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My opinion always rules all. Nobody is better than me, not in one way shape of form. I AM better than all of you, Last month alittle girl about 10 years old said that her bike could go faster than my car, so I showed her, later that night I ran her ass over with my car. Hehehe she had it coming. I am never wrong alright, I always look down on people and when people belittle me I take their damn life.

Nobody and I mean NOBODY will break my mental spirit. If I say the god damn sky is green than that is the truth. I will kill and kill and kill until I get my point across, I don't give a damn and nobody is going to stop me. I am the most powerful thing that ever existed. No other woman has what I have,complete domination of all who are in my way. It always seems to be the kids who challenge my opinions. last week a little boy tried telling me that religion was an important part of life, So I hung him right in the church. I can't stop I have to much power...I am and always will be the whole damn deal. So many people challenge me, why? Why do they do such a foolish thing. Pregnant woman have had their babies ripped from them by me because they thought smoking was healthy for their kids, I taught them a lesson they will never forget. I am a bully, I will bellittle, I will look down on your pathetic ass. Your opnion will never amount to even half of me..I burned awhole family once. Thats right, they told me that I should not leave my fire burning, so I burned them...Of course now I sit in a nut house but I am not dead, and aslong as this perfect body has air going in and out of it I will get what I want....Whatever the cost and nobody will stop me hehehehe.

You all can thank Cometh for this blog. I saw his AWESOMEx10 blog about people Belittling other and looking down on them and It gave me a spark of inspiration lol. OMG New character to mAH st0ry.... Oh and no woman is more crazy than Cruella Devile

Chef Freaky wolf ask:Are you hungry?

The following is another JOKE blog, so I don't wan't to hear all the angry fools. You should know how I write by now.

You know with the whole economy in a big mess and money getting harder and harder to get one has got to ask themselves? Why am I hungry and how do I stop this hunger? Well there is a simple solution....Cannibalism. WHAT you say, that is terrible and I will have no part in such a cruel atrocious act, no way, no how. Ok, Ok you win it is cruel but by the end of this little blog I tell you what, you will be making the best fried intestine with BBQ sauce of all time but first alittle history on the subject and the human body.

Cannabalism is such a nasty word, so lets just call it. Extreme cuisine....Yeah that will work. EC has been around for ages, it has been in everything from Mythology, to tv entertainment, video game and of course real life. Back in the 1600's when food would go dim people would dig up corpses and use them for food. We will be doing the same thing, but thankfully we have the tools to make our food taste great. Now to do EC you have to remember the human body is not like one of an animal. Humans have more "Game" in their bodies, no not game as in halo or Killzone, I mean games as in they are more active then most animals.

Now say you manage to get your hands on a nice body of meat what do you do with it? Well cut it open duh? But before you grab that chainsaw and act like your living in texas relax. Preparing human is just like preparing anything else. You need to be focused and logical. So put away the chainsaw and get yourself a set of these babies.

A clean and precise butcher set. Things will be alot less messy and clean up will be a breeze.Now on to the fun part. The cooking. Now with my wife being my sexy panther Martha she was so ready to help out with explaining this. As we said before the human body is very different from animals. Your not going to be able to just cut off a slab of meat and fry it, no, no, no. You need to take the carving knife and carefully cut the skin and save it because I have a wonderful idea of what you can do with that. Now when you reach the stomach you will see all of the human body's beautiful oragans, all of which can be cooked if you do things right. Now here is a dish that is sure to get mouths watering. Fried intestine,

Now that is a picture of fried porky Pig's intestines but you will be eating the real deal. First thing is first find your favorite batter. Next remove the intestines from the area, trust me it is really simple, just reach and pull. get a bucket and squeeze out all of the yucky stuff inside. Now you must clean them. Put them in the sink and wash. For best results marinate the intestines first.....For those who don't know what that means-It is the proccess of soaking meat to give it more flavor. Pour some water over the meat, chop up a few onions add your favorite seasonings and then let it sit in the fridge over night...

Yaaawn. Good morning. Lets get back to cooking. Mhhhhhmm, you know you have done things right because the meat smells cooked already. Pre-heat a deep fryer to 350-375 degrees. Take your meat and chop it into little portions. It will look like friend squid when we are done. Dip it in your batter and then put it in the fryer....Mmmhhhmmm Smell that good ol cooking. After your done cooking your food. Plate it nice and just drizzle some BBQ sauce over it. There you go, you have made Fried intestines with BBQ. Now for the rest of the body. Make sure you store it in a freezer. Now what can you do with all that meat. Eat it, give it to the homeless, or feed the kids on holloween. The Possibilities are endless. On behalve of me Chef Freaky wolf and Chef sexy panther we say Bonappetit.

Extra tips.

  • Like we said before, certain parts of the body have more game, especially in the legs and arms.
  • Avoid steroid users
  • Properly store the meat in a place that will help age
  • Soak the meat in buttermilk
  • Stew with potatoes and other veggies always help
  • With the skin you can create dumplings, stuff them with whatever you want.
  • Don't let people judge, remember the ones who judge get judge later on your plate hahahaha.
  • Have fun with it.

Bury your fears.

Fore warning. FAKE STORIES. This blog was out of bordom. They are fake stories so don't get all upset when you read them. Ok thank you.

You know the old saying," To defeat your fear you need to face them" Now this is good for such things as swimming, insects, certain animals ect,ect. But what if you fear is something alittle more extreme? Tonight on this special report we will see what happens when people take their fears to the extreme.

Our first story comes all the way from Alaska that is right Alaska. 18 year old Andy Johnson. Andy had a terrible fear of fire so one night him and some friend figured that if they played around with it he would over come the fear sadly this turned tragic.Andy states "First we started off small, flicking the lighter on and off but then we went bigger and bigger with our stunts. "I was so caught up in not being afraid that I totally forgot the danger of what fire can do to you" Andy and his friends went from trying to over come something to pure stupidity. Andy and his gang tried their biggest stunt yet and sadly it involved gas and fire....which anybody with common sense knows never makes a good combination. "We decided on pouring gas into a pile of shrubs and setting them on fire, "I seen people do it 1000x. We went to go and pour the gas and I had gotten some on me. I did not think of much of it until now." As soon as they lit the fire to celebrate his over comings of fire something went wrong. The fire had caught on to Andy's shirt and soon after covered his whole body.

We are guessing it was something like this but worst.

Andy recieved 3rd degree burns on 75% of his body and now sits in pain everyday in a hospital...All for trying to face his fears. Andy says "Well atleast I don't have to worry about my fear of fire anymore, considering the fact that I have been through the worst of what fire can deliver

That was two years ago. Andy now has made some what of a recovery and now sits at home with his mother playing the wii.

Our next story comes from Arizona. Where 35 year old Douglas Anderson had a fear of being in small spaces....This has a scientific name of claustrophobia.Douglas is now serving 27 counts of life sentacing in an Arizona stat prison, why you ask? Well because unlike our last fool Doug here decided to kidnap and bury random people and watch them squirm around in their grave."I had a bad case of claustrophobia and I wanted to beat it, so I would put a camera in these graves and watch as they try to get out" Acording to Doug what started out small turned into a killer's obsession. "I started out with kids, then adults It was almost like the Saw movies, trying to see who wanted their life the most. Unlike the Saw series my victims did not have an once of hope." Doug has an execution date of Dec 5th 2010.

This was the casket used.

We got a quote from the Arizona police. "We were baffled at how so many random people were going missing, we were not even sure how he was doing it."

Douglas confessed to the courts and to us how he took his victims, but first a word from our sponsers.

This cool picture we found....Face your fears...NOW.

And by

Courage the cowardly dog, cause no animal has ever taught us to face our fears more than courage.

Welcome back. In this episode we were talking about how facing your fears can go terrible wrong. We have two stories we already told one, now we are telling the other. A story about a regular guy turned serial killer named Douglas Anderson. Douglas finally explained to us how he would capture his victims." Well with the kids it was easy, parents are so stupid or letting their kids be out at night, and these are kids who are under the age of 15 for god sakes. Now with the adults it was alittle more tricky but I got it done. I would usually knock them over the head and then continue to punch them over and over. Then drag them back to my truck, cover them up with a tarp and wait to see the look on their face when they woke up in their grave." That is all Doug would tell us but the leading detective had more to add.

The desert were his victims stayed.

"Arizona is a hot hot place above surface, but sitting in a metal casket in the desert, not only were they probably going nuts from being kidnapped and put theremost ofof them poor, poor people died out from heat stroke. This man was a cruel human being and even worst arrogant. Blaming the parents for letting their kids be out a nite, this is a small and friendly town. We should not have to worry about crazed psychos here.That man deserves his spot in the chair when the time comes, I look forward to smelling his burning flesh" We may never know the real reason why he did this, it is hard to believe this guy wanted to beat his fears of Claustaphobia by doing such acts but aslong as he sticks to that story that is all we will ever know. This was the freaky Wolf join us next time when we do a report on our next idiot.

Call my crazy and get use to it.

Yeah you heard me, call me crazy I love it. When in the holy hell are people going to relize that I am a wee bit different from alot of people. Of course I get looked down on, people don't like what I say or write. Guess what? I don't give a damn. I love writing about crazy things, it is better than the usual crap you see around here. "Oh here are my top Boss battles" or "My favorite classic games" Blah, Blah,Blah. I love being different, I love being insane, it is what sets this wolf apart from all the rest. If you don't like what Martha and I cook up, don't come into our damn kitchen it is simple as that.

Like my last blog. It was a whole article I made up out of my mind and there were a few cry babies who had to come in and get all serious. In their eyes I wrote the article because I hate trophies, but really I just wrote it because I can and I did. I got people to believe that others would do such awful things over trophies, so that was a win for me. Anyway back to the here and now. If you don't like what we do around here you can leave and never come back. The world I live in has had enough with your plain jane thinking inside the box logic.But if you want to get down and stay freaky then I suggest you park your butts in that corner and leave the rest to us....Now who is ready to get insane?

I said it once and I will say it again, don't judge and if you don't like our crazy stuff don't even bother looking. It is all for good crazy fun. If I want to make fun of trophy addicts then I will, if I want to write bloody stories then I will. End...Of...Story.

48 hours mysteries. Trophy Tragedies.

Yesterday, tragedy stuck in the small New York town of Accord,population 622.A local woman called her boys down for luch when she noticed that one was missing. Her and her husband went up to the 12 year olds room only to find a terrible scene that no parents ever want to see. Their little boy who was a once a smiling happy boy that the community loved had killed himself. He hung himself from his top bunk of his bed. He took his own belt and hung himself. The detectives qustioned the parents on why he would do this. They first believe that he was being abused, but then they found an odd not written in crayon.

The note stated the following-"I love you Mommy and Daddy, but I can't get the Killzone 2 Elite trophy and I want to die" The police then for the first time noticed that the tv was on and killzone 2 was on the screen.They found it extremly hard to believe that this once sweet kid would comit such a heinous act towards himself, but in the end it was ruled a suicide. Sadly this was only one of the tragic cases dealing with trophies. Tonight I am about to share with you a few more trophy related incidents and we will have a special psychologist who will tell you how to avoid any such tragedies at the end of the show.

These related incedents are not just an issue with kids. In July 13 2008, London England. 28 year old Kyle Dunlop was playing the popular Uncharted Drakes fortune. At the time the popularity of the game had sky rocketed. The now popular trophies had just been released to rival the xbox360's ever popular achievements. Kyle wanted to be one of the few people in his group of friends who unlocked all of them, sadly with that determination came tragedy. after 5 straight days of constent play kyle passed out and later died. You all may rememer a very similar case dealing with two men who died because of World of warcraft addiction.

The doctors ruled that insomnia was not the only culprit. Here is a qoute from Dr Bell St clair-" Sleep deprivation can cause damage to the body, but only in extreme cases does it cause death, Kyle had also gotten so addicted to unlocking these trophies that he forgot to eat, drink and take his heart medication" Kyle had a rare heart condition known as 'Aortic Dissection' The Aortic is one of the biggest blood vessels in the body. He was taking stress meds to stop the vessels from tearing. Add that plus the stress of unlocking the trophies and no person would survive. Once again another tragic story that has to deal with trophies.

Not all cases lead to death but the results in our next case are not pretty. We travel back to New York, this time we were actually able to interview our next victim. 35 year old trophy collector Dave, he asked for his identity and last name to be kept secret. He was a trophy collector who in his words "Should have known his limit" You see Dave loved collecting trophies, first as a little hobby to extend the life of his games but then he begain to get addicted. " I lost everthing" says Dave.He was living the dream, working in a New York law firm, two wonderful children and a third on the way. In Dec of 08 my wife bought me my PS3 and by April of 09 I hated it. "Me and my wife use to play together, she found the PS3 to be a stress reliver from the baby pains, I loved it" Dave then heard about trophies. "At first I only collected them for fun, but then I started forcing myself to do things I did not want to and playing games that I hated"

Hannah Montana was huge downfall for Dave.

"My wife started to take notice, started to notice my aggression and anger towards not unlocking these beast"....Dave had to take a 15 min break, he started to get too emotional. When he came back he continued the interview. "The last straw was when I lost my job, I was showing up late, making excuses. I came home that day and was very angry. My son held up the PS3 controller and told me I could not beat in in Smackdown Vs Raw, I struck him down in anger. My wife screemed, and yelled. I told her if she left I would kill her" Dave was arrested later that night and spent 1 year in prison where he got quite abit of psychological help. Dave's Ex wife now lives in Maryland with her new husband and now three kids. Dave was not allowed visits. "Sigh...If you are listening baby, I am sorry and tell my kids that I am sorry as well", I never knew trophies could lead to such a downfall, but they did. Now I have nothing. Please...Don't follow my mistakes, don't let trophies control you"

These are just three cases on trophy tragedies. I will share with you one more, but first a word from our sponsors.

Brought to you in part by, Trophy Wife Trophy polish, we will make you trophies shine bright!!

And by

Trophy whore T-Shirts and Mugs, let the whole world know your passion, whether it is at the latest convention or at the office.

Welcome back to the show. Our last dead beat.....I mean Trophy Collector learn the real meaning of reality. We have to take a trip to California. Where one female....Yes trophy addictions are not excluded by gender. 19 year old Maria Savage was sent to a mental hospital after she started showing signs of delusion and started to not understand the difference between reality and video games. She started doing little things and screaming the words "Trophy UNLOCKED!!" She could no longer function in the school grounds or at home. Maria's Father said this to a statement to 46 hours " Our precious angel is doing better, I believe she is almost good enough to bring home, but she will never be subjected to those things again"

In 2009 Maria's parents filed a lawsuit against the Sony company....The file was declined. We have seen some of the cases of trophy tragedies but what can we do to stop these. Dr wong from law and order SVU has left these statements.

First we will look at the signs of when one is becoming addicted to trophies.

  1. They are ignoring the game it's self and going after trophies.
  2. Doing things they would not normally do to unlock them. For example, they will play through crappy games just to unlock them.
  3. They start to make trophy boosting threads on popular forums such as Gamespot, Playstation,IGN, Gametrailers and even Xbox and nintendo.com
  4. They start to make fun of people in games because of their low number of trophies
  5. They call people in the middle of the night just to brag about their trophy number or a specific trophy.
  6. He will not play good games like Metal Gear solid 4, Call of duty 4 and Valkyria Chronicles because of the lack of trophies.

Now that you know the signs here is what you can do to prevent such a matter.

  1. Smack them. It worked in a few Law and Order cases, I figure it would work here to
  2. Leave the PS3 on but take away their controllers...Trust me, watch them go crazy.
  3. Smack them again, another never hurts
  4. Take away all of their games with the exception of Hannah Montanna, tell them they bought it for the trophies, now they will stay for the game.
  5. Find someone with more trophies then them.Cause nothing stops an obsession quicker than finding someone who can do what you but better.
  6. Change the Password for the profile then delete it....Works everytime.
  7. And my personal favorite. Smack them, cause if it worked the first two times....

I am Dr Wong and hopefully these tips will keep Trophy Tragedies out of your house.

We have learned quite abit throughout this show, little things such as trophies can be deadly. Who is really to blame though, Sony or the games.....The gamers, cause if you get addicted to them in this fashion you are an idiot. I am the freakywolf. Join us next time when we look at the addiction to saying the word "PWN" and "Noob" in online games and how one man lost his arm for saying it to many times at a biker bar.Till next time.

I guess I should have added this the first time, but then again I really did not think anybody would really take this seriously. This article is fiction...Complete Fiction. None of these events ever happened. But it is nice to know that I can fool some with my writing.

Do people play video games for fun anymore?

What?!?!? I am writing a blog that does not involve blood, guts, gore and other odd things that question my sanity upon this world. Well ok. Today I want write something that I had on my mind for quite awhile now, do people play video games for fun anymore? The answer seems to be a 50/50 type deal.This blogs is towards the people who don't seem to remember what video games where designed for.Case in point Trophies/Achievements. Yeah they can be fun for some people to unlock but the problem is people take they way to far. I have spent alot of time browsing the forums and it seems that one of the biggest culprits in this case is Call of duty World at War. I can not even count how many times I saw the sentence "Veteran difficulty makes me want to pull my hair out" or " I HATE playing COD WAW on Veteran" Well if you hate it and your not having fun why do it?

I would rather be the guy who played the game for actual enjoyment rather than be the guy who sat through 7-8 frustating hours screeming at the top of his lungs ready to launch his controller through the wall like a cannon. Now to be fair some people do find playing games like Call of Duty on Veteran to be fun, I don't know if they are masochist or just lying to cover their ass. Last generation things were abit different, if a game was bad, it was bad. People would ignore it to teach the game devs a very valuble lesson. These days? Not so much, now game devs can make a crappy video game and add trophies to it knowing that the singleminded fools will answer the call and actually play it. Do you think people wasted their time on these games last generation.

I don't think so, but this generation even if a game is so terribly bad it could cause heart attacks people will still play it and believe it or not buy it just to get a taste of those sweet, sweet trophies. I see so many people playing games for all the wrong reasons this generation and it makes me quite sick to tell you the truth. Now before you go off, am I nottalking about the person who unlock trophies but does not go ape crap crazy over them? No, I am talking about the people who force themselves to do things they hate doing. I could only imagine what the world would be like if achievements actually existed in real life. People all over the world would be doing stupid thing.....Worst than they already do now just to rack up some useless points. You would have peace keepers signing up for the military just for a 50 point achievement. I think I ranted on about this portion enough, now time to talk about another culprit in the emarrasment of video games.

Yeah you know who I am talking about, the energy drink guzzling, brag tasking talking, run of the mill XTREME gamers.Now these people have been around for ages, but I wanted to through them in anyway.The ones who when you join a game of call of duty their name is usually on the lines of MLGXPr0Snipe or MLGXXSlayer or my favorite XXXXXOOo01SniperXXXX. When they are in the game their vocabulary seems to be made up into three catigories. 1. The threats.They will be saying stuff like,"I will beat your ass, I am a MLG pro so don't even try me". 2.The Smacktalk.You know the" You noob, you suck at this game" or the "Your garbage, garbage,garbage"And finally number 3. The failship. You know when you beat this breed of gamer and they say things like " You play this game way to much" Or"Yeah you beat me, but atleast I have a life,I can't spend all my time playing video games"....Right.

I always find it rather pathetic that these people will play one game for 8-10 straight just to compete in a competition. Now I know the money is good but when I see these people all I can do is laugh and thank god I am not them. I saw one kid on EPSN....Yes even worst they call these losers athletes. Anyway about the kid, he was playing madden and he actually took these fools down to a whole new level of low. He said and I qoute" I was going to go to college to become a psychologist, but I quit to play Madden" Major Facepalm right.

Oh man this rant is fun. I should write like this more often. I guess you can't talk about MLG without mentioning Ubisofts own female slaves the..

I always find these chicks funny. Something deep down inside me tells me that the only reason ubisoft aquired these ladies was to attract some more guys to their games. I mean if you look at some of their "Pr0 tips" for the games they play, such as Rainbow Six Vegas, it is always some half-assed tip that even the most simple of simpletons could have figured out. Yeah they are cute I guess, but something also tells me that if they were not all female they would not be getting any attention at all. I have nothing against female games, hell I love them....Oh I love them alot, but something about these girls just annoy me.

So yeah these are pretty much the things that get on my nerves about video games these days.Now if you are the type of person who still plays games for the fun of the game...Good for you, have yourself a cookie and give me one too. This is what it is like when I don't write about crazy blood infested stuff.

Third year anniversery and Puppy Kats!

Lol at this one.

Me and Martha are trying to have our own little Puppy Kats. Thats right, we are trying to start our family. Now who knows when the kiddies will actually come, but one day they will. We are doing just fine in the Love making department. My sexy Panther still knows how to make me howl and i still know how to make her purr. Now Fathers day is coming up and ladies we can teach you some 'Moves' to use on your man.

Now on to other matters. As of June 16th I am officially three years old here on gamespot. It is not a huge deal but Martha wanted me to tell all you. I also wanted to say thank you to all of my freakies who have made the Laid Back lounge a huge success. Over 7600 post and still growing strong every day. Now, please go and enjoy the buffet so that we can get you all nice and fat to eat....I mean....Have fun.

Insanity Report:I found a new house.

Well as the title says I did indeed find a new place. It is a nice little country house that is actually right next to the college I will not be going to lol. The college I am going to is pretty far from the new love nest. It is not all bad though, since there is a college right next to my house there are also tons of fast food joints and other cool places like blockbuster and Hollywood video that are near by. The house has a nice screened in pourch and attic and a basement so YAY for that part.

Now the Bad news

Yes there is bad news, as I was telling brett apperently there were some misunderstandings about the payments for my storage unit. This caused all of the stuff that I had in there to be auctioned off or sold, whatever. Some of that stuff included my PS3, 360, computer, TV, all my games, N64, NES and other items. So because of that I really don't know when I will be able to get on PSN or XBL because I need to buy both consoles all over again. It is not all bad though, I mean I would have rathered for it not to happen but oh well. On the plus side I get to...

  • Have the excitement of buying PS3 over again, and this time get a free DS3, hell maybe I will get lucky enough to find a brand new 80 gig BC one
  • Gives me a reason to buy an Xbox 360 elite
  • I can now buy more pokemon/Yu-gi-oh cards now that I don't have a ton of them
  • Gives me a reason to save up to buy one of those fancy HD Tvs you youngsters are always talking about
  • This one pains me the most but I must rebuy all of my wrestling DVDs, I had a bunch.

See I always try to look at the bright side. Oh and if you are on my FridayKnightFox account as a friend just delete it will ya, when ever I do get another PS3 I will not be using that account

Random Junk

  • Did you know that wolves and Panthers are the sexiest animals alive.
  • The best way to make a kitty purr is to rub their belly....Trust me I R an expert
  • Barak Obama so far has done nothing for this country....Where is my check OBAMA!?
  • When Dolphins and owls mate the sound is horrible
  • I am coming up on my thrid year at gamespot. June 16th, mark it down and prepare to get me something nice.
  • Greywolf is a mean wolf, you thought I was bad...She is crazy like hot sauce flavored cereal.
  • Cutekitten HATES Call of duty games
  • Karate CHOP- This Idiot decided to rob a 7 eleven store dressed as a ninja with a sword....For realz.
  • The woman who everybody felt bad for, you know the one who said that her and her daughter were abducted...Well they were not, infact it was all a big fat lie. They were found chillin at a Disney resort down in Florida.

Movie Time

Ahh yes Movies, the simple beauty of sitting back and watching a film for enjoyment is awesome. Here are some of the best and worst movies I have seen in the past month or so.


  • The HeartBreak Kid- I thought that Forgetting Sara Marshall was an amazing romantic comedy but the Heart break kid was friggin awesome. A very raunchy yet funny, yet sweet movie staring ben stiller
  • Rambo-Now I will be honest, I was not the biggest Rambo fan and was not exactly sure why they were going to make another one. So I finally get around to looking at it....Man is this movie bloody. The plot is very easy to follow but this movie made me screem words such as "Damn" and WTF" at the screen. Lots of good action and pure awesomeness
  • Doomsday-I actually never had any hopes for this movie being any good but once I watched it I was proven dead wrong. Another movie with great action, very easy to follow plot...AND LOTS OF FREAKS, YES FREAKS. Watch it
  • IronMan-Never actually touced an iron man comic before but the movie was pretty good, waay better than the hulk
  • The Hulk-As I said not as good as iron man but better than the first hulk movie. The action and story a turned up a few notches and it made for and enjoyable movie
  • Wrestlemania 24-Yeah not an actual movie, but wrestling fans own themselves to check out this PPV on DVD. It was an amazing show at the citrus bowl. The fireworks had me in awe and I was not even there lol. The matches are great and it has some nice extra features

The Bad/Boring

  • Saw 5-Good god I watched this movie for a second time and I hated it even more. Funny how I love the saw series yet this movie was so damn bad
  • Max Payne-Went into this movie with really low expectations and got even worst. This movie is without a doubt one of the most boring movies out there
  • Walk Hard:The Dewy Cox Story-Some may get a kick out of this movie but not me. It is basically a parody about Walk the line and Johnny Cash. There are funny bits but not enough to keep me happy
  • Alien Vs Preditor R.-The Darkest movie ever made...Literally, it is so damn dark. it is a shame because some of the special effects are cool, yet you can't even tell what is going on.
  • DeathProof-OMG what was QT thinking when he made this movie. It is without a doubt the most boring movie ever made. It is nothing but a bunch of woman talking about crap the whole time. When there is a car chase it is so damn crappy that it felt worthless....Balls to the wall action my ass. The movie 'The Woman' and 'Sex in the City' Had more action than this crap.

Now The Total Nonsense yet totally awesome movies.

These movies have not hard story line, and half the time the things that are happening in the movie is complete nonsense, but they manage to keep you happy with their intense action

  • Crank
  • Shoot em up
  • Rambo
  • Doomsday

Story Time.

As some of you know I archived my stories on this site here. Not all of them have been put there just some. I still need to work on alot of them or re-write them.

Books that I am reading and you should be too.

  • To Fat to Fish-If you like Artie Lange story
  • The Poison Tree-The true story about the Richard Jahnke and his sister's trial. They both suffered years of abuse from their father and one day they shot him. The book is about their trial and the stuff leading to it
  • Witch-If you want to know about the most notorious female killer then read it
  • Seduced By Madness-The true story about the susan polk case, who is susan polk you ask....Here you go.
  • Jinx-Yeah another Crime novel, but this was is a graphic novel so it is special.
  • Any Pokemon Graphic Novel I can find-I have an addiction to pokemon for some reason lol.

And that is that ladies and gentleman, my ultimate blog of awesome-ness, now don't ask for another one till....IDK next month or so lol. Hope you like the title 'Insanity Report' I think it fits me. Oh and PS...What is up with the boring PS3 forum topics. I swear to god if I see one more Metal gear solid topic I will explode.

Atrocious Hero..My Quotes.

"I don't care what you say about me, yeah I am furry god of destruction that will destroy all evil in mine and your path. Nothing can stop me, I am more powerful than a heartattack and stroke combined. I will take evil and hang it from the heavenly gallows with barb wire watching it's blood flow giving back to the people who need it. "

"I will torture all evil in this world. I will lure the serial killers into my deadly web of destruction, there I will be the spider and they will be the fly...."

"I promise to inflict as much pain on the abusers, I promise to to make all of the sexual abusers pay for what they did. They will get use to being naked and wrapped in chains, they will get use to eating parts of themselves they will get use to being abused as they abused the helpless. They will get use to feeling powerless as they will be in my neck of the woods, the woods that they will never escape."

"If a bad guy screems in my woods, who hears it?"

"If I shed enough bloodshed, will god ask me why i did when I get to the pearly gates?"

Oh yes there will be...Damn it that is saw 2....sigh

"I am giving you a choice, Do you want me to eat you with BBQ sauce or Ranch dressing?"

"Yes, I am a cannible, I enjoy the fine works of the human body, I will eat a human over Mcdonalds any day."

"If you made it through yesterday you can make it through today, if you made it through today you can make it through tomorrow."

"Why must you make things so damn hard, just sit still and close your eyes..."

"I will cut you so fast you will still be bleeding blue"

"Just because I shake and twitch and look at you funny does not make me crazy, your the crazy one for looking at me, Oh wait, that is my reflection."

"Greywolf, my ever so violent partner in crime, World domination is just a paws reach away, keep reaching"

"Call me crazy, but did I just decapitate you...Crazy stuff"

"Excuse me while I watch that horny red eyed cow take you for a ride..."

"Come join our circus, where all your dreams become nightmares and your nightmares are something you wanted for oh so long."

"Look in the sky, is it a bird, a plane....Oh I am sorry you can't look up, I have you eyes...Silly me.

" Do you want Barbwire or plastic?"

My Quotes lol.

My ideas for a video game.

Now it is no secret that I have always wanted to make a game.So I thought that I would share some of my ideas for one of the games I would make.Of course the game deals with crime/drama.You play the role of a serial killer and these are some of the features that are in the game.

  1. The ability to do what you want to your victims from burning them alive in front of their family to eating off their body parts or hell set up a scene from saw.
  2. Beautiful HUGE enviroments
  3. being able to create your atire,you could be a killer clown,or be like me and cover yourself in fur.
  4. Being able to set traps.Like barb wire trips etc,etc
  5. Free DLC
  6. Speaking of enviroments,you can have a level creator where you can set up your traps.
  7. Co-op.
  8. Variety of weapons
  9. You can create your own story,in other words you can tell your story of why you went crazy.You could of had childhood problems or just snapped
  10. You can set the scenario,you could be an Ex cop going on a killing spree or a Female dominatrix who kills her customers
  11. You have to keep the cops from finding you out,thus adding strategy to the mix.You will have to hide the bodies,eat them,or do the easy thing.Bury them alive but be like that CSI episode and put a camera in there.
  12. Maybe you want to torture your victims.Like if it is a gamer,you should be able to chop off their thumbs and mail them to gamesop or something like that.

Those are just some of the crazy ideas that I thought up for the game.I notice that alot of games dealing with crime are shallow,or boring point a click games.I would love to make a game like condemned but take it 100 steps further.Serial killers usually become of their own,there stories are told through their victims,you should be able to do the same.Think LBP but alot more violent and bigger.