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I picked up Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands for the Wii and Trauma Team for a grand total of $30 last week, and they're both surprisingly good.

I wanted Forgotten Sands because it was cheap and the Wii-specific mechanics looked intriguing. It turns out that the Wii-specific stuff is AWESOME. For those who don't know, the Wii version of Forgotten Sands is completely different from the 360/PS3 version in every way - story, level design, mechanics, bonus content, etc..

The most unique part is that you gain abilities over the course of the game that let you use the pointer to create wall hooks, wind columns that let you hover above the ground, and spheres that catch you in midair. At first, you can only create these things in specificed places, but as you progress, you get to place them anywhere you want (except on certain leafy sections, but those are pretty scarce). This is REALLY fun and surprisingly well designed. Most areas are laid out cleverly enough that you can't "cheat" your way through, even with the extra abilities. Once you have all the abilities, the game doesn't really hold your hand at all and really forces you to think about your path.

I finished it yesterday and really enjoyed the whole game. It ended at a perfect point, not too long or short, and it encourages more playthroughs with achievements that unlock extra content, but I'll take a break before I pick it up again.

I haven't played Trauma Team as much but it's also really fun (especially for ten freaking dollars). I've only played as the endoscopist and ... the guy who diagnoses patients.. not sure what his official title is. Physician maybe? I don't know, but it works better than it seems like it would. Trauma Center games usually take place inside a body, but the diagnosis part plays more like a Phoenix Wright or something. You have to talk to the patients and click on any dialogue that hints at symptoms, then order tests and find more abnormalities, then match everything you've found to the most likely disease. Maybe that doesn't sound very fun, but the few characters I've diagnosed so far have been great (one was a reluctant politician who just wanted to get out of the hospital so he could help his country... so he said).

Now that I've finished PoP, I'll dedicate all my attention to Trauma Team. For some reason, the story has really captivated me in Trauma Team, while the story in PoP was decent at best but nowhere near as awesome as the story of the original trilogy.

I also finished A Boy and His Blob. The ending was great, both in gameplay and "story." Although there wasn't much narrative, it was still kind of emotional. That game has such a great charming feel to it.