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reasons I've stopped coming as often

I haven't been here in awhile, and after taking a look around, it looks about the same as it has been. It's gotten so boring here on GS (particularly OT, which is what this will mostly be about). I still think, and continue to say, that ever since the last redesign, everything (in my opinion) has been going downhill. Thread quality is slowly disintegrating, lots of the cool and interesting people left (save for a small few), and lots of memes get banned. Now, I can understand why they'd ban memes, because they pop up all the time and they are annoying, but at the same time, it's what made this place fun and why I went here. I'd crack up everytime someone posted the O RLY? owl or try to summon Captain Planet, or touch someone's shoulder while doing a barrel roll, and I even enjoyed the occassional account suicides to see who'd get creative with it, but now all we have are repetitive relationship/politic/religious/music threads.

About the only thing I ever come here for anymore are for gaming news, which is about all this site is good for anymore, but I've gotten to the point where I've stopped with reviews as well, what the **** are the multiples of .5 for? What influenced that decision? What was wrong with saying "this game gets an 8.3" or "this game gets a 7.8" or something like that? I enjoy it when they were more specific with the review system, because it let me know exactly what I was going to, or not going to get. Not like that matters much though, I don't play video games much anymore.

Basically though, I've pretty much stopped coming here, and what do I do instead? I'm probably chatting with my real friends, playing guitar for countless hours a day, or if I am on a forum, I've started going to They have an OT board called The Pit, which I must say, I get quite a few more laughs on, and they are much looser about some of the rules. Plus, being more into music than video games, I learn a lot there on

Simply put, if you were wondering where I was and why I wasn't here like I was over a year ago, you now know. :)

some updates

well I sure haven't been here as much. I guess that's a good thing considering this place used to suck my life away. Anyways, since I'm not on as much, I decided to tak care of a few things. First of all, I deleted myself from every union that I'm not active in, and declined every union invite. So finally I can stop getting this somewhat annoying messages from that System Wars union. :P Second, I did update my games section, finally. And third, well, I'm making this blog to tell you. :|

And if you are reading this, well, I don't know what to say to you. You must be either a really good friend, or you are just really ****ing bored. :)

MAJOR Update

Okay, haven't updated this in awhile.  Anyways, since the Slayer show approximately 2 months ago, many things have happened.  I'll list them in order based on importance:

We had to choose new courses, here's what I chose (could change based on grades I recieve), also note that I will be a sophomore next year:

  1. Orchestra
  2. English 2 Advanced
  3. Chemistry
  4. Algebra 2/Trigonometry
  5. AP World History
  6. French 2
  7. Weight Training

Next, I'm getting a new guitar!  I was about to put this first, but I think school is more important (even though I put more effort into my guitar playing :P).  Here is the guitar.  If you want specs on it, I'll send them in a message or update this later.

I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled this Thursday.  They told me they are gonna inject some form of anesthesia into my system which will repress my nerves or something.  Then they are gonna put me on vicadin and pinicilin for a short period of time afterwords.

I can't think of anything more at this point.  It'd be worthless to say.  :P  It'd be something like "OMG NEW CD!" or something of that sort.

Slayer show 1/28/07

Holy **** that show was awesome.  Those are basically the only words I can use to describe a show like that.  Only cons were that the opening band (Unearth) weren't too good IMO, and that some fat chick was dancing behind me like a hippy for a few songs, and some drunk guy kept putting his arm around me (but eventually stopped and went away after a couple minutes).

Good thing though is that Slayer played for about a good 100 minutes or so.  Unlike the Unholy Alliance where they played for about an hour and only 10 songs.  I also got a Slayer necklace and a tour shirt.

Will update with a set list when I can find one.  But for now I'll just throw in the songs I can remember:  (not in the order that they played them, except Disciple was first and Angel of Death was last)

1) Disciple
2) Cult
3) Jihad
4) Eyes of the Insane
5) Hell Awaits
6) Die by the Sword
7) Postmortem
8) Mandatory Suicide
9) War Ensemble
10) Dead Skin Mask
11) South of Heaven
12) Raining Blood
13) Angel of Death

I'm sorry everyone

yeah I said I would bring the WTFs back, but I have hardly been around enough to do so, and whenever I do get on,  I don't see any.  :(

So yeah, I haven't left GS completely, just haven't been around as much.  I have more important things to do.  But I'm not gonna be leaving this place for a long time.  :)