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Just finished my Xbox arcade stick!!!!!

And It was a pretty quick job. I made the box on Saturday and was able to apply 1 coat of paint ,then on Sunday I went ahead and finished the rest of the paint job and then proceded to do the wiring and adding the buttons. Here are a cople of pics:

That's the one i'll be using to whoop some ass on Capcom vs SNK 2 and GGXX Reloaded 8)

Here's another pic....this one alonside my PS2 stick, which I finished late last week. That's the one I've been using for SFAC ( Third Strike mostly :wink:)

Building these bad boys was pretty fun....specially If you have time available. Why waste $100 on one of those X-arcade sticks when you can go ahead and build one of your own?, It's much cheaper and satisfying . Both of my sticks are made with Happ competition sticks and competition pushbuttons ( the real deal fellas.....the ones that you find at your local arcades ). I had to use parts off the Dreamcast stick I built several months ago. I also plan on making some more sticks in the future..... gotta remake another DC stick :)

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection.......buy It !!!!!

No.... there's no excuse for not having the chance to play the magnificent Street Fighter III: Third Strike, which in my opinion is the finest 2D fighter ever. I've had the honor of playing this gem on my dreamcast for the past 3 years and It's great to see It finally on the PS2 ( in SFAC ), hopefully some of you fellas out there have already picked up the collection and know what I'm talking about. If not....then go to you nearest VG store and get this great compilation, It's only $29.99 !!!!!!!

Welcome :)

Hello there, thanks for stopping by. This is Juan C's journal, I just found out about this feature since I haven' been around the forums a whole lot recently. I'll try to update my journal as much as I can.

Hope you like It!