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An old TV badge and the Lagacy Platforms.

First of all as an update I got a new achievement and guess what AN OLD TV -.- go gamespot originality go.
Well since I have been away for three years I am stuck at Level 21 and I need to be a lot active in the forums.
And obviously after I went to the forums I searched for my PS2 forum. THERE WAS NOT A PS2 FORUM ANYMORE!!!
So I found this Legacy Platforms in which all the old platforms were put (yea like you can mix the PS1 and PS2 with the N64 ). So I have to be active there and try and make a point that the old PS2 is a hell of a platform and that it is obvious its supremacy over the other platforms.
Now as for gaming.
Been playing a lot of FinalFantasy V and VI for the PS
Awesome games I can't believe how much depth there is to the stories and the gameplay is just
FinalFantasyish :D
Also got my hands on a copy of Need For Speed Shift for PC. What the hell are they doing, do they like Forca and Toca so much. Give us back the dear old Hot pursuit 2 if you want to make a real racing game.
Later for more updates.

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I can not believe it, incredible, outstanding, fenomenal.

Juxhe1 is back on Gamespot.
Believe it or not. I am here, at home after 3 years.
God damn it. It has been such a long time and still I never gave up gaming.
Even though I had a lot of work to deal with, even though I had no time in this world,
I always found time to play with my PSP or the dear old PS2(never giving up on that >_< ).
Well I am cutting short on this one but since I am back (and now I am going to stay)
I will post a longer blog later with all the updates.
And hey people, how are you?
I want to hear from my old friends. :D

Welcome Home!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is freaking great to be here again!Can't remember the last time I loged on GS Been ages .........

Neways life is disastrous on my side of the world.I don't have a job and college is about to start.The fact is that I do not have time for anything lately so I can't settle my life in a right way.For those who do not know I have re-started playing guitar again Practise is taking me like 5 hours a day but the only best part are the gigs.It is great whe people sing what you play and when you get to meet so many people who like your music.Neways except for the guitar part nothing good is going on....

Thats all about me for now .Will writte soon since I am back again .So tell me whats up people .So mwhats with the new GS style?


&gt;___________&gt; Been AGES!

Hey people a lot of time has gone by since I last logged on GS!S o how is everyone ?How's life ?Here in my world everything is as boring as ever,as usual as ever still life is cool XD Neways been playing Persona 3 and I think that.................IT IS GREAT just a game that makes me proud to have a PS2 >____> Neways I got a copy of Odin Sphere too and I like it a lot It brings back memories of the old 2D arcades and I am really into Norse Myth!Gona writte back soon !

See ya people !

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Style and Laptops

I finally decided to change my style a bit though I still have K' as my fav character and theme :P I have made a new sig :

And I am still looking for a new officer fr the AlterWolves Union.I ordered a new Dell laptop today and luckilly It will be delivered by the end of August .Neway now I am counting down the days :P I am still working on some artwork for Savoys Union after I finish that I will be ready to make theWolves union the best in Gamespot.

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Listen to the rain

The black sky is probably the root of purity.Purity that hides in the soul of the rain, in the soul of the gentle sound of watter which falls towards the great abyss that creates the dark and yet warm feeling of loneliness which coldly warms up the hear And listening to the rain you realise that feeling are the most important part of this strongly fragile life that needs nothing more than a drop of rain.Neway I just hope that everyone of my friends here is ok even though I have not seen my old friends in a lot of time still GS will be my home even though a lot of its magic has gone away with them.Still I feel like I miss them a lot like a part of GameSpot has faded away forever .Neway I will retreat to my loneliness for now ....

See you around .

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Wasted talent!

Today after a really boring day of work as I was coming home with the R train (NY Subways ) A guy with an acoustic gutar came ( he actually seemed homeless and was in really bad shape) in and started to sing a song .At first I thought that it wold have been the same rif-raf as allways but it sounded really good it seemed like brit-pop and it hade some sort of sadness in it which I really liked so in the end I ended up giving him 5$ Never thought that I would have given money to a homeless O.o But my mind raced to the comercial music that is spreading nowdays >_> All these "singers" just backing up a registered song and just showing up the fake face of music .I ask myself and you too my friends where is the good music ,the one that makes you sing along all day the one that makes you feel happy,special and maybe unique?In my opinion it is lost in a train cabin down in the New York Subways!

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Back to design.

Since I am back again .I will start making all kind of designs .First I will redesign the Wolves Union then my profile and then I will make banners and sigs for everyone that will requests them.

Rate my new sig.

(I must work more I know :P )

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Officer of the Wolves Union (Concert Picks)

Now that I am back I am looking for an Officer that can help me with the wolves Union .Just a friend who can help and get to post and edit different news and topics.From now on Charlie will take care of the news.If you want to help me just comment and then we'll talk.

As I promised here you go some of the Sean Paul live concert picks (low quality :P)

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Sean Paul Live in Tirana

On the 4th of July Sean Paul came to Tirana and had one of the best concerts that were ever seen. I got there with my friends we had to wait for 2 hours till the croud went in the stadium and then some supporting bands sang their songs and a famous Albanian DJ heated up the atmosphere before Sean started to sing.It was just WOW everyone was jumping , singing ,dancing and having fun.

As soon as my friend sends me the photos I will post em.

Whats the latest concert youve been to .(not Metal :P )

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