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Midnight pleasure.

Ohh How I lay you down by the fire tonight,the flame is hot and shining so bright.I will kiss you tender all night long as your ears get pleasured with our special song.I lured you here to be my love,but I will send you to heavens with the angels above.Tonight is my pleasure,tonight is your dream no my pretty darling this is not of the machine.Tonight you will die yet you continue to smile,you have no fear for death I will make it your while.

Now it is my turn to tell you something.You think you will kill me you furry freak,I think thats cute,maybe rather neat.Do you know who I am,have you see the news?.by the time this ends you will have the blues.You lured a killer right into you house,I will be the cat,you be the mouse.Now I am going to kill you or maybe you will get me,but until that time comes lets get freaky.....

I was bored and I wanted to rhyme again lol.

Monster within the Insanity..

I sit here.With my head held low.Breathing,trying to catch my breath.My heart racing,my chest hurting.My body tends to shake without me having any control.Everthing people says to me now must go through proper thought process.My mind wonders are bad times ahead of me so the person tries to give me sympathy.Almost as if I am on death row or dying of cancer.Everytime I tend to smile a sour feeling in my stomach that takes it away.People always say that I just need to do what makes me feel good to feel better,but everytime I tend to have fun it gets taken away by my damn anxiety.As the song said it will bring you to your knees.

Embarrasment is a natural thing about this for me.My failures in life have been the main reasons for my anxiety.I have always been strong about it but I fear that I will never be able to break this leash of hell that is around my neck.Oh how I dream of dragging my anxiety into a dark room and chopping off every limb watching the blood rush out,watching it's dead cold eyes turn white,listening to it try to gargle it's last words to me....Sigh..But thus it is just a dream that I fear I will forever have,only to wake up in a cold sweat letting anxiety take my body over again...Laughing at me.Killing my heart from the inside out,until it takes my final breath.

I went to talk to someone today.A few people on this forum and that I know personally said that I should talk to some sort of professional when it comes to these problems that I have.They told me since I love writing to write somethingthat revolves around my problems...So what do you think?Not sure that it made me feel better.My Dr told me that since I am only 19 years old and I feel this way it might be time to take some sort of medication....I don't want to be some downed freak,but I can't stand living like this anymore.I think another thing I will do is get away.I love Maryland but I feel the need to start over somewhere.Alaska would be nice,I love the cold....Just not 24/7 lol.

50,YES,50! Useless facts about this ol wolf.Updated with 10 more facts.YAY.

This seems to be pretty cool trend ongamespot.That and my new friend Kate wanted me to do one of these tyep of blogs.So here it is,some good ol facts about the good ol wolf.

  1. I am a freak,of course you already know this.
  2. I am married to a beautiful Panther wife named Martha Stewart.
  3. I care for the whole forest but my favorite animals are my owls and Dolphins.....Yes Doplhins in a forest.Don't question it.
  4. I am an African american wolf.
  5. I have lived for over 6,000 years.
  6. I love to game.If it is fun I will play it.
  7. I care for the kids out there,If I ever came into alot of money I would make sure to help out families that needed it.
  8. Me and Martha get freaky 10 times a day...It use to be 20 but I am not a damn machine.
  9. I have alot of fetishes which include older woman,fat woman,cartoons....Not the kiddy kind.
  10. I have a blue tiger G3 in Call of duty 4.....Don't ask why I put this.
  11. I have never been hunted before.
  12. I have killed millions of creatures ranging from bugs,animals and humans.
  13. The sexiest video game woman are females who are strong.Example.Jo Dark,Aylx Vance
  14. My Dominace is only matched by my ability to share fur lol.
  15. Speaking of fur,I have created fur that can pleasure,kill and make your wildest dreams come true.
  16. We created Secret sauce.The sauce is good with anything that you put it on.Whether it be food,or someone you love.
  17. Even though I am a wolf I hate when hair gets in my mouth when I eat.
  18. Me,Martha and a few others have made sweet,sweet love with the dead before.
  19. Favorite foods are tacos...TACOS.I ate 30 the other night.
  20. I like older cartoons over new ones.Scooby-Doo is of course my favorite.
  21. Hazelnutman is a nut.
  22. Vandread is my favorite anime.
  23. FF9 is my favorite ff game....Betrix was so damn beautiful and the one character with the Lance and the pimp hat.
  24. I cried wolf tears and the MGS Saga.
  25. I love Soap Operas.Young and the Restless,Bold and the beautiful and As the wold turns.I have been watching them for years.Thank you mother.
  26. I get lots of anxiety and get paranoid for some reason.
  27. Purple is my favorite color.
  28. I have never done any drugs like Weed,nor do I want to.I don't care how cool people say it is I have no need to try it.
  29. Cutekitten is very cute.
  30. I wish I could make my own video game.There would be free DLC,it would be for all platforms including PS2 and none of that Exclusive BS.
  31. The PS3 is sexxxy like my feet.
  32. I have been through alot of ruff moments in my life.
  33. Etenmann's Donuts are the....THE BEST.
  34. We created the Dream machine were all your wildest things come true.
  35. I admit,I am a crazy wolf.
  36. I love the PS3 forum.It is my favorite place to chill.On gamespot.
  37. I love Romance.I can admit that.
  38. Favorite game shows are.Price as right,family fued and Catch 21.
  39. I was in I am legend.I was the stunt double for the dog.
  40. GreyWolf is damn awesome,her violent ways are sexxxy.And I have some of her fur.HAHAHAH.And there is nothing you can do about it Grey.
  41. The warriors is one of my favorite movies.Comeout and play indeed.
  42. I hate the number 6,but love the number 7.
  43. I love hearing Martha Purr all night long for me.
  44. Mitu is a 'RARE' type of guy.
  45. Jerkface is no jerk at all.
  46. I always wanted to go Canada.
  47. I love all types of music aslong as it sounds good.From classical,to rock,to hip-hop.
  48. I love dancing even though I can't do it.
  49. The mods on this site have moderated me 36 times
  50. And the 50th fact about me and probably the most important of all.I love every single one of you.I consider all of you a part of my family.I thank you for accepting me into your gamespot goodness.
  51. Saw 2 had the best catch phrase ever.'Oh yes there will be blood'Excellent
  52. Oprah gave me a picture of Dr Phil naked as a prank once.....Grey,that is where I got it from.LOOK AT IT
  53. Having naughty time with a desk is a big No,No.
  54. I love to write,you know this.
  55. Some serial killers fuel my thoughts in ways you can not imagine
  56. I am no king,nor do I ever want to be.I will just feed off of the kings army
  57. Nerds are my favorite candy....Not nerds like revenge of the nerds,nerds like the Candy in the big blue box
  58. The F.E.A.R Series is my favorite game series ever
  59. Eagles are my favorite Football team.
  60. I have created 800 naughty positions over the 4,000 years lol.

Well there you go everybody 50 completly useless facts about me.

I want you all to imagine for me...

Imagine.Sit back and relax for a min.I want you all to imagine what it would be like to give life,to help people do ever day things.I want you all to imagine waking up to a beautiful city every morning.Seeing the kids play,seeing the early birds get the worm just a happy happy time.I want you to imagine destroying all the evils that stand in the way of everybody.I want you all to imagine hearing people scream your name because they love you,life is good isn't it my pets.Now I want you all to imagine taking live away from people,I want you all to imagine instead of giving blood you are taking it from helpless people.I want you to imagine waking up toa once very alive town,now turned into a graveyard thanks to your actions.I want you to imagine the painful,yet lustful screams on your victims everyday.

I want you to look in the mirror and see the horns growing out of your head.I want you to look real hard at the beast of a face that you have.I want you to see the deep dark eyes that you have.I want you to walk outside and see the damnation that you have created.I want you to to take your tail and wrap it around a poor fools neck and drag them back into your house.Now I want you all to wake up.Everthing is peacful again isn't it.Everybody still loves you.I want you to think long and hard about this.No matter how good you are on the outside deep down inside we all have the devil firing up inside us,no matter how pure we think we are,we ALL have evil thoughts.The devil will just sit their patiently waiting for you to snap,and trust me....We all snap once in awhile.Problem is when it finally happens,will you be able to get the devil to go back in the door?.

My promise as a cop.

Ahh yes,as some of you know I want to go for my Criminal Justice degree.So I got to thinking every cop male,female or wolf has a certain code to follow,certain morals to go by.I want you all to give your opinions on mine.

I want to kill....I mean clean up the mean streets.I promise ever drug dealer will get the needle....The needle that I keep pumping into their damn neck,or the needle of fresh air that I breath into their veins.I promise that I will respect the good people of the community.I will give money and make sure the homeless familes have a nice place to be.I promise that I will mentally and psyhically destroy crime.Any person that wants to carry around a gun and start trouble regardless of age will be shot down and if the family wants to call police brutality then I will be more than happy to send them with their dead idiot violent makers.I promise that people will respect me,whether they are doing it out of fear or they truly respect me.I promise that I will cut down on the serial killers.I will find them,find out how they do things and bring it back worst than ever to them.

I swear to protect all of the good little kids who just want to play and have fun.So to all the child abusers out there,I will break out my belt and beat you until beg to go to jail.I promise to make sure that ALL of the sexual abusers get the worst punishment of all.Sigh....I suppose after all of this I would be just adding more violence to the mix,but I don't care.I believe in for an eye for an eye.I believe that can...No I WILL make a damn change.People have pity for criminals well I don't.If they all turn against me and fire me from the force I don't care.Cause all I will do them is burn down the station and offically take the law into my own hand.I will have...No own the city.I promise you that.I will rule over the city...then another,then another,then another.Until there are no criminals left,then I can retire into the sunset....It will be all over.And that ladies and gentleman is my promise to you as a cop.

This is pretty much a made up story of how I feel.I want to be tough on crime,yet give back to the community.....And the ending part pretty much shows when to much power tends to go to ones head.All I am doing is restarting the cycle of violence.Yet I don't know it cause I am having to much fun power trippin.But the sunset is beautiful once the job gets done lol.

My summer plans/Some books I bought today.UPDATED.

Now for one I plan to have a damn house by this summer.But the number one thing I want to do is go to my local college right here in town and get my Criminal Justice degree.Thats right you read that right,this ol wolf wants to get a Criminal Justice degree.To be more specific,criminal profiling.I love learning and studying serial killers so I figured I might aswell get payed for it one day lol.You all know that my writings pretty much evolve around psychology,insanity and other types of things that some people ay look down on.Learning more about these people will not only be one of my life long dreams but also make me a step closer to having ultimate knowledge on everything and anything dealing with insanity.Not only that but I want to learn all about weapons,ranging from guns to the odd torture devices.I want to know it all.Now on to the books that I got today.

The Human predator.This book is a historical chronicle on some of the most famous serial murders and investigations.Starting way back with locusta all the way up to the BTK killer of 2005.I can't wait to read this one.It is weird that some of my favorite people are serial killers,but lets face it,if I had never learned about them I would have never written some of my crazy stuff,and I might be some plain jane.

Drugs and Violent crime-Well this is a short 63 page book on drugs and violent crime.Nothing more,nothing less.

The Modern Mercenary-A lovely book on how Mercenaries get recruited,how they operate and some of the most famous Mercenary dealt missions that has happened before.Cause playing mercenaries does not make you an expert on them lol.

The History of torture.You read that right my freakies.I saw this book and snatched it up quicker that Martha finishes a plate of pasta lol.From the very start of things all the way through to what people do in modern times.Torture is without a doubt my favorite type of subject.I hate math,I hate science,But torture and crimes is something I can hang with.

Guns Illustrated 2009.A big ol book filled with nothing but guns,guns and more guns.The book covers modern and historic weapons,telling you their price,what they look like and how to use some of them,ammo and everything you need to know about killing someone......I mean guns.Silly me.

Well this is alittle update and I hope that you all support me.It will be a few months before I do any of this but I really want to get into it.I will either be A.On the good side of things,or B.End up being the world craziest serial killer.Either way it is a win,win.*Update* First off Happy Easter to all my little freakies.I hope that you all enjoy it.And the Drugs and Violent crime book was 63 pages of boring.Yeah I did learn some new drug terms but actually trying to pay attention to them was a snore fest lol.Drugs ain't my thing.

My mental stability...

Ahhh yes my mental means,what I think,what I do how I react to things.People want to judge me,humans telling me what I do is wrong.Atleast I don't send people to war for no reason,Atleast I am not some money hungry political bastard.In my forest I rule things and that is how things will always be.I am without a doubt the most dominate animal to ever exist.No animal nor human could ever surpass what I have accomplished.You humans minds will be mine at the end of this journey I can state that as a fact right now.I demand respect and if you are going to come to me and judge me and tell me that I am wrong then I will just take my damn respect from you and then your damn life.Now I may be getting alittle ahead of myself.I can be your best friend.

I will always be around to leave you speechless,breathless and pleasured by my words,acts and thoughts.I am a wolf who loves to make love to my beautiful panther all night long.We are a couple that enjoys making passionate love to the dead until they become alive again.I have searched and destroy,I have searched and brought joy.I am no king who sits on a high throne,I am the big bad wolf who killed all the kings men and took over the land.My mind is like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode all over you letting you eat it up.I want to leave you all in my state of insanity.I have accpeted the fact that I am insane aloooong time ago.By the time I am done with you all you will be in my same state of mental stability....I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.....Hehe...

Get down with the Passion.

No not the passion of the Christ,I am talking about the passion you have with a woman,man or animal that you love,or the passion you have with a bowl of cereal in the morning.Either way Passion is everywhere.And today we have seen it here today in the circus bigtime.The owls and the dolphins have....err come together in a passionate way.My buddy Hoot-Hoot has been attracted to one of the Dolphins for the longest time and today they finally did it.I for one am happy for them.Some people may say I have a mental problem with finding something like this interesting,I call it having a heart.Me and Martha can't wait for them to have alittle owlphin.

That is just one story of passion our next is even better.Today we went out into our forest and gathered some of our dead friends.The best passion according to them is dead passion.Two of our friends always wanted to get married so me and the gang held a wedding for them.It was so sweet.Zombies,ghost,gouls of all types in one room enjoying the sweet coming togethers of two 10,000 year old creatures.Today was wonderful.We had passion all over.

Fools of April celebration.

Over here at the circus the owls and dolphins have been working really hard on something special for you all.It is the fools of April celebration.This festival is for everybody to come here and post what they think might be the greatest pranks ever.This will be so much better than those dumb forum topics.For example,You open up your web browser,log on to gamespot.You see the topic."Final Fantasy 7 remake confirmed!" or "New Conker game is coming out!!!" You let out a big smile and click on the topic almost having an orgasm while doing it just to see the words.....April Fools.Don't you hate it,people would scoop to such lows to get alittle bit of attentions,but while doing it your hopes and dreams of a new game are crushed in a split second.So the owls and dolphins came to me saying lets see what your freakies can come up with.So come one,come all and post what you think would be the greatest april fools prank,whether it be on a friend,family member or a more sadistic prank on an enemy.And while your here please enjoy the music,food and.....Pleasure rooms and that is no joke.

I want you all to do me a favor and meet someone for me.

You know this is gamespot,and generally you will run into alot of blogs about just that,gaming.But I ran into someone who loves to write about gaming,but it seems different.The stuff that he writes is very well written and actually interesting.I want you all to meet my new buddy Smokescreened84.He is a scottish gamer who does not let his disability stop him from enjoying and writing about the games new and old that that he feels like..I want more people to see his blogs and to see the hard work that he puts into them.He is a down to earth guy and if you love me like you all say that you do,please do me a favor and check this cool cat out.Thank you my freakies and good day.