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Its All About Skill

Criterion did such a great job with Need For Speed most wanted.
The mixed the Burnout formula with the NFS vibe and an amazing
piece of art emerged. Well recently i picked up Most Wanted
because i missed the old arcade racing feeling. And after finishing
a quite brilliat single player experience i was sceptic of trying the
multi-player. Oh god I was so wrong. The community is amazing and as lively
as ever. Surprised to see tho that after a couple of races u get the feeling
that you aint behind of the pack anymore. Its all about skill, as I said the
game is fair and the multiplayer shows it. If you got what it takes to race its a
total blast. I am have a great time racing people online. You discover
formidable players which is a joy to crash :D

I wonder if anyone of you people is still playing Most Wanted, if so Id be glad to
race u just ad me on psn: KingBaku

On to other news im also playing Ni No Kuni and God Of War Saga.
Ni no Kuni is a charming adventure, one im loving so much that only exploring the
world makes you smile and be happy for the rest of the day. Also the battles are
quite nice (well except when the AI gets dumb and dies like in the first 10
seconds) Im taking my time doing each side quest and killig all monsters in the
bounty hunt tasks.

I wonder if anyone else played it?

A Realm Reborn !

Yes you heard it right the dreadful Final Fantasy XIV will be back. And yes im really hyped about it, this time around I have been keeping a close look at all the developers news and as of now it looks quite amazing, I got to try the beta for PC even tho I'll be playing it on PS3 and let me tell you its quite amazing. I see people already recruiting and this is a good sign, all the comunity is hyped.
On to other news i removed the dust from my PS3 and im starting to play hard on a couple of games like Ni No Kuni and GOW series. Been a long time since i haven't enjoyed a good play session.
So where are my old peeps, glitchspot has changed so much, i need to keep up with everyone now :P 

Snake Eater

Well after like years of being inactive on Gamespot here i am still lurking everyday on reviews and scores :P
Since im super hyped about Final Fantasy XIV a realm reborn I got a new ps3 and im playing NFS Mw and Tekken for now, if u folks wanna join for old times sake hmu on psn ID: KingBaku :)

Bastion and Catherine

Hey everybody it's been a long time since I last updated my blog.
I seem to have goten a "Sony E3 Conferece" badge and I have reached level 27. Means I have been active...sometimes :P
These summer days I have been playing Catherine for the PS3, the import version, and let me tell you the game is really good. The art-work is unique and the gameplay is really addictive. I think I am going to pick up the US copy, I can hardly guess what the dialogue is all about :D. So I really think this is a must own game.
Now in other news, I have been following Bastion and it look amazing and it's such a pity that it is only available on XBLA.
Greg Kasavin worked on the game and he was one of the best and most respected member of Gamespot. I bet his reviews are still the best out there.

So hos everyones summer so far?

What are you people playing right now?

The World Goes 3D

Well hello everyone, it's been a while since I posted my last blog. Even though I haven't "expressed my ideas" in a while, believe it or not, I have been quite active on Gamespot which is shown by the Level 25 and by my brand new Old-School badge. Everything during this new years start has been a total dream. I am talking about CES 2011 where the World went 3D. First of all there were the iPad rivals like the Android tablets and the Blackberry Playbook. It seems like the Blacberry device well be the real deal with an under 500$ price and a great gaming performance. I am totally going to get one on launch date. Next we have the Google-Sony Tv's and the new 3D Tv experience which was the star of the show, internet 3D Tv's are the future I guess. We will all have to say goodbye to our Hd televisions. Even the Play Station coference was all about 3D, Uncharted 3 and Killzone 3 were Sony's debut titles in the whole 3D adventure. I was sort of half-impressed about the press conference mainly because even though It is ok to try and do new things still the games nowdays are lacking depth in story and music. It is such a pity, they have limitless space now with Blurays and the games are hardly better than the snes ones. Neways CES was a total blast and it really made me hope that 2011 will be a good year for gaming.

Leaving CES aside I have been playing a lot of nostalgic rpg titles lately. The most important one will always be Chrono Trigger. It is one of the most amazing games in history. Everytime I play this game I get to appreciate the beautiful music and the captivating story. There is nothing like it. The feel of the time travels and the epic characters make it a masterpiece.

I am actually playing the SNES version even though I have both the PSX and the DS versions too. The SNES makes it feel like an unique game. Even though the cut-scenes in the PSX version are a must. Still I might start playing Tales of Phantasia (SNES) or Secret of Mana (SNES) after this one. Seems I am not ready yet for the whole 3D thing.

Right now I am reading Claymore. I didn't know about this manga, that must be because I have no time to read a lot of mangas and because I have my LLM masters. This manga, for those of you who haven't read it, is all about killing Yoma's which are monsters of a medieval time. The only one who can kill those creatures are the claymors.

The claymors are women who have Yoma's put in their bodies. They wield big swords and have great skills.Clare is the main character and she is a hell of a worrior (when she wants to) . There are a lot of things going on in the Claymores organisation and Clare must live through them all for the sake of her revenge.

As for the music part of my daily rutine I am listening to Moby and Tomohito Nishiura. I know that they are an uncommon mix but still give Nishiura a try (the composer of the Profesor Layton soundtracks).


Well ladies and gentleman Microsoft did it. Finally after years and years and years they launched a playable masterpiece as Dance Central. I have heard many sceptiacal arguments about the Kinect and to tell the truth I have been not convinced by it since the early announcement. But after trying it I have absolutely no doubt that it is a jewel of tech achievement and that the PS3 move is just a bad joke compared to the Kinect. And to think that I am a sony fan since the PS1.

So I tried the Kinect and several launch games and lucky me. I got to play Dance Central.
Dance Central is a dance game and as such needs a great deal of precision and loud music. And the Kinect was just the exact thing that dance gamers were waiting for. I got hooked from that game since the first song which was a total blast. I hope you know Lipps inc because if you don't it means you've never really danced to a good tune in your life.

So in "Dance Central" all you do is dance following the dancer on the screen and while listening to the frantic beat of some awesome old school dance songs and some other new Cascadas and Lady Dada, Baba, Lala, Gaga (or whatever is her name) hits. And I assure you if you haven't danced in a while youd find yourself literally breathless. This game and the Kinect are definitely going to make me buy a X360 in the near futere.

Neways for you gamers with doubts about the Kinect, you must absolutely try it and than see for yourself if its worthy or not. To me it is one of the breakthroughs in gaming history which is a must have.
And by the way I have posted some picks of my new city and give them a look if your curious about Eastern Europe.

Nintendo Autumn

Well who would have guessed. I got a DS and a Nintendo 64 a few weeks ago with a bunch of games like: Professor Layton and The Curious Village, The Four heroes of Light, Final Fantasy IV, Mario Kart DS, Super Mario 64, Paper Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, The Legend of Zelda "Ocarina of Time" and Super Smash Bros 64. I am still loyal to my dear old PS2 which is up and running some serious Final Fantasy X 20 hour straight gameplay :D. Lets say that this autumn is a busy gaming season for me and I really got to catch up before the big blocks Need For Speed "Hot Pursuit" and Gran Turismo 5 come out in a few weeks.

I have to finish those games up which I have no idea how much time they will take me even though I am almost through most of the DS ones and half the N64. I left Zelda and Paper Mario 64 for last :P
Anyways tell me what you think about the games lineup.
And what else should I get?

Indie Gaming, The Studio Ghibli soundtracks and Final Fantasy.

Well yes, I have been a lot more active on Gamespot lately. The thing is that I am getting used to the new forums and the new gaming generation. This means I got to level up cause I am still at Level 21 and it has been like this for quite some years now. Besides that I am thinking on writing some reviews and help the Gamespot community a little bit. :D

Now as for the gaming part. I have been playing some Indie games for PC lately because I am having my PS3 repaired (and I can't seem to find my PS2 memory cards -.-) I have found some pretty interesting games such as :
A puzzle game situated in a dumb city populated by robots. You get to play as a tiny robot going through levels trying to avoid thieves and help other robots. You basically play orienting the little robot with the mouse and mixing pieces you find in the surrounding world to complete the puzzles.

2.Crayon Physics Deluxe:
If you were good at physics (which I was not >_< ) you would like this game. All you have to do is draw objects to make a ball reach a star. Now the trick is to use gravity at your advantage. Let the imagination get to work my friends. This is a great mind wrecking game.

3. World of Goo:
This one is clearly the best Indie game to be ever made. You build oil drop constructions to reach a pipe. Simple as that. And fun as that :D

I have been listening to Joe Hisaishi a lot lately and I must say that he is a total genius. One of the best composers to date. He has been working on the Studio Ghibli movies soundtracks for quite a long time now and his absolute best work is the "My Neighbor Totoro" soundtrack, try listening to "The path of the wind" it is a masterpiece. Hisaishi has given a great deal of help to the world of music and he is absolutely one of the best out there. Give his songs a try. You will not regret it.

Now as for the Final Fantasy part I have been lurking in the Legacy Platforms forum for quite some time now and I hear people debating on which is the best one. Now I ask you which is the best one?