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48 hours mysteries. Trophy Tragedies.

Yesterday, tragedy stuck in the small New York town of Accord,population 622.A local woman called her boys down for luch when she noticed that one was missing. Her and her husband went up to the 12 year olds room only to find a terrible scene that no parents ever want to see. Their little boy who was a once a smiling happy boy that the community loved had killed himself. He hung himself from his top bunk of his bed. He took his own belt and hung himself. The detectives qustioned the parents on why he would do this. They first believe that he was being abused, but then they found an odd not written in crayon.

The note stated the following-"I love you Mommy and Daddy, but I can't get the Killzone 2 Elite trophy and I want to die" The police then for the first time noticed that the tv was on and killzone 2 was on the screen.They found it extremly hard to believe that this once sweet kid would comit such a heinous act towards himself, but in the end it was ruled a suicide. Sadly this was only one of the tragic cases dealing with trophies. Tonight I am about to share with you a few more trophy related incidents and we will have a special psychologist who will tell you how to avoid any such tragedies at the end of the show.

These related incedents are not just an issue with kids. In July 13 2008, London England. 28 year old Kyle Dunlop was playing the popular Uncharted Drakes fortune. At the time the popularity of the game had sky rocketed. The now popular trophies had just been released to rival the xbox360's ever popular achievements. Kyle wanted to be one of the few people in his group of friends who unlocked all of them, sadly with that determination came tragedy. after 5 straight days of constent play kyle passed out and later died. You all may rememer a very similar case dealing with two men who died because of World of warcraft addiction.

The doctors ruled that insomnia was not the only culprit. Here is a qoute from Dr Bell St clair-" Sleep deprivation can cause damage to the body, but only in extreme cases does it cause death, Kyle had also gotten so addicted to unlocking these trophies that he forgot to eat, drink and take his heart medication" Kyle had a rare heart condition known as 'Aortic Dissection' The Aortic is one of the biggest blood vessels in the body. He was taking stress meds to stop the vessels from tearing. Add that plus the stress of unlocking the trophies and no person would survive. Once again another tragic story that has to deal with trophies.

Not all cases lead to death but the results in our next case are not pretty. We travel back to New York, this time we were actually able to interview our next victim. 35 year old trophy collector Dave, he asked for his identity and last name to be kept secret. He was a trophy collector who in his words "Should have known his limit" You see Dave loved collecting trophies, first as a little hobby to extend the life of his games but then he begain to get addicted. " I lost everthing" says Dave.He was living the dream, working in a New York law firm, two wonderful children and a third on the way. In Dec of 08 my wife bought me my PS3 and by April of 09 I hated it. "Me and my wife use to play together, she found the PS3 to be a stress reliver from the baby pains, I loved it" Dave then heard about trophies. "At first I only collected them for fun, but then I started forcing myself to do things I did not want to and playing games that I hated"

Hannah Montana was huge downfall for Dave.

"My wife started to take notice, started to notice my aggression and anger towards not unlocking these beast"....Dave had to take a 15 min break, he started to get too emotional. When he came back he continued the interview. "The last straw was when I lost my job, I was showing up late, making excuses. I came home that day and was very angry. My son held up the PS3 controller and told me I could not beat in in Smackdown Vs Raw, I struck him down in anger. My wife screemed, and yelled. I told her if she left I would kill her" Dave was arrested later that night and spent 1 year in prison where he got quite abit of psychological help. Dave's Ex wife now lives in Maryland with her new husband and now three kids. Dave was not allowed visits. "Sigh...If you are listening baby, I am sorry and tell my kids that I am sorry as well", I never knew trophies could lead to such a downfall, but they did. Now I have nothing. Please...Don't follow my mistakes, don't let trophies control you"

These are just three cases on trophy tragedies. I will share with you one more, but first a word from our sponsors.

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Welcome back to the show. Our last dead beat.....I mean Trophy Collector learn the real meaning of reality. We have to take a trip to California. Where one female....Yes trophy addictions are not excluded by gender. 19 year old Maria Savage was sent to a mental hospital after she started showing signs of delusion and started to not understand the difference between reality and video games. She started doing little things and screaming the words "Trophy UNLOCKED!!" She could no longer function in the school grounds or at home. Maria's Father said this to a statement to 46 hours " Our precious angel is doing better, I believe she is almost good enough to bring home, but she will never be subjected to those things again"

In 2009 Maria's parents filed a lawsuit against the Sony company....The file was declined. We have seen some of the cases of trophy tragedies but what can we do to stop these. Dr wong from law and order SVU has left these statements.

First we will look at the signs of when one is becoming addicted to trophies.

  1. They are ignoring the game it's self and going after trophies.
  2. Doing things they would not normally do to unlock them. For example, they will play through crappy games just to unlock them.
  3. They start to make trophy boosting threads on popular forums such as Gamespot, Playstation,IGN, Gametrailers and even Xbox and nintendo.com
  4. They start to make fun of people in games because of their low number of trophies
  5. They call people in the middle of the night just to brag about their trophy number or a specific trophy.
  6. He will not play good games like Metal Gear solid 4, Call of duty 4 and Valkyria Chronicles because of the lack of trophies.

Now that you know the signs here is what you can do to prevent such a matter.

  1. Smack them. It worked in a few Law and Order cases, I figure it would work here to
  2. Leave the PS3 on but take away their controllers...Trust me, watch them go crazy.
  3. Smack them again, another never hurts
  4. Take away all of their games with the exception of Hannah Montanna, tell them they bought it for the trophies, now they will stay for the game.
  5. Find someone with more trophies then them.Cause nothing stops an obsession quicker than finding someone who can do what you but better.
  6. Change the Password for the profile then delete it....Works everytime.
  7. And my personal favorite. Smack them, cause if it worked the first two times....

I am Dr Wong and hopefully these tips will keep Trophy Tragedies out of your house.

We have learned quite abit throughout this show, little things such as trophies can be deadly. Who is really to blame though, Sony or the games.....The gamers, cause if you get addicted to them in this fashion you are an idiot. I am the freakywolf. Join us next time when we look at the addiction to saying the word "PWN" and "Noob" in online games and how one man lost his arm for saying it to many times at a biker bar.Till next time.

I guess I should have added this the first time, but then again I really did not think anybody would really take this seriously. This article is fiction...Complete Fiction. None of these events ever happened. But it is nice to know that I can fool some with my writing.