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@alim298: The only similarity with what I've put forward is that they have dinosaurs in them and they are set in a jungle. I'm not asking for game suggestions, I was just saying what I would like to see in a game.

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@behardy24: Aye, I have given Rust a good look. Definitely my kind of game. However, I don't like the idea of the multiplayer aspect. While it may be great to have a two player co-op in my dream game I don't think it would be good for full on multiplayer. In Rust I'm not too fond of being able to build stuff just to have to idiot of a player come along and just ruin hours of work just because. A big motivation killer.

@jasean79: One day there probably will be a CoD: Dino edition. :P They've gotta keep going with new idea of setting, if they don't change the general gameplay. Still, it's the fps "just gun 'em down" aspect I'm not fond of. These dino's need to be hard, to make players scared to take them on, to hide and use stealth to either eliminate them or get away.

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I started off with the first Shogun. I was only about 10 years and I loved playing it. After I got a better computer I started with Rome and then Medieval. Never got Empires or Shogun 2. I still don't have the money to get a computer good enough for those.
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I wonder if Gamespot are going to release a video detailing this. I've found it quite difficult. Had the odd guy die when I left him near the edge of a walkway and he fell off. :P I think he was the one who died. I'm having trouble doing the non-lethal mission against Timsh. I can't get close to him to switch the documents.
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Just wondering what the minimum system requirements would be for this game? I would like to know so I know whether I can get my hopes up or not. I can't find them anywhere on the site and the questions page is useless.