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So where the hell have I been?

Wow, it's been almost two months since my last blog entry. So, where the hell have I been? Unfortunately, I've been trapped in the world of Eorzea. Final Fantasy XIV has its horns deep in my sides, and it's getting so bad to the point where I've stopped checking my daily sites. I'm weeks behind on the Jimquisition as well. The stupid thing is, I honestly have no reason to still be playing the game.

I beat the game somewhere around a month after the official launch. I zoomed to 50 Summoner and beat the main storyline. I was contemplating whether or not to still play and subscribe and I decided to so that I could play other jobs and whatnot. Then, I discovered just how awful the end game content was. Grinding the same dungeon over and over again for currency to buy gear isn't exactly my idea of a good time, but I did it anyway. About a month or two ago, I decided to start crafting. Countless hours of gathering my own materials and making things is driving me a bit batty. I'm incredibly cheap in this game and refuse to pay for materials that i can gather/make myself, which is seriously inefficient when I want to level these classes, yet ultimately rewarding at the same time. It's further fueling the addiction.

How am I here right now? Well, the game just underwent another major maintenance. It's ridiculous how frequent these maintenances are, but I figured now that it's down, I should at least make a blog. Speaking of blogs, I may have mentioned this before, but the reason why I slowed down on my blogs is because of the removal of the Awesome User Blog feature. I will admit I loved the attention, which is what drove me to keep writing. After blogs stopped being featured, it was almost akin to a newspaper editor not wanting to write anymore after the paper stopped being pressed.

Then, there's the site. I really don't like it. I also hate how nothing is ever preserved whenever there's some kind of redesign or update. Past blogs have lost their comments again. Not sure I'll blog here anymore. My ultimate goal is to start my own blog site, or even my own site in general, and then I'll just keep all content there. If I do do that, I'll let all who still read this know about it. *sigh* I can't even be bothered to set up my profile again... Damn... this place just loves to shit on the community.


And now to talk a bit about the upcoming PS4 launch. This Friday (debating whether or not I want to pick it up on Thursday at midnight), Sony's newest machine launches with what is probably the worst Sony line up I've seen to this date. Knack looks fun, but is hardly a must-have. Killzone is... well, just another pretty FPS. Assassin's Creed 4 is already out on the current consoles. Watch Dogs didn't even make it. There are good games for the launch, yes, but nothing that screams "THIS IS WHY YOU'RE BUYING THE PS4". I'm only buying it at launch because of my compulsion. I feel unnatural not having a new system at launch. It's not a matter of having the willpower to say no; it seriously is a compulsion, a mental disease.

Then there's the Xbox One. I told myself to cancel the preorder and buy a new laptop since I'm still using my HDTV as a replacement for my burnt out screen, yet I never did and decided not to. I'm not impressed with the Xbox One... pretty much at all. I honestly wished those abhorrent polices MS had at the beginning of the year were still in place so I finally had a strong enough reason not to buy it at launch, but MS backpedaled and made it easier for me to buy one. And I don't think MS has a very strong line up either, but they do have Dead Rising 3, which is the only game I'll get for now.

And I'm still Vitaless. You may have remembered a blog months back where I said I broke my Vita out of rage, something that I'm still kicking my ass for. I could have easily just bought another one, but I think I punished myself for it, and my subconscious will not allow me to buy one. If I was smart and could override my compulsion, I'd wait for a PS4 Vita bundle to save money.

The holiday rush is impending, like a giant tsunami after a 9.0 earthquake. As if the PS4 and Xbox One weren't enough, I still have games that I need to buy for the 3DS and even a couple for the Wii U. Mario and Zelda are right around the corner, and I'm still working on Mario and Luigi: Dream Team. I feel extremely pressured right now to try to find time to play everything, and Final Fantasy XIV is not making it any easier. In fact, you could call Final Fantasy XiV the flood that invades your unkempt room and sloshes all the trash and junk around, redistributing everything will leaving an inch-thick layer of silt and mud as the water recedes.

I never... ever.... should have started that damn game.