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Well ladies and gentleman Microsoft did it. Finally after years and years and years they launched a playable masterpiece as Dance Central. I have heard many sceptiacal arguments about the Kinect and to tell the truth I have been not convinced by it since the early announcement. But after trying it I have absolutely no doubt that it is a jewel of tech achievement and that the PS3 move is just a bad joke compared to the Kinect. And to think that I am a sony fan since the PS1.

So I tried the Kinect and several launch games and lucky me. I got to play Dance Central.
Dance Central is a dance game and as such needs a great deal of precision and loud music. And the Kinect was just the exact thing that dance gamers were waiting for. I got hooked from that game since the first song which was a total blast. I hope you know Lipps inc because if you don't it means you've never really danced to a good tune in your life.

So in "Dance Central" all you do is dance following the dancer on the screen and while listening to the frantic beat of some awesome old school dance songs and some other new Cascadas and Lady Dada, Baba, Lala, Gaga (or whatever is her name) hits. And I assure you if you haven't danced in a while youd find yourself literally breathless. This game and the Kinect are definitely going to make me buy a X360 in the near futere.

Neways for you gamers with doubts about the Kinect, you must absolutely try it and than see for yourself if its worthy or not. To me it is one of the breakthroughs in gaming history which is a must have.
And by the way I have posted some picks of my new city and give them a look if your curious about Eastern Europe.