn frustrating.I can't find a house,my jobs are weighing down oh and my birthday is coming up.No that is not a good thing.I wanted to be in a house by then.Sigh I just need a few words of encouragement or something.I am not sure what I am feeling is depression,I believe it is more frustration with myself.

My ex does not know this,she just thinks that I am tired.I don't want her to see my weak side.Cause she may be my Ex,but damn she does care about me when I am hurt.It is extremely saddning to me when I get like this.I get so stressed out sometimes that I have to go to my doctor,and he tells me to calm down and don't over work myself,but he is not going to get me a damn house now is he,he is not going to fix all of my problems,I have to do it not him.Sorry.I am alittle stressed out.You know what cheers me up more than money?You all,hearing that you all are doing fine makes me happy.So how are you all doing,what have you been up to?cheer me up please my freakies,make this ol wolf and the fur on his back stand up.

Ok I am DONE trading in games.

Alright,this ol wolf is not all about insanity and freakyness.Me and Martha have come to terms with not trading in anymore games to gamestop.I am ready to have a good collection games on my shelf[when I get another one,when I find a house]I always trade in games and then a few months later end up buying them back anyway.All I can think about now is all of the games that I have traded in and now want to spend money on to buy them back.I am sick of it and it needs to stop.So from this day.I will NOT trade in another game at gamestop again.You all are my witnesses,I will still buy stuff from there but no more trading in stuff.Yeah this is not an insanity,blood filled blog,but I needed some witnesses lol.

Every act of Freakiness is first of all an act of Insanity.Our new motto.

Ok first of all for people who don't know Pablo Picasso made the original quote which was "Every act of creation is first of all and act of destruction" and Scianix "I make love to art and music and it makes love to me"Black had it in his sig.I saw it,he told me who made it and I though maybe I could change it up alittle.So as of now thats to Scianix Black,Mr Picasso and my ablility to steal things our circus's new motto is "Every act of Freakiness is first of all an act of Insanity"Let me explain it alittle bit.To all my freakies,when I say "Insanity" I don't mean you running outside naked taking a blow tourch to your private areas and anything that move.I mean the ability to think outside the box,the ability to think different and still be affective with using your mind to get things done.

Your Freakyiness follows your insanity,you being different follows.Your ability to use your mind in different ways,your ability to love fur and get down with your bad self and to let your freaky fantasies and dreams become realities.The ability to not let the limitations of life hold you down,If any of my freakies die,you damn sure better not let that small thing stop you from being freaky,or getting freaky.Cause I know when I die I will be getting freaky with every hot wolf in hell for the rest of internity.That is what our saying mean.Oh and for those people that like taking blow tourches to your private areas,your not insane or freaky,your just stupid.So what do you all think?

Romantic Romona.New Character to my story.

Ahhh welcome my sexxxy clients.I am Romona.I will make sweet passionate love to you,male or female.I will give you everything that you spose just can't quite give you.I can make every freaky fantasy you ever dreamed of become a reality.I will lay you down and kiss you from hed to toe.I will tie you up in my leather straps and show you who is the boss.I will eat your heart for breakfast and tell the police that I never seen you when they ask about your "Dissapearing" act.I will put a drug in my exotic furs{Which come from the freaky wolf himself]anyway this drug once in your system will parlyze your body.I will use your skin and organs to make my new...naughty toys.My name is Romona I will pleasure you like no other,but no other you shall see.HAHAHA.Please,step right in....

Well this is my new character,the crazy mistress who also kills,but eats the bodies and uses some of their organs and skin for her new..."Toys" to use on her new clients.This is not the actual story but I just wanted to show you what she was going to be like.Oh and don't worry mods I will not be writing the extra violent version on here,it will be archived with my other ones and shown on a different site,oh course I will blog the link.It will be awesome when I write the full thing in all of it's bloody gore.Peace.