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The Shadow Leader ...................PS:Bye ........PSS:For Now

The shadows are awaiting....
I have to go and suffer the pains of darknes in total solitude!I will be far from the light but still I will hold it in my soul because one day I will be back ,back to the light!
During my journey here I have met many people (wonderful friends) but theres only one that I trully admire,that I trully believe.I don't remember how I tracked maybe because of a College blog, Interesting .Then I got to know her more because of msn .I have to admit that she is a great person,she has got a great character and she is really ambitious (great people are ambitious) ,she listens to my problem and she always helps me out or cheers me up when I am down. Even though sometimes we do not talk because I have to work or she "needs her lonely days" I still think that we understand each other.She is the best friend that I found here and I must admit that it is hard to leave this place (for a while no worries I will be back) and to know that I will see her very saldom now!
Just wanted to say See ya later J :P
Now to more cheerful things ,I have been playing ridge racer

for PSP and I must admit that it is a hell of a game .Recently I have deducted that the first PSP lineup is the best because they wanted to impress the market .And they are cheaper :D
I am still Waiting for my PS3 and I really can't wait to play Devil May Cry 4 the best game ever!
And I made a sig just for fun!Hope you guys like it :) :

Bye for now I will pop in to writte somrthing about the college life (I know I know Some of you had enought of it :lol: ) and other stuff!
See ya!
Juxhe1 8)

Beacon Hill

Yes I am talking about Boston.
My aunt had a marketting research to do in Boston so she asked me if I wanted to go.I told her that I would love to go so I bought a train ticket and waited for her at the train station.
The train was comfortable and 0_0 it was more expensive than the plane ! I really enjoyed the trip because I had my PSP with me :lol:
and my aunts laptop :P!Neway we arrived at Back Bay Station around 5 pm and thank god the hotel was near .This time we atayed at the Marriott ( yea I miss The Ritz :cry: )the room was cool and big we couls see all Boston from it :D.Then we went out and started to explore Boston.
First we decided to give a look at Newbury St. which is the most popular street in Boston .Then we entered some of the shops (yea I love shopping :P) and Banana Republic (of course) then we decided to check the Bostons park which was absolutely perfect (but small allmost 1 block) then we reached Beacon Hill:

It was really cool because everything was old style and every building was so well kept .I simply loved walking there it gave me a great feeling .lol it was wow!Then we decided to have dinner and we got back to Newbury St. and we found a cool Italian restaurant .Neway we had calamari then we got back to the hotel.My aunt went to sleep as I went to the gym.
We woke up at 7am ( I was so sleepy because I went to bed at 2 am ).We gave the keys back and my aunt went to the meeting while I decided to check Harvard :

I walked around Harvard square for half an hour then I got back to Au bon pain near the Marriott to get something to eat because I didn't have breakfast and I was freezing !
Boston was so cold and people were walking with T shirts and shorts O.o WTF :lol:
Then I walked a bit along Commonwealth Av. and I gave a look at Cheers :P
At 1 pm I was at Back Bay Station where I met my aunt and we got back!
Even though Boston was small and cold I loved the perfection this City had.
Juxhe1 8)
PS: Picks taken from google(my aunt has the camera :P)

We hate Juxhe1 Fan Club!

Come on everyone drop a comment to help KenshingGirl build her new fan club!
Also lets honour the fallen people in this day!
(this blog is short because of 9/11 )
Thank you for your supporting comment!
Juxhe1 :(
PS: Also thanks to everyone who voted for my sig!


Ok here you go:
I accepted jean0rogues challangein making a sig in 10 minutes to beat her Dante sig!
Juxhe1 : Gimp 10 min---->

jean0rogue: Photoshop 4 hours---->

Ok now you have the last word!
Let the best winn!
Neway today I talked to Karsha and the conversation was way to inrteresting!If you want to know more IM me!
Juxhe1 8)


Well after my last blog (which was converted into a trash bin by REGAMER-X and a toast guy) so I want to say what I know about all this Karsha thing!
In first place Karsha2 is not the damn Karsha !Understand this he has a different ip and Karsha 2 doesn't use AIM!
2nd thing if anyone of you wants to start a fight with Karsha 2 or any one of my friends (yes even Rocco) I will be the first to protect them because I know that they are right!
Now Karsha appeared in my union (AlterWolves Union) 1 month ago insulting everyone and launching a challenge to Karsha 2 then he dessapeared!
Yesturday Arfentul sent me a pm in which he wrote that Karsha was back and that he was using our accounts ! Then I read his conversation with Karsha on AIM and I read my name there.It was not funny to read that someone was using my profile and yesturday I got moderated twice for insulting people in the X-Box board!
If you know me I have never been there and I never wish to get there!Neway I want to talk to this Karsha so here is my aim: WerewolfJin so feel free to talk!

Now I am asking everyone who has a problem with me or my friends to step out and talk ! Gamespot is my homepage since forever and I will not change it for your pleasure of for Karshas!
Waiting for replies!
Juxhe1 8)


GameSpot is moving as I see! Well the Union system is still the same though but.............
As I have noticed the problem with unions is that to many people can get to different unions freely!Well I ask what is the point here?We are not all the same :twisted:
Neway moving foreward you must know that a lot of people here have AIM or MSN so there have been some rumors before of a guy named Karsha !
Arfentul told me that this guy contacted him and threatened him.Ok Karsh get here and lets talk !I saw my name there too!
I feel important now (yea sure)
Neway See ya latter!
Juxhe1 8)


It is clear that gamespot has been moving foreward lately!First they put the links for the account to TV.com and mp3.com then they will let us digg it YAY->(sarcasm) and in the end the very best !
They will let us print the blogs !AIN,t the worls so wonderful with Gamespot!
Neway I sorta like the new stuff that they put !Surely it gives style to the blogs and style is what we need 8)!
Moving foreward I finally got Loco Roco and to tell you the truth it is addictive with it's playful songs and melodies! :) Welcome back kindergarden :lol:
I have been reading Metamorphosis written by Kafka again this book is simply ingenious and really impressive!

Give this book a try and then tell me what you think!(no it is not about monsters and vampires :evil: )This book is pure innovative psycologhy!
At last the D train started working again !AT LAST!Neway the subways are boring as always not to mention the rush hours a real hell!
Neway see ya around !
Juxhe1 8)


I will never bother you
I will never promise to
I will never follow you
I will never bother you

Never speak a word again
I will crawl away for good

I will move away from here
You wont be afraid of fear
No thought was put in to this
I always knew it would come to this

Things have never been so swell
I have never failed to feel
Pain [3x]

You Know your Right [3x]

I'm so warm and calm inside
I no longer have to hide
Let’s talk about someone else
Steaming soup against her mouth
Nothing really bothers her
She just wants to love herself

I will move away from here
You wont be afraid of fear
No thought was put into this
I always knew to come like this

Things have never been so swell
I have never failed to feel
Pain [5x]

You know Your Right [17x]

Pain [1x]
This is my favourite Nirvana song so I thought I would put the lyrics here to check out if any of you knew Nirvana or liked this song it is particularly sad but still one of the best ever!
Anyway after the sad day that I had yesturday today is time to cheer a bit up and here is a question:
From Which TV station is this pick?
(this is a distant memory now but still cool to remember) 8)

Juxhe1 8)

Translation !We miss you Cipe! v_v

Dear Cipe,
I couldn't tell you what I wanted,because I was afraid that you would have understood that the time was not enough and the maladie horrible.
I am sorry,but I think that I must thank you for the patience that you have always had with me.

For your eyes that always smiled,till the end,at my enthusiasms or at my irony with which I searched to overpass togather with you my difficulties.

A couple a days before,very few,you used to talk to me with a soft voice and with the impression of someone that cares for you-for Inter,projecting your wishes in a future which went far over our pitiful,ignorant,human possibilities.

A few months before I asked you jokking how come we do not have a refere on our side , to feel at last for one time protected,and you,with a look between the sweet and the stern told me that I could not ask such a thing ,this was not like me..

Fantastic.Your great dignity was not capable of such a thing ,your natural honesty was not capable of such a thing, your sportivity born since you first joined Inter,with Herrera that called you Cipelletti,mistaking your name,since then you have always been Cipe to us.
Sweet,Intelligent,corageous,riserved,far from every vulgare reaction.
Thanks again for honouring Inter and with Inter all of us!

Massimo Moratti

Still hurts to translate tis words but here you go for all of you to understand the great pain that stays in the people who respected you souls !Bye forever Cipe!