Games I'll Probably Never Finish

Mastermind host Magnus Magnusson coined the phrase "I've started so I'll finish" when posing questions to contestants against the clock. I should have paid more attention to him; the following are all games that I've played and thoroughly enjoyed, but which I'll probably never get around to finishing.

Rank Game Release Date GameSpot Score Justicecovert's Score

Borderlands 2

Excuse: For weeks, my now-wife and I were playing through Borderlands 2 together in relatively short sessions. Me as a commando and her as a gunzerker. I became borderline obsessed with collecting all of the different character heads and skins so, when a bug caused me to irretrievably lose most of them, I was so bummed that I just stopped playing.



Excuse: I got pretty far into Dishonored without ever alerting an enemy, and was determined to finish the whole game the same way. Then, towards the end of a lengthy mission, I was jumped by two invisible assailants whom I had unwittingly alerted because, well... they were invisible! I was so annoyed that I turned off the game and never looked back.


Fallout 3

Excuse: There's just too much of it! I'm pretty OCD about side missions and such and so, even after sinking dozens of hours into the game, I don't think I was very far into the story. I'm also OCD about collecting things in games, by the way, and in my Fallout 3 house there were lockers filled with countless items that were organized by type.


Mass Effect 3

Excuse: I didn't finish Mass Effect until I already had a copy of Mass Effect 2 in my hands. Then, I didn't revisit and finish Mass Effect 2 until shortly before the release of Mass Effect 3. I started playing Mass Effect 3 and, to be honest, really didn't care for it. I'll totally go back and finish it when Mass Effect 4 comes out, which is never.


Persona 4 Golden

Excuse: This was my first (and is, to date, my only) Persona game and it really grabbed me for a few weeks. Early on, I would find myself longing to get into dungeons and such as I navigated streets and school corridors because I so enjoyed the combat and exploration they afforded. After 80-plus hours of playing, though, the repetitive and increasingly lengthy dungeons took their toll and so, a couple of hours into one of them, I quit. I'd like to go back and see how my Persona 4 story ends at some point, but I won't. It's been too long.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Excuse: See my above excuse for Fallout 3, but replace the word "lockers" with "chests".